Monday, December 22, 2014

i cry another crocodile tear for your dispossession

Telegraph | GCHQ has lost track of some of the most dangerous crime lords and has had to abort surveillance on others after Edward Snowden revealed their tactics, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.
The spy agency has suffered “significant” damage in its ability to monitor and capture serious organised criminals following the exposes by the former CIA contractor.
Intelligence officers are now blind to more than a quarter of the activities of the UK’s most harmful crime gangs after they changed their communications methods in the wake of the Snowden leaks.
One major drug smuggling gang has been able to continue flooding the UK with Class A narcotics unimpeded for the last year after changing their operations.
More intense tracking of others has either been abandoned or not started because of fears the tactics are now too easy to spot and will force the criminals to “go dark” and be lost sight of completely.
Communication companies are also hampering the efforts of GCHQ by refusing to hand over evidence on the likes of drug smugglers or fraudsters because they do not pose a “direct threat to life”.
Spy bosses had already warned that the Snowden leaks, revealed in a series of articles published by the Guardian newspaper, had seriously affected their efforts to track terrorists.
But the Daily Telegraph can reveal the scale of the harm it has also done to GCHQ’s other duty – to combat serious and organised crime


CNu said...

and then Nixon launched his war on drugs, hollywood its war on culture, the ford foundation and its sister philanthropic institutions, the war on scholarship and so on.., all of which in combination with the exodus of black managerial and professional class elites from formerly segregated communities led to the utter destruction of anything remotely resembling a unitary, sustainable, economically competent, and future-capable black community in America.

Young militant activists started a fight they weren't even remotely prepared to prosecute over the long-haul, much less finish. These same young militant activists were crushed like insects, driven before TPTB and black folks collectively were defanged, declawed, denatured to an extent and on a scale never previously witnessed in the annals of human history.

Tom said...

Yeah, even the reason for colonialism was to grab resources so they could compete with each other. Technology ditto. It got regularly taken from the "natural philosophers" and given to engineers with major funding. The tribes who lost the "competition" got plowed under.

Anybody ever read The Dosadi Experiment?

Generations ago, a secret, unauthorized experiment by the Gowachins was carried out with the help of a contract with the Calebans. They isolated the planet Dosadi behind an impenetrable barrier called "The God Wall". On the planet were placed humans and Gowachin, with an odd mix of modern and old technology. The planet itself is massively poisonous except for a narrow valley, containing the city "Chu", into which nearly 89 million humans and Gowachin are crowded under terrible conditions. It is ruled by a dictator, many other forms of government having been tried previously, but without the ability to remove such things as the DemoPol, a computer system used to manipulate populaces without their consent or knowledge. The culture of ordinary day-to-day power in Dosadi is very violent. Among other tools, addictive psychotropes are used for handling power among hierarchies in organisations.

If you read that book, the mystery of how Japan became 100% accepted as a "European" country is resolved. Japan is Jorj McKie, the outsider who out-Dosidis the Dosadi. They don't respect him because he "fits in" they respect him because they are focused on survival.

The big hole in this theory is, why would Europe be a uniquely harsh crucible for the development of a "killer (ape) culture" when Africa and North America and South America and India also suffered constant violent ethnic conflict, and China had in fact moved on from that Warring States stuff to a unified state?

So I have no answer to that question. It starts to sound like BD-type theorizing.

Only nice thing about the Dosadi theory is it doesn't just deplore teh Dosadi. It makes testable predictions about who is going to survive.

Tom said...

I mean, another point of view is the Dosadi theory is weird concordance between BD's pseudo-Darwinist idealized European exceptionalism (though cultural not biological -- there isn't time since the fall of Rome for bio evolution) and Marimba Ani's harshly dystopian European exceptionalism.

There's even an implied answer to Umbrarchist's undeniable point that Euros are dumb. We are dumb, and we actually get dumber as you go up the ladder to Chief Euro ... but we have had a system of plowing whole nations under. ("We" here is everybody who grew up in a Euro culture. I won't have this essentializm from either side. Marimba Ani is smart. But she is not an African wise woman, she went to U. Chicago. )

CNu said...

Ani's other'd descriptives are useful to a point

Approximating the genome, epigenome, microbiome - departure from the classical model with regard to culture. Inasmuch as one departs from the classical model, at least there's an effort being made in the direction of validity.

For my money, nobody gets it as well and to the degree of specificity of William Pensinger. the asili of western culture in normotic illness.

This is on point with some of what I began this morning trying to convey to Ken about the real roots of the breakdown of monogamous judeo-christian marriage and how those not fully invested in americanized western culture, in fact, those ostracized or alienated as a matter of law and common practice from western culture and interpersonal communion, might not be prone to take up the behavioral mantle of western institutions.

I didn't bring it as far forward as the period after the counter culture in the 60's, thinking it's probably enough in that first installment to simply climate-set before we get into the real meat of the conundrum, i.e., after the catagorical failure of american institution to live up to the aspirational ideals set forth during and by the civil rights movement.

Folks who personally and directly experienced that rise and fall might find themselves deeply disenchanted with the cultural, political, legal, and religious mainstream, might in fact turn their backs on its institutional core in disgust.

Folks who had assimilated to it early and often and had experienced the comparative success of managerial and professional validation - that's a whole nother story.

Tom said...

Yeah, thanks for writing that out. Ken may not be listening but it was informative for me at least ...

CNu said...

Ken listened. Fundamentally, I believe he's a good man, and I know that he has HUGE skin in the game.

1. It's very rare for any group to succeed in the US without forging alliances with the ethnic mainstream.

This here is very much the crux of the matter. THIS is something we need to ruthlessly interrogate, both, as regards the withdrawal of white elites into profit-taking and popular disinterest after the WW-II exercise, and, wrt the role of the institutionalized black managerial and professional elites (who've been around for a minute and the nature of whose alliances with elements of the white elite warrant very close inspection)

makheru bradley said...

#1 By ethnic mainstream are you referring to the descendants of the people who built this country on a foundation of theft and genocide?

#2 Actually their worldviews are diametrical opposites. On October 12, 1492, Columbus recorded in his Journal: “They (Indigenous Peoples) should be good servants and intelligent, for I observed that they quickly took in what was said to them.” He considered them timid and unwarlike. “So that,” he continued, “they are good to be ordered about, to work and sow, and do all that may be necessary.” The tragedy for the Afrikan and Indigenous People is that they were not xenophobic like the Europeans. They should have repelled the first Europeans they saw back into the ocean.

#3 I don’t know anything about your fairy tales. I know your history of domination, conquest, genocide, slavery, colonialism, imperialism and crimes against humanity which continue to this day.

makheru bradley said...

“First, I must suppose you intended to write intra-necine.” Nope internecine: marked by slaughter : deadly; especially : mutually destructive: of, relating to, or involving conflict within a group. European on European warfare, then they reunite as a group into NATO, e.g. to continue their domination.

“megadeath tolls resulting from these internecine conflicts dwarfed all prior historical human conflicts combined.” I assume you’re counting 10m Chinese and 2.35m Japanese. “From the 1490s when Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas to the end of the 19th century, the indigenous population of the Western Hemisphere declined, mostly from disease, to 1.8 million from around 50 million.” --Wiki The germy Europeans were walking weapons of mass destruction. My point is, despite of their internecine conflict, we are still looking at 522 years of European world domination.