Friday, December 19, 2014

necropolitics: the flower of american womanhood (wait for it, wait for it..., she'll be ID'd before long)

newyorker |  As NBC recounts, this egregious chapter was apparently only the first in a long tale, in which the same C.I.A. official became a driving force in the use of waterboarding and other sadistic interrogation techniques that were later described by President Obama as “torture.” She personally partook in the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of the 9/11 attacks, at a black site in Poland. According to the Senate report, she sent a bubbly cable back to C.I.A. headquarters in 2003, anticipating the pain they planned to inflict on K.S.M. in an attempt to get him to confirm a report from another detainee, about a plot to use African-American Muslims training in Afghanistan for future terrorist attacks. “i love the Black American Muslim at AQ camps in Afghanuistan (sic). … Mukie (K.S.M.) is going to be hatin’ life on this one,” she wrote, according to the report. But, as NBC notes, she misconstrued the intelligence gathered from the other detainee. Somehow, the C.I.A. mistakenly believed that African-American Muslim terrorists were already in the United States. The intelligence officials evidently pressed K.S.M. so hard to confirm this, under such physical duress, that he eventually did, even though it was false—leading U.S. officials on a wild-goose chase for black Muslim Al Qaeda operatives in Montana. According to the report, the same woman oversaw the extraction of this false lead, as well as the months-long rendition and gruesome interrogation of another detainee whose detention was a case of mistaken identity. Later, in 2007, she accompanied then C.I.A. director Michael Hayden to brief Congress, where she insisted forcefully that the torture program had been a tremendous and indispensable success.


John Kurman said...

CNu said...

Great minds crackling along the twigs and branches of this here psychic aether brah..., I posted at 10:20 what you commented and linked here at 10:22.

So the question begging at this moment is whether or not this chick has been singled out as expendable and primed for scapegoating, or, if indeed she's the gelatinous nuggat of a necrotizing Palinoma buried deep in the bowels of Central Intelligence?

John Kurman said...

Why an exclusive or?

CNu said...

lol, point taken. With an anal fissure of this magnitude running clandestine services and under the truism "like seeks like, like makes like" you'd have to expect to find an entire swarming nest of maggots patriots.

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