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woodensplinter said... Gurdjieff suggests that given the centuries of arising of such a disharmonious and hypnotizable state in their inner world, human beings have forgotten a sense of their normal condition and become accustomed to their general hypnotic state, and only when this state takes place in a “concentrated” and “accelerated” state do they actually recognize it as being “abnormal” in their psyche, whereas in general they in fact themselves live in such a state all along in their everyday lives.

Gurdjieff claims that this state was noticed and its subject taken seriously as a branch of science for the first time in Central Asia in ancient times and its study given the name “non-responsible-manifestations-of-personality” (B:560)—or what he elsewhere calls “Mehkeness” or “taking-away-ofresponsibility” (H:19) and uses the invented word “Sakookinoltooriko” (B:530) to name this branch of knowledge. Gurdjieff indicates that this ancient science, having been forgotten for many centuries, was (then recently) revived by Franz A. Mesmer (1734–1815) in the West, but given the negative attitudes developed toward him in professional medicine, it met with obstacles. For Gurdjieff, this was unfortunate, for only through knowledge and application of this science, and sharing it openly with others, he believes, can “consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer” (that is, the propensity of human psyche to be subconsciously habituated to imagined and illusory things) be removed (B:562).

Gurdjieff explains the possibility of hypnotic state by suggesting that the splitting of consciousness into two independently functioning waking conscious and subconscious parts makes it possible for the waking conscious part to go on to a state of sleep while the planetary body

continues to subconsciously (or automatically) function as if in a waking state (B:564). The implication of this is that such a state would not have been possible if the inner harmony and communicability of the “threebrains” had been present in a unified fashion. The “individual” organism would have been either completely sleep or, if “consciously perfected,” in an “all-centers-awake” state, able to think and feel on its own initiative (L:145). But, now, it is possible for the organism to “lose its responsibility,” that is, its waking conscious center to go to sleep while its other centers continue to be operative in an automatic state on their own and in fact come under the influence and direction of an external conscious source.

According to Gurdjieff, once split, two factors contributed to the perpetuation of this fragmented and disharmonized psychic state in human organism. On the one hand, nature adapted to this dual functioning of human organism by engendering at a certain age two “blood circulations” of different tempos in the human organism, depending on the “difference of-the-filling-of-the-blood-vessels” (B:565). The “center-of-gravity-of-theblood-pressure” (B:565), in other words, came to be concentrated in one or another part of the blood vessels depending on whether the organism is in the waking conscious or in the passive (hypnotic/sleep) states. On the other hand, socially, the system of education became one-sidedly focused on developing the conscious/mental aspect, thereby further perpetuating the splitting of the mental from the emotional and instinctive minds, while relegating the possibility of experiencing genuine being-impulses such as “faith, hope, love, and conscience” to the deep recesses of the subconscious mind, laying dormant there in an “almost primitive state” (B:566).

John Kurman said...

Why is Saturn closer to the Sun than Jupiter in this video?

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

The people who live in Brownsville New York are being terrorized by gun violence as we speak.

Do you think that it is odd for New York City congressman and "Root 100 2014 Winner" Hakeem Jeffries to take to the floor of the US House with regard to a matter in "Ferguson" while the constituents in Brownsville (and the Bronx and Brooklyn) receive no relief via this ritual?

Vic78 said...

You should've seen the interview when he was asked about his recent vote against Grayson's bill.

BigDonOne said...


CNu said...

lol, maybe he was trying to get a rise out of that useless sack of sleep&eat rev.rep.cleaver from my own congressional district, cbc president sitting directly behind him in the graphic, and quiet as a church mouse about what happened in his own state?

CNu said...

Thanks for the link Bro.Makheru. Always helpful to know what cats talkin bout!

CNu said...

You may rest assured that neither of the simpletons Cleaver or Clay ever even thought about reading the legislation they rubberstamped. These two elderly pork chops just happy to be dressing up in suits, travelling to DC and occupying positions of impotence. What a sorry waste of the Black electoral franchise. When 80 percent of
the Black Caucus supports further militarization of the police
occupation force, it should be obvious where their loyalties lie. Blacks
would be better off with no congressional representation, than in
empowering such shameless agents of the enemy. Indeed, Blacks made far
more progress in the Sixties, when there were less than two handfuls of
Black congresspersons and the people spoke in the streets, than with
today’s pathetic platoon of sell-outs.

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