Wednesday, December 31, 2014

tried to end the year on a high-note, but these knuckleheads pulled me back!!!

nydailynews |  Off the table was any talk of the contentious contract negotiations between the NYPD and the city, sources said.

The Justice League NYC, one of the groups behind the citywide protests, tweeted that de Blasio and the union leaders “should be discussing ending broken windows policing.”

That police strategy is backed by the mayor and Bratton, but critics say it unfairly targets minorities and the poor. Cops were trying to bust Garner on July 17 for peddling untaxed cigarettes when he died.

De Blasio has taken heat for expressing sympathy for protesters demonstrating against the Garner decision and embracing Sharpton, a frequent police critic.

He also angered many rank-and-file officers by revealing that he told his son Dante, who is biracial, to be wary around police officers.

“Instead of saying that while you may be unhappy with the grand jury, you have to respect the decision, he went with ‘200 years of racism’ and advising his son, Dante, not to trust us,” Lynch’s spokesman, Al O’Leary, told Bloomberg News before the meeting.

“If you’re not out there wearing a bulletproof vest, you cannot appreciate the betrayal they feel by those words.”


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