Monday, December 01, 2014

gladiators worth far more than overseers on this chessboard...,

usatoday |  The NFL will not adhere to a request from the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association to discipline St. Louis Rams players who did the “hands up, don’t shoot” pose used by protesters in Ferguson, Mo. during pre-game introductions on Sunday.

“We respect and understand the concerns of all individuals who have expressed views on this tragic situation,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement to USA TODAY Sports.

The police officer’s association issued a letter late Sunday condemning the players’ actions as “tasteless, offensive and inflammatory” given a grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown.

Five Rams players raised their hands as they walked out of the tunnel onto the field at the Edwards Jones Dome before Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders.

Wide receiver Stedman Bailey said he and his teammates decided to make the gesture shortly before the game, and intended it to be something positive.

“Violence should stop. There’s a lot of violence going on here in St. Louis. We definitely hear about it all, and we just want it to stop,” Bailey told reporters after the game.

Tight end Jared Cook said he and his teammates wanted to show solidarity with protesters, because they had not been able to physically join them since the grand jury’s announcement was made last week. Cook said his family members went to Ferguson last week and reported back to him what they saw.

“It’s dangerous out there. None of us want to get caught up in that. We wanted to come out and show our respect to the protesters that have been doing a heck of a job,” Cook said.


BigDonOne said...

..@.."culturally specific self-construals mediated by the human brain? "

The food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever. Meanwhile, the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to "please do not feed the animals" because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves...

Somebody's "construals" are seriously out of whack...

rohan said...

lol, wrinkled up old prune scared to death of a single moldy crumb of his government cheese going to anybody else. Dawn already received three times more social security payments than he ever paid in, takes his medicaid and medicare entitlements, his elderly discounts on everything from movies to public transit, probably worked his entire life for a government contractor, and now has the nerve to talk about somebody else "taking care of themselves."

been on that tiddy for damn near as long as it's been a federal tiddy, and wanna make sure you die with it firmly locked between your gums! read an article for a change and contribute something worth an adult's time and attention. I'm tired of your shit Dawn, step up your game or i promise to make you my bitch boy here like it was my job.

CNu said...
lol, monica..., please don't hurt him. who else will bring us gifts from WND, drudge, the blaze, and various and sundry HBD PRR podunkeries? Live and let live brah - and remember the type of emanations coming from these quarters as musical chairs starts to tighten up on the deck of the Titanic. That's all it is, after all - that's all any of the past few months outgassings have been. They sense it, but can't quite put their finger on it or clearly articulate it.

BigDonOne said...

...Your construal-challenged perspective cannot make the distinction between a responsible contributor and an FTO-lacking useless-breathing parasite....

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