Wednesday, December 03, 2014

don't hold your breath for that federal civil rights investigation of excessive use of force...,

Bodycams won't change a damn thing.

Eric Garner was targeted by police because his actions were understood as a kind of threat to local business. The violence carried out by these officers was to protect the local economy, not to serve the people in the community. And the grand jury decision is further proof that state violence is just another mechanism to maintain the economic status quo.

For decades—centuries even—we’ve been discussing the intimate relationship between racism and capitalism in America, the ways that our economic system creates and maintains an underclass. Critics dismiss such an idea as some kind of conspiracy theory and continue touting the same tired American Dream narrative that has sustained us since the days of Horatio Alger. 

Do you understand that such an assessment of our moment is not a conspiracy at all?

Do you have to look any further than the NYPD SOP execution of Eric Garner?

Those at the top know what kind of tumult this way comes, and desperately fear peasants with torches and pitchforks. The systematic inflammation of racial conflict and battles between the white working class (including racist police officers) and the poor (including minorities) is livestock management designed to deflect attention and growing understanding of their modus operandi. Their corporations and transnational capital manipulations are ruining the Earth, fomenting unheard of economic inequality. The use of corrupted government and the distorted rule of law to commit massive, systemic frauds on taxpayers has already been clearly demonstrated all across europe.

Perhaps you have a different explanation? Maybe it's just racism?

Eric Garner, father of six, choked to death on the street apparently for selling untaxed cigarettes. 

Wall Street banks? No arrests. Bailed out by taxpayers and deemed too big to fail by government "regulators", their corporate media handmaidens, and those who've forgotten the Occupy protests. 


ken said...

I think I will have to agree with the Federalist for this one. Killed without being a threat. Clearly the video shows there is enough evidence to have a trial for manslaughter.

CNu said...

the urge to not-see was strong was it? so pleased you received permission from thefederalist to believe your own eyes...,

ken said...

I think the not-see here is why did the media make Ferguson the big story with a guy first throwing aside the store clerk as he walks out the store with unpaid merchandise, then fights with a cop for his gun inside the cop car, wasn't going to be a very good case. Yes I get the cop was very stupid to escalate a jaywalking into a killing, and he is embellishing greatly (lying) when he says he felt the guys arms and felt like a 5 year old, and if honest with himself, knows he could have avoided the whole thing if he wasn't such a hothead that should have controlled himself for 90 seconds as he waits for back up to help him make the jaywalkers, or if he really knew, the jawyalker shoplifters comply.

So yes he puts himself in this escalated and now self defense situation and now someone is dead, it ends of being a case of really poor judgment but not murder, meanwhile here is this other case in New York, where we have the cop choke holding a guy who clearly is not a threat, never was one, with 5 cops around and video, plus leaving the guy in handcuffs while he is dying on his side and a emergency medical team not supplying oxygen or checking blood pressure or making any urgent test and saving methods. This guy truly was the more gentle harmless giants of the two cases, yet we hear nothing of this case. A guy selling some cigarettes underneath the new high cigarette tax code gets killed because he doesn't want to be handcuffed, and all we hear about is the injustice at Ferguson of the guy throwing a store clerk out of the way, punching a cop, and fighting for his gun. So much more story and a stronger case in New York with the cops use of force, manslaughter, emergency response team, the creating of a new criminal class just trying to smoke cigarettes for cheap, yet not worth covering like we did the with the sketchy conflicting witnesses and the poorer case.

Nothing to see and wonder about why we didn't talk about this story more than Ferguson. We shouldn't be curious.

CNu said...

lol, chronic and compulsive notseeism is as devastating to common sense and good judgement than chronic and compulsive constipation is to digestion. For the latter, there's a cure, for the former not so much...,

makheru bradley said...

The son of a Confederate--Doc Holliday. [One of Holliday's earliest alleged shootings happened on the Withlacoochee River in 1873. A young Holliday, together with friends, went to their favorite bathing place, but discovered it occupied by a group of African-American youths. Holliday and his companions told them to leave, but they were defiant. Enraged, Holliday left and returned carrying either a shotgun or a pistol and started firing. Some of the African-Americans may have started firing at him as well. Accounts of this event varied, as violence against blacks was largely undocumented at the time. Some members of Holliday's family later denied that he killed anyone that day; accounts of other family members and friends said that Holliday killed from one to three of the group... Bat Masterson recalled that when Holliday was in Jacksonboro, he had a gunfight with an unnamed colored soldier, whom Holliday eventually shot and killed. Historian Gary L. Roberts found records of one Private Jacob Smith, who was gunned down at that time by an "unknown assailant"] Wiki

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