Sunday, November 30, 2014

bird bomb

NBC | KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan police said they are investigating how a wild bird came to bear an antenna, electronic devices and explosives. Police came across the strange sight around 8 a.m. in the northern Faryab province, a volatile region ravaged by Taliban violence. When police spotted the white bird — which isn't native to the area and appeared larger than an eagle — walking along a highway, they noticed it had an antenna and decided to shoot it, provincial police chief Maj. Gen. Abdul Nabi Ilham told NBC News on Saturday. The bird then exploded, he said, and "suspicious metal stuff" scattered around.


Ed Dunn said...

Only a birdbrain would think this would actually be effective

Dale Asberry said...

Haha :-)

Actually did a little research into it, and, although the bird was not "native" it did sometimes migrate through the area (highway along a nature preserve). Also, as it is also an endangered species, it is also highly tracked so the GPS would be expected. In all likelihood, the "exploding" bird was a result of the bullet hitting the lithium battery which is volatile in air.

CNu said...

Made me think how potent the blonde hashish and sticky opium is in Afghanistan and how some shade-tree medieval shyster was schmiggiddy schmoking fat bowls packed hella tight and holding forth to his minions about the elevated levels of his game. Matter fact, I think he looked something like this