Friday, December 12, 2014

patriots are hard men doing dirty deeds in the middle of the night...,

Richard "Wrecked'em" Cheney so perfected his exit intrusion techniques that he was able to both extract important information and to plant the seeds of new ideas into his subject's head, achieving the effect known as "gut feeling" 

A sultry woman's voice-over, purrs, "Some people call it torture. But discriminating patriots know it as...'Deep Pleasures."
"We take the most luscious of fruits, mixed with healthy humus and the freshest organic vegetables, pureed to a blaze of color and texture.

"Then, and only then, are you invited to lean over and allow gravity to brighten your day as you experience, "Deep Pleasure."

"CIA contractors do not 'torture'; they lovingly cajole. And remember, no humans were killed (well, maybe just a few) in our testing research."


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