Sunday, December 21, 2014

necropolitics: overseer union president and criminal former commissioner rabid dogs desperately in need of a short, short leash...,

csmonitor |  Between the visceral points of concern for police violence and concern for police safety are many difficult questions – honest questions about latent racism, and honest questions about out-of-control violence in some communities. Nineteenth-century abolitionist Frederick Douglass said people who wished to reach racial harmony without asking tough questions are "people who want crops without plowing the ground."

Officers Liu and Ramos were not the face of that debate. They had nothing to do with Brown or Garner or the tide of events into which they were eventually swept.

But perhaps now they will be that face.

If Garner and Brown came to symbolize to a part of America the need to address the sometimes-dehumanizing way in which blacks are viewed, then perhaps Liu and Ramos will come symbolize what police have done right, and how much they are called to sacrifice to keep others safe.
Said some Twitter users, perhaps it's not #BlackLivesMatter or #BlueLivesMatter, but both.

I was unaware this track Kerik had gotten out of jail for post 9/11 stealing..., but Fox News put this offal on the air, as well.


CNu said...

Straight biblical livestock management. Enslave, deny education, violently oppress, and hyper-segregate and openly ostracize a group for centuries/generations, then pretend that whatever social pathologies are expressed among the concentrated "least of these" doesn't reflect a "canary in a coal mine" reaction to the harshest condition prevailing within the society, but instead essential defects in the people subjected to these harshest conditions. GTFOHWTS!!!

And no, nobody's interested in the faux evangelical prospects for pseudo-christians among the massively abused "least of these". Let's be insofar honest with ourselves, shall we? Radical Islam has a MUCH greater prospect for catching fire among the "least of these" than anything the protestant evangelicals or Roman Catholics have to offer. "Least of these" world-wide been answering the call of the muzzein for some time now - we should probably presume due to some classically mendelian defect of the converts, rather than to repeatedly demonstrated historical and currently prevailing hypocrisy of the wannabe pseudo-christian evangelizers. Oh, that, and that radical Islam cuts the males an incredibly good deal wrt wives and concubines. This is the case with the violentized wahabis buck-wilding as the Islamic State, as well as with the developed ancient culture of Shi-ite Iran under the Mullahs - which culture also allows 4-5 wives and as many as 50 concubines.

rohan said...

First off brah, THANK YOU for taking that stinking trash Dawn to the curb! Second, don't waste too much time before you put Ken right out there next to him.

The prez is having a banner holiday this year. He finally found his spine, got fed up with political trash, and the majority of his long play strategies have begun to bear fruit. Conspicuous among these is the "butter over guns" strategy he played against that russian potatohead Putin. Putin ain't shit but thug-trash, half a microscopic step removed from one of these thug-ass police union bosses. Phukkem!!!

(mark my words, won't be long before these police union potatoheads have to eat their words just like Putin did)

Vic78 said...

It doesn't make sense to run a smear campaign against him. He had nothing to lose. It's funny how people are falling over themselves to denounce him, like we're supposed to give a fuck about what they're saying at this point. We're supposed to walk the streets with our hands up and get hit with exotic ass weapons. I guess we get a pat on the head for taking an ass whupping. Fuck all that.

Maybe the people talking that other shit would be worth hearing if they were affecting policy changes that benefit the people they're supposed to be speaking for. Sharpton's access to the mayor's office isn't doing anything about Stop and Frisk. Come to think of it, anything the White House did to benefit the negro was done without Sharpton's aid.

As for the police, if they're too stupid to see they're outnumbered and outgunned, fuck 'em. It only gets worse from here.

Tom said...

No, it doesn't make sense. But at this point the people who believe in the political parties don't really know any other tricks. They conduct nonstop smear campaigns against each other and that's it.

Nvrdeadned said...

Wow this stuff is changing my life. I'm white and I have said and done some dum shit. I have gone threw my own revelation. My people are the wounded warriors and we have all been wounded warriors. Somthing good will come from all this long suffering. Unity
I was a security guard and it was a racially charged HOA I worked in and I remember a story I heard about a special forces team. They were surrounded and by crowd of angry people. They took a knee...
The people walked pass them. I did the same when white people called because black people were splashing to much at the pool. I went over to the largest group and layed back in a pool chair and told them we are just here to have fun and to watch out for each other. They were cool and no one got to out of hand ever. It's just life. There is no reason to shoot someone unless it's to protect against another shooter. You can whoop my ass I'll get back up.
America is my home. I may hate shit about it but I will never quit. We will win. I love this shit. Never quit citizens!

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