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Reality Mechanics: Meditation? ESP? Or Something Far More Profound? (REDUX 8/9/22)

9:04 that's the only explanation I can get is that that if they if people are here 9:10 from another civilization then they if they've understood the the 9:15 higher the higher the finer points of quantum of quantum physics and how to 9:20 couple that from particles into beings that can do what quantum what particles 

The best way to understand their approach is by considering something else ordered yet non-repeating: "quasicrystals." A typical crystal has a regular, repeating structure, like the hexagons in a honeycomb. A quasicrystal still has order, but its patterns never repeat. (Penrose tiling is one example of this.) Even more mind-boggling is that quasicrystals are crystals from higher dimensions projected, or squished down, into lower dimensions. Those higher dimensions can even be beyond physical space's three dimensions: A 2D Penrose tiling, for instance, is a projected slice of a 5-D lattice.

9:25 can do now when I was at wright-patterson we had the flying saucers it went up I think they covered the distance from 9:32 Columbus to Detroit in something like equivalent of about 20,000 miles an hour 9:39 I don't think anyone in the canoe in the ordinary aerospace business would have 9:46 had any knowledge of what they were even talking about if you mentioned quantum 9:51 physics or or wormholes are the type of things we know now because if you went 9:59 to CERN and talked to the particle physicists they would tell you certainly some of this was possible because they 10:06 see it all the time where they think they see mass they really see they 10:12 really see energy frozen in it in a time quantum and what they're seeing is not 10:18 is this is really a frozen bundle of energy and it moves back and forth 10:25 almost without any restriction 

I thought there were enough credible stories that I may not be able to 10:32 explain them but they weren't phenomenon that were people's imagination whatever 10:41 they saw was real but I couldn't explain how it how it was real what made it real but I think what they I think they saw 10:48 what they saw near st. Louis there was a fairly large triangular object seen and 10:54 it covered the distance down to south st. Louis in some in some of its 11:00 sightings it was moving relatively benign Lee but then it it literally jumped about 20 miles in a sec couple of 11:07 seconds and I've received a lot of phone calls from the local newspapers and TV 11:13 stations is how can that be and 

I said I don't know how it can be except if you 11:18 explain it through something like a quantum physics explanation of time and 11:24 space relationships it gave you time and space travel but other than that I don't 11:30 there's no way I know that I can put the biggest rocket engine I could think of 11:36 on it it still couldn't get there at that speed and the noise and the sounds 11:42 you would make doing something like that would wake everybody up for 10 miles and 11:47 it made no sound at all it's see it starts out at hover and it literally almost disappears and pops 11:53 over here so it's not like it's not like a cartoon where it goes whoosh it's 12:00 almost like it disappears and comes up over here at least that the descriptions 12:06 that some of the police officers gave to it a lot of combat pilots routinely go 12:13 up to 7 and 8 GS but that's a very specific direction that's from your head 12:19 downward along the axis of your spine if you were to take that what's called 12:24 eyeballs in which is when you accelerate the forces this way you literally would 12:32 have your eyeballs and compressed out of their sockets and you have brain damage so that the G's the do that might be in 12:40 the level of order of so no that's not physically possible for any even even insects to take that level 12:48 of acceleration even over a short period of time you might get in an automobile 12:53 accident you might get a hundred two hundred and fifty G's and that's when the car is completely crushed so that's 13:00 what happened would happen to a human being if that were a conventional force accelerator so it's not a conventional 13:06 force accelerator because if there's people in human beings in them or something being in them that isn't 13:13 crushed then it has to be a different way of doing it the hard part is to find 13:19 a way to physically do that 

you know there are people who have been experimenting with zero-point energy or 13:25 try to tap zero-point energy for years every once in a while someone will do it 13:30 accidentally they'll call it cold fusion but I don't think it's cold fusion I just think it's a zero-point energy tap 13:36 except for three people that I know no 13:41 one has been able to control it when it happens it happens for a short period of time 13:47 and it's almost always destructive it's like drilling a hole into the base of Grand Coulee Dam and all of a sudden 13:54 this jet of water comes out that literally has enough pressure to cut you in half without a valve on it you can't 14:02 shut it off does one guy that that that 14:07 a friend of mine actually visited in Ann Arbor Michigan that was I consider a mathematical genius that actually 14:14 figured out a way to control it he was so paranoid he divorced his wife 14:20 left his wife and children and went in hiding because he was terrified that someone 14:26 would would kill him for the knowledge that he had the ability to tap this whenever he chose to and control it we 14:33 don't know worried we haven't seen him in five years I don't worry is you know right now today you've got an energy 

14:39 problem with the price of oil what do you think would happen if you introduced 14:45 an ability to attempt zero-point energy represents about 40 to 50 megawatts of 14:53 power per cubic inch of space that's a lot of power 15:00 that's 4600 million watts of power and 15:07 if you could tap it at will then no one 15:12 would have to sell gasoline or oil anymore you would just tap into it it would be it would be like taking and 15:20 going out to the Great Lakes and taking out one drop and using it it would you'd 15:25 hardly miss it and since it permeates the whole universe and it continually 15:31 fluctuates as it as as that as the matter and antimatter interact it's not 15:40 like it's a steady lake it's um you see it's a pool the size of the universe so 15:45 you'd never for what we've used before you never even miss it the only thing this one guy claimed that happened is if 15:52 you bottle it and move it to another location and release it he sounded 16:00 exactly like mr. Spock he said you create a tear in the in the time time 16:07 domain of the of local space and actually caused a problem which he 16:13 claims he did and he will never do it again which is bottle and move it the other part is that you're knock it 16:19 doesn't work on conventional jet engines one has to create an actual zero point 16:25 energy engine to do that this one guy in Ann Arbor Mich Michigan had one running in his basement 16:30 not connected to any power source whatsoever sitting in the middle of a table and it had been running for a year 

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Careful With That Exercise Eugene Or The Ultraterrestrials Might Probe You In The Booty...,

The following is a description of the global body sensing exercise. 

The aim is to obtain a more complete experience of oneself through a gradually more complete sensation of the physical body included in the attention. It is an exercise in expanding the attention, but what is specified here is not fixed and rigid. There is nothing unique about the bodily parts that are mentioned, nor the order in which they are included in the attention. We may want to experiment, including more or less detail as we proceed to increase the awareness of our physical presence. It is at the same time an exercise in the relaxation of muscular tension to conserve energy.

One of the things we shall almost certainly notice is that while proceeding through this exercise we "disappear." Our attention is taken by one turning thought or another, and it is only seconds or even minutes later that we realize we have not completed the establishment of a global awareness of our physical presence. In this event, it is sometimes better to just recapitulate the whole exercise, but we may discover that we need not go through it in as much detail up to the point where we "disappeared."

I begin this exercise by sensing the very top of my head, not thinking about it, but actually making the effort to have a sensation of it. Although a thought is required at the outset, the actual experience is one of physical sensation. As I go through the subsequent steps, I try to include each new sensation in the expanding attention, holding them in the attention.

I next include the sensation of my forehead with special notice to its center. This is the location of the "third eye." In The Secret Doctrine, earlier humanity is described as having a functioning third eye, the eye of intuition. For most of us as we are now, it is only vestigial in the pineal gland, but careful observation of this area reveals a vibratory sensation that we are able to include in the attention. At the
same time I recognize that thoughts, such as speculation on something like the "third eye" while in the midst of the exercise, are a diversion of the attention into identification with the thought. So, I simply lay the thought aside and continue the sensing.

I then include the sensation of the back of my head. At this point I have a more complete experience of my upper head.

I now move my attention to my eyebrows and then to my eye sockets. I sense my eyes in their sockets. I may wish to move them to the left, to the right, up, down, center, behind the closed lids. This helps me to be more aware of my eyes. I sense my eyelids as they touch each other. I inhale deeply through my nostrils several times, noticing the sensation of the inhalation of air into my organism and its subsequent exhalation. I do not interfere with the breathing. I simply observe and sense it.

I sense my ears on each side of my head, and I see that it is possible to have a sensation of them, sensing even each earlobe in addition to the upper ear.

I sense my cheeks. I may notice muscular tensions here in the small muscles of the face or, indeed, at many other places in the body as I proceed with the exercise. Wherever I encounter muscular tension, I simply, as best I can, intentionally relax those muscles. Relaxation of muscles as I proceed is a critical part of this exercise, because tensed muscles use up energy, energy which I wish to contain. My body
must be relaxed if I am to transcend it. (Note: Many people find it easier to relax muscles after first tensing them as hard as they can.) 

I notice the various parts of the mouth and include them in my attention: the sensation of my lips touching together, my tongue touching against my teeth and/or my palate, the moisture of the saliva in my mouth.

I sense my chin and jawbone. Here again, I may especially notice muscular tension, and if so, I simply try intentionally to relax those muscles.

At this point I realize that I have a more complete experience of my entire head. It has shape and it has weight as it rests on my neck, and I notice these things also. 

I continue down the body, sensing my neck, especially its center front where I may also notice a slight vibration. This is the so-called throat chakra, described in the Hindu chakra system as one of the seven energy centers of the body, just as is the third-eye energy center mentioned already. The vibrations of energy are real and although I may notice them, I try not to go off into identification with thoughts about chakras or energy centers. I simply observe, sensing whatever there is to be sensed. I sense the connection of the neck to the torso, again noticing the entire weight of the head and neck resting on the torso. 

I continue further, down the left side of the body, including more and more in my attention. I could just as well have chosen to go down the right side of the body first. I may especially notice muscular tension in the shoulders and upper back, and I simply try to relax those muscles. I sense my left shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and left hand with all its parts. I sense my thumb, forefinger, middle finger,
fourth finger, little finger. I may notice moisture in the palm of my hand and the sensation of one hand touching the other.

I sense my left buttock as I pass my attention farther down the left side of the body. I notice the weight of my body on it and perhaps the texture of the cushion below it. I sense my left thigh, knee, calf, ankle, top of the left foot, heel, instep, arch, ball of the left foot, and each of the toes in order, from the big toe to the little toe, as I pass my attention down the left side of my body.

At this point it is clear to me that I have a considerably more inclusive experience of my head, neck and left side of my body than of the right side. I can verify this through my experience.

Now I circle up the right side of the body sensing each toe of the right foot in order, from the little toe to the big toe, then the top of the right foot, the ball of the foot, arch, instep, heel, ankle, calf, knee, thigh, and buttock. 

I continue up the right hand, sensing the little finger, fourth finger, middle finger, forefinger, and thumb. Then I sense the palm of the hand, back of the hand, wrist, fore-arm, elbow, upper arm, and right shoulder. If I have been sitting with my hands together, I notice again the sensation of the one hand touching the other.

I continue to check for muscular tensions and when I notice them, I try intentionally to relax those muscles.

There is, at this time, a more complete global experience of myself. However, I wish also to more fully include the torso in this experience, so I intentionally breathe deeply, again noticing the inhalation and exhalation, and especially experiencing the movement of the diaphragm as my chest expands and contracts. I sense the air as it passes through my nostrils and into my lungs as I inhale and exhale. If I am a person who has learned to breathe abdominally, I also sense the movement within my abdomen as it contracts and expands.

I pass my attention down the torso from upper to lower, continuing to include more and more in the attention, sensing the solar plexus, the lower abdomen, the genitalia. I may then also wish to pass my attention from lower to upper, paralleling the spine and sensing each part of the torso in the reverse direction. I may notice a flow of vibratory energy coursing through the body rising from the area of the genitalia. I may possibly notice an additional flow of energy that seems to descend through the body from the head. Whatever I notice I simply include in my attention. All the while I am still holding the global experience of my physical presence including all my limbs, in my attention. (Students of hatha yoga may recognize the vibratory flow as the awakening of kundalini, the vibratory force usually paralleling the spine. Sometimes this is called kundalini yoga. Students of tao may understand what
appears as a circular vibratory movement as the so-called “microcosmic orbit.')

Now, here I am in this place, in this moment, relaxed with this more complete experience of myself. Included in my attention is the global sensation of my physical presence, the awareness of certain external impressions that continue to come in to the attention, the experience of vibratory energy, and even thoughts and emotions that I watch detachedly. I am here now! I hold still in this state of expanded and pure attention, mind quieted, and constructively imagined or actually experienced energy coursing through the body. I am in this state and aware of being aware of myself. I am self-conscious with not even a fleeting thought in my attention. 

Physical discomfort often sets a limit to the period of undisturbed meditation. We may, therefore, have to learn to change our position occasionally (not fidgeting) without disturbing the state of mind. This, incidentally, is one of the side benefits of getting accustomed to physical work, with all the aches and pains that must be tolerated and lived with.Thus, we learn to put up with a fair degree of discomfort before feeling forced to move. When the mind truly withdraws, the body and its discomforts are forgotten.

Another obstacle to long meditation, is the sheer habit of sleeping a fixed number of hours, with the accompanying belief that we must have our full sleep in order to be bright and alert in the competitive world. The actual need of sleep for an individual on the Fourth Way is about 4−5 hours,23 with possibly an odd 10 minutes (or longer if possible) of withdrawal into meditation occasionally during the day, in addition to the morning meditation period. Recent medical studies insist that most human beings do not get enough sleep. Many practitioners of the Work find the opposite to be true. The point is that the state of true meditation is as restful as sleep and often more so. What we are really fighting is not the body's demands for rest, but the fixed mental belief that those demands must be satisfied. 

Supporting that "belief" is the conscious or subconscious knowledge that sleep is an escape. Meditation is not an escape.

Meditation exercises such as this can temporarily still the mind, but we remain, as it were, in the midst of a stilled mental process that can and does start again at any moment. Adequate stillness usually requires a period of prolonged sitting.

If we hold quiet, the next thing to look for is a slight dissociation from the thinking process, which makes it relatively easy to stay in this quiet state. It is peaceful but eventually unsatisfying. This state can deepen into the state where the body passes into sleep and we are awake within it. Deliberately invoking sleep, while keeping in a position that discourages sleep, is an aid in this process. It also points to the fact that this movement is not, initially, anything that we can achieve by intention. In practice, we have to hold in the quiet state and let ourselves get tired.

After sitting quietly for a sufficiently long period, there will occur a "shift" from the intense awareness of the body, to a total detachment from it. Here we begin to "back out," using the attention to move further and further back in our awareness from the detached body.

At this moment, through the above suggested techniques or something similar, the chain of thought will have exhausted itself, and a kind of vacuity exists before the next chain of thought begins. In this critical moment, an emotional yearning (not a thought) for self-transcendence may be set up. This moment in between chains of thought does not seem to be in time, even though it is measurable in time, because the potential experience is of a different order. This has an emotional component but it is without thought. To pass beyond into the unitive vision requires:

1. Prolonged effort.
2. Aspiration.        
3. The help of maximized energy garnered through transmutation and conservation

4. Grace, or what appears as grace, because we have no direct control over it.

Persistent perseverance without actual expectation of this "grace," which sometimes is called "help from above," is a sort of indirect control.

This effort is like leaning with our back to a door. 

We hold steady, steady! Eventually, the door will open of its own accord and we'll "fall" through. It is a falling through the "barrier" to the real world, free of all fear and desire. There will be a moment of
unconsciousness, but then one becomes conscious in a different state. It is like falling to sleep except that in falling to sleep you just go unconscious and stay that way. Here, after the moment of unconsciousness, one is conscious of standing in the bigger self, of seeing things from a more detached perspective, the perspective of the unitive vision. Passing through the "barrier" can be an ecstatic experience, but it does not necessarily happen to all people as some sort of dramatic thing. Some            people do just ease into it.

The unitive experience or unitive vision is the ultimate objective of meditation. But the different terms used to describe it: the "real world," "objective consciousness," "enlightenment," all lack specificity in helping us to understand just what it is. It has been said that the unitive experience cannot be described in words, although numerous people have attempted a description. Thomas Merton, the Christian
mystic, was one of many people who have tried to describe the ecstasy of his awakening into the unitive vision. His description of it is representative:

We enter a region which we had never even suspected, and yet it is this new world which seems familiar and obvious. The old world of our senses is now the one that seems to us strange, remote and unbelievable ...

A door opens in the center of our being and we seem to fall through it into immense depths which, although they are infinite, are all accessible to us; all eternity seems to have become ours in this one placid and breathless contact ...

You seem to be the same person and you are the same person that you have always been: in fact you are more yourself than you have ever been before. You have only just begun to exist. You feel as if you were at last fully born. All that went before was a mistake, a fumbling preparation for birth. Now you have come out into your element. And yet now you have become nothing. You have sunk to the center of your own poverty, and there you have felt the doors fly open into infinite freedom, into a wealth which is perfect because none of it is yours and yet it all belongs to you. And now you are free to go in and out of infinity ... And you, while you are free to come and go, yet as soon as you attempt to make
words or thoughts about it you are excluded − you go back into your exterior in order to talk. 

The "breathless contact" written of by Merton is that which takes place in the vacuity between two chains of thought. The region he describes is not in the world of the senses and, therefore, does not seem to the meditator to be experienced in passing time.

Once we have had the experience of breaking through, we will know that the experience has been had. It will then not necessarily be repeatable at will, but the direction in which to go will be known, and continuing efforts will eventually bring about repeated access. Having had the experience, we will want to watch, observe, stick at it, even push. We are bound to make "mistakes," but we cannot find the right track without trying out a few wrong ones.

We need to remember, if we get stuck with nothing happening, it is likely to be because we think we ourself can do it, the ordinary mundane "I," whereas that "I" can only serve the higher being that does the thing. Therefore, we may have to go on sitting and watching for longer than we need to at first.We cannot make something happen. We simply make ourselves available for the experience.

This step of "passing beyond" is that for which earlier work should prepare us for untermed periods of sitting. Although we may be able to arrive at a sufficient quietude after about 20 minutes of sitting, we need to allow sufficient time after that, during which we make ourselves available to further experience. It is best not to set up a predetermined time limit.

It must be remembered that the sort of instruction being given here is for people who have practiced long enough to have formed a degree of self-consciousness through the preliminary exercises. Only then is there something to stay awake when the barrier is passed.

It is best if the thing that we are seeking can be understood in more subtle terms, so that the attention can be turned in the right direction, and some sort of "active imagination" can be put to practical use. But for this to work, there has to be full acceptance of the reality of subtle energies. "Active imagination" cannot work if it is thought to be mere imagination.

Once we have learned to transcend the barrier, teaching of a higher order can be received. This does not necessarily mean that there will be visions of a wise sage propounding great wisdom. Often, teaching is received simply as insight that appears

to come from, we know not where, from the very center of our being. At the same time, images received in the deep meditative state, as distinguished from turning thoughts or imaginative reveries, should be carefully noted for the purpose of familiarization, before they are set aside.

We should realize that facility in meditative practice is ordinarily attainable only with long experience. So we need not be discouraged at any apparent lack of success, and we must remember that our work is to provide the conditions for a different experience, not to presume that we can generate the experience itself.

Meditation must be practiced every day at least once each day, preferably upon arising. It is a daily reminder to function in self-consciousness as we proceed through our day. Its quietude provides us the best conditions to experience the dividing of attention.

Dividing of the attention is necessary to commence the separation of the real self from the personality. Remember Gurdjieff's dictum: "As long as a man (or woman) does not separate himself from himself he can achieve nothing and no one can help him." During this next week, let us take it as an exercise that every day we will go somewhere in our home and sit quietly using the meditative techniques that have been suggested here or something similar. It is important that this morning sitting become a primary and regular part of our day, something that we will not want to skip.

Meditation may be the one essential practice, without which nothing of significance will happen.

But we need to caution ourselves that more is required of us than just sitting in silence once or twice each day.

The requirements of total self-dedication cannot be met by an hour or two's practice. One cannot be totally "given" at some times of the day and following one's own selfish interests at other times. The attempt has to be made to bring the totality of one's nature into harmony with one's perceptions of the nature and source of being. 

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G.I. Gurdjieff's Perspective: Beelzebub as an Extraterrestrial Being

G.I. Gurdjieff, an influential spiritual teacher of the 20th century, presented a unique cosmological perspective in his magnum opus, "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson." Central to his cosmology is the character of Beelzebub, whom Gurdjieff portrays as an extraterrestrial being. This essay touches very superficially on possible motivations for Gurdjieff's choice to present Beelzebub in such a manner. By delving into Gurdjieff's metaphysical framework, esoteric teachings, and psychological insights, we can understand how his portrayal of Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial serves as a symbolic tool for exploring profound existential questions and bridging the gap between humanity and the cosmos.

G.I. Gurdjieff's spiritual teachings and cosmological perspectives continue to captivate and challenge readers. Among his notable works, "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson" stands out for its profound symbolism and intricate narrative. Within this text, Gurdjieff presents Beelzebub, traditionally portrayed as a demonic figure, as an extraterrestrial being. This essay will explore the reasons behind Gurdjieff's portrayal and delve into the metaphysical framework, esoteric teachings, psychological insights, and symbolic significance associated with Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial.

G.I. Gurdjieff, born in the late 19th century, was a mystic, philosopher, and spiritual teacher. He traveled extensively in search of esoteric wisdom and claimed to have encountered ancient spiritual traditions during his journeys through Central Asia, the Middle East, and Egypt. Gurdjieff's teachings, known as the Fourth Way, integrate elements from various spiritual traditions, including Sufism, Buddhism, and Christianity.

Gurdjieff's exposure to diverse cultures and spiritual practices influenced his cosmological perspective. He synthesized these influences with his own insights, creating a unique framework that emphasized self-awareness, inner transformation, and the search for meaning.

"Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson" is a complex work that defies traditional narrative conventions. Divided into three volumes, the book comprises various allegorical stories, anecdotes, and philosophical discourses. Its purpose is to provoke deep self-reflection, challenge preconceived notions, and awaken readers to the complexities of existence.

Beelzebub, presented in the book as an extraterrestrial being from the planet Karatas, plays a pivotal role in the narrative. He represents wisdom, experience, and a profound understanding of cosmic laws. By presenting Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial, Gurdjieff offers a fresh perspective on the nature of higher beings and their relationship to humanity.

Gurdjieff's cosmology rests on the principles of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven. The Law of Three describes the interplay of three fundamental forces, while the Law of Seven describes the cyclical nature of transformation and evolution.

Gurdjieff's cosmological model, known as the Ray of Creation, depicts the hierarchical structure of the universe. At the center lies the Absolute, followed by various levels of cosmic laws, planets, and conscious beings.

Within the Ray of Creation, Gurdjieff describes different cosmic hierarchies and the diverse beings that inhabit them. Beelzebub, as an extraterrestrial being from the planet Karatas, represents a higher order of intelligence and wisdom, serving as a bridge between humanity and cosmic consciousness.

Gurdjieff's teachings emphasize humanity's potential for self-realization and the pursuit of higher states of consciousness. By presenting Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial being, Gurdjieff expands the scope of human potential, encouraging readers to question their place in the grand scheme of the cosmos.

Beelzebub, as a character, acts as a catalyst for self-reflection and inner transformation. His tales and interactions with other characters prompt readers to question their beliefs, attitudes, and mechanical patterns of behavior, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship to the universe.

Gurdjieff emphasizes the importance of self-observation and self-remembering in the process of inner transformation. By presenting Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial being, Gurdjieff invites readers to observe their own mechanical behavior, awaken from their ordinary state of consciousness, and remember their inherent connection to the cosmos.

Gurdjieff highlights the tendency of human beings to operate mechanically, driven by conditioned responses and unconscious patterns. By personifying Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial being, Gurdjieff challenges readers to transcend their mechanicalness and awaken to a more conscious and intentional way of being.

Gurdjieff's teachings emphasize the development of conscience as a vital component of spiritual growth. Beelzebub's role as a wise extraterrestrial being reinforces the importance of conscience and the need for conscious choices in navigating the complexities of existence.

Gurdjieff employs symbolism and allegory to convey profound metaphysical concepts. By presenting Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial being, Gurdjieff utilizes the archetype of an otherworldly entity to explore humanity's relationship with the unknown and the transcendence of limited perspectives.

Through Beelzebub's experiences and teachings, Gurdjieff universalizes the struggles and challenges faced by humanity. Beelzebub becomes a symbol of wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment, offering insights into the universal human condition and the potential for growth and transformation.

Gurdjieff's portrayal of Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial expands our understanding of creation and existence beyond the confines of traditional religious or scientific paradigms. By incorporating extraterrestrial elements, Gurdjieff challenges readers to question their preconceived notions and explore the vastness of cosmic possibilities.

Gurdjieff's choice to present Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial being has sparked debates regarding the literal versus symbolic interpretation of his works. Critics argue that the extraterrestrial aspect detracts from the spiritual essence of his teachings, while proponents suggest that it serves as a powerful metaphor for the expansion of consciousness.

Gurdjieff's cosmological ideas, including Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial, can be challenging to grasp within the context of mainstream cultural and religious frameworks. This has led to both acceptance and rejection of his teachings, depending on individual beliefs and openness to alternative perspectives.

Gurdjieff's portrayal of Beelzebub as an extraterrestrial being in "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson" serves as a profound symbolic tool within his cosmological framework. By expanding our perspectives and challenging conventional notions, Gurdjieff encourages readers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, inner awakening, and connection to the vastness of the cosmos. Beelzebub's extraterrestrial nature serves as a bridge between humanity and the mysteries of the universe, urging us to explore our place in the grand tapestry of creation.

According To Whitley Strieber Work Exercises Got Him Abducted....,

starlogic  |  It seems the most unlikely of links: Whitley Strieber follows the ‘sensing’ exercise as suggested by George Gurdjieff. This brought the light of his soul to the attention of the ‘visitors’.

Creating this type of friction is central to the way the visitors teach, and as a matter of fact, its use is also important in the Gurdjieff Work. Mr. Gurdjieff would create situations that would challenge his students’ egos and force them to face themselves, either driving them away or spurring them on. Gurdjieff called it puncturing the “hot air pie” of ego. My hot air pie has been leaped up and down on for many years by rude little men, and I am much the better for it. As I will discuss later when explaining how building a strong soul enables one to render moot the fear of them, the first lesson they ever gave me was about the danger of arrogance and the importance of humility.

I think that I’ve been in their school ever since that dream. When it happened, the two forms involved were nowhere in the news and not in my life. But there they were, kicking me out of the university that I have been studying in ever since!

Just as maintaining the double arrow enriches one’s life experience, doing the sensing exercise enables the sharing of self. While you are doing it, they can enter the silence of your mind and join you in your life experience. For them, this is more than a pleasure. I suspect that, when they are in their normal state, it is an utter delight for them, and I would think that they want to experience it with as many of us as possible. I suspect that Anne intuited this early on, which is why she insisted that our book be called Communion. Contact is not just about our learning new science and making new social and cultural discoveries. It is, more importantly, about this sharing of self. And incidentally, this has nothing to do with what is called possession. That’s exactly what the visitors don’t want to do.

For them, I don’t think that anything is ever new. For us, everything is always new. They may know reality outside of time. We don’t really know what the next second will bring. They hunger to share our sense of newness.

I think that the reason for this is explained by an insight that was published in the April 1977 issue of the magazine Science. D.B.H. Kuiper and Mark Morris made the observation that any intelligent entity appearing here from another world would have essentially nothing to gain from us except the results of our own independent thought. They would be after newness, and they would therefore be concerned about our state of preparedness to engage with them. As Kuiper and Morris speculate, “We believe that there is a critical phase in this. Before a certain threshold is reached, complete contact with a superior civilization (in which their store of knowledge is made available to us) would abort further development through a ‘culture shock’ effect. If we were contacted before we reached this thresh- old, instead of enriching the galactic store of knowledge we would merely absorb it.” They continue, “By intervening in our natural progress now, members of an extraterrestrial society could easily extinguish the only resource on this planet that could be of any value to them.” Having been involved with them now for so many years—for much of my life, really—I feel that this is indeed the reason for their secrecy. But they now find themselves in a quandary: Our planet is failing so rapidly that if they continue to hide and wait for us to catch up, we might go extinct first, or enter into a period of chaos that will destroy what progress we have made, causing them even further delay.

Fortunately, it’s not clear that our making more scientific progress is the only thing that holds them back. I think that what I might call psychospiritual progress is at least as important, and probably more so.

This would be why they have lavished so much more attention on this non-scientist spiritual seeker than they have on any scientist I am aware of. I learned, first through my Gurdjieff work and then by working directly with them, a grammar of communication that is both efficient, in the sense that progress is steady, and fruitful, in that the richness of communication is rapidly increasing.

The sensing exercise not only opens us to them and enables communication, it sends out a signal that communicates a good deal more than a laser pointer. When we place our attention on the nervous system, it glows in their level of reality like a little ember. Our dead can see this, too.

Strieber, Whitley. A New World (pp. 47-50). Walker & Collier, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16 KJV)

The Dreamland Of Alleged Experiences With Non-Human Entities

wikipedia  |  Whitley Strieber is currently a practicing Catholic. He is also associated with the Gurdjieff Foundation.[54] He left regular work in the Foundation shortly before the experiences reported in Communion but remains involved in the mystical teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspensky and makes frequent references to them in his non-fiction writings.[citation needed]

Strieber contends that he was abducted from his cabin in upstate New York on the evening of December 26, 1985, by non-human beings. He wrote about this experience and related experiences in Communion (1987), his first non-fiction book. Although the book is perceived generally as an account of alien abduction, Strieber draws no conclusions about the identity of the alleged abductors. He refers to the beings as "the visitors", a name chosen to be as neutral as possible to entertain the possibility that they are not extraterrestrials. Neurologist Steven Novella remarks that the details of Whitley's tale of waking up seemingly paralyzed fits the description of hypnagogia, a fairly common neurological phenomenon that has been mistaken by some for an intervention by demons or aliens.[13]

Both the hardcover and paperback edition of Communion reached the number one position on The New York Times Best Seller list (non-fiction), with more than 2 million copies collectively sold.

Although it was published as non-fiction, the book editor of the Los Angeles Times pronounced the follow-up title, Transformation (1988),[14] to be fiction and removed it from the non-fiction best-seller list (it nonetheless made the top 10 on the fiction side of the chart). "It's a reprehensible thing," Strieber responded. "My book is a true story ... Placing this book on the fiction list is an ugly example of exactly the kind of blind prejudice that has hurt human progress for many generations."[15] Criticism noting the similarity between the non-human beings in Strieber's autobiographical accounts and the non-human beings in his initial horror novels was typically acknowledged by the author as a fair observation, but not indicative of his autobiographical works being fictional: "The mysterious small beings that figure prominently in Catmagic seem to be an unconscious rendering of [the visitors], created before I was aware that they may be real."[16]

Since the 1987 publication of Communion, Strieber wrote four additional autobiographies detailing his experiences with the visitors: Transformation (1988), a direct follow-up; Breakthrough: The Next Step (1995),[17] a reflection on the original events and accounts of the sporadic contact he'd subsequently experienced; The Secret School (1996),[18] in which he examines strange memories from his childhood; and lastly, Solving the Communion Enigma: What Is to Come (2011).[19]

In Solving the Communion Enigma, Strieber reflects on how advances in scientific understanding since his 1987 publication may shed light on what he perceived, noting, "Among other things, since I wrote Communion, science has determined that parallel universes may be physically real and that time travel may in some way be possible". The book is a consolidation of UFO sightings and related phenomena, including crop circles, alien abductions, mutilations and deaths in an attempt to discern any kind of meaningful overall pattern. Strieber concludes that the human species is being shepherded to a higher level of understanding and existence within an endless "multiverse" of matter, energy, space and time. He also writes more candidly about the deleterious effects his initial experiences had upon him while staying at his upstate New York cabin in the 1980s, noting, "I was regularly drinking myself to sleep when we were there. I would listen to the radio until late hours, drinking vodka..."[20]

Other visitor-themed books of Strieber's include Majestic (1989),[21] a novel about the Roswell UFO incident; The Communion Letters (1997, reissued in 2003),[22] a collection of letters from readers reporting experiences similar to Strieber's; Confirmation (1998),[23] in which Strieber reviews a variety of evidence that is suggestive of alien contact, and considers what more would be required to provide 'confirmation'; The Grays (2006)[24] a novel in which his impressions of alien contact are presented through a fictional thriller/espionage narrative, and; Hybrids (2011)[25] a fictional narrative that imagines human/alien hybrids being born into the modern world.[citation needed]

Additional visitor-themed writings include a screenplay for the 1989 film Communion, directed by Philippe Mora and starring Christopher Walken as Strieber. The movie covers material from the books Communion and Transformation. Strieber has stated that he was dissatisfied with the film, which utilized scenes of improvised dialogue and includes themes not present in his books. Strieber also wrote a screenplay for his novel Majestic, which to date has not been filmed.[26]

Whitley Strieber has repeatedly expressed frustration that his experiences have been taken as "alien contact" when he does not actually know what they were. Strieber has reported anomalous childhood experiences and suggested that he may have suffered some sort of early interference by intelligence or military agencies.[27]

He was extensively tested for temporal lobe epilepsy and other brain abnormalities at his own request, but his brain was found to be functioning normally. The results of these tests were reported in his book Transformation.[citation needed]

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Will The Intelligence Act Amnesty Include Murders Committed To Keep UAP/NHI Secret?

We don't actually know what they've been hiding, what knowledge they actually possess - we only think we do, largely based on misinformation these exact same entities have been responsible for propagating and disseminating these past decades.

Hence the terms of the Authorization Act - it's not envisaged as a get-out-of-jail card for people guilty of crimes against humanity: it's a chance to get out from under what's legally coming in exchange for lighter sentencing.

Nobody complicit in any actual criminal activity is getting away with anything here - their own terms of being under the blanket of National Security in the first place prohibits not only illegal activity but compliance with illegal activities - their own clearance authorization is enough to prosecute breaches.

The Authorization act is simply to encourage further whistle blowing - there are a lot of small fish involved in organizations like these, especially on the technical side, who could do with the assurance that they're not going to be crucified for getting out from under who and where ever they currently are.

Currently the only information we know about UFO's is what these SAP's have been telling people is true - and the point is, they lie, rather often - about pretty much everything.

If we want to get anywhere near the "truth" we will have to tolerate leaner sentencing for proven intelligence assets - it's not like the bosses are going to come forward.

They know where the bodies are buried and more importantly, they know who else knows because they made sure to implicate them.

That's how control works. Nobody's going to want to expose that, but the gig as it currently stands is up - one way or the other.

Don't worry - the bosses will always get away with whatever they've done, that's what the establishment seeks to protect - the little people are the ones that get it in the face: the Authorization Act isn't changing anything, not in the grand scheme of things - but it does encourage human assets to come foreward and that's what those authorizing the act need this minute.

Currently nobody knows what's going on, and that's down to these SAP's earning their pay checks.

The real question is, who actually is signing them.

Currently nobody knows.

Kirsten Gillibrand And Mark Warner To The Rescue (Amnesty NOT DISCLOSURE)

douglasjohnson  |  The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) has unanimously approved legislation containing language that appears intended to dig out any UAP-associated technology that is or ever was controlled by the federal government.

The new UAP/UFO provisions are being publicly reported in detail in this article for the first time anywhere.

The new UAP provisions are part of the Fiscal Year 2024 Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA, S. 2103), which was approved unanimously by the Senate Intelligence committee in a closed-door session on June 14.  On June 21 I reported on the committee's action, but the text of the UAP amendment was not yet publicly available at that time. The committee formally filed the bill and it was assigned its number on June 22; it was posted on the Internet early on June 24.

The new UAP language (found in Section 1104 of the bill) would require "any person currently or formerly under contract with the Federal Government that has in their possession material or information provided by or derived from the Federal Government relating to unidentified anomalous phenomena that formerly or currently is protected by any form of special access or restricted access" to notify the director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) within 60 days of enactment, and to provide within 180 days (six months) "a comprehensive list of all non-earth origin or exotic unidentified anomalous phenomena material" possessed and to make it available to the AARO director for "assessment, analysis, and inspection."

AARO is the Pentagon office established by Congress to conduct investigations of unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP), and to collect information on current and past federal government activity pertaining to UAP.

The legislation also would require the AARO director to notify designated congressional committees and leaders within 30 days after receiving any such notifications, information, or exotic materials.

The Intelligence committee legislation also includes what might be called a "safe harbor" provision, providing that if such a person complies with the notification and make-available deadlines, "No criminal or civil action may lie or be maintained in any Federal or State court against any person for receiving [UAP-related] material or information."

The "safe harbor" language might be read to imply that a private entity that obtained non-human technology from the government, and then held on to that material outside of the standard mechanisms for democratic oversight, perhaps profiting from it in some manner, might be in a legally tenuous position. If so, then such an amnesty period might smooth the way for timely and orderly disclosure. This reading of the provision is speculative; the committee has not yet published any explanatory material on the language.

Section 1104 of S. 2103 does not create any new criminal offenses. Neither does it confer any immunity for threats or acts of violence, perjury, or other crimes of the sorts sometimes alleged in stories about purported hidden government UFO programs.

A PDF file of the UAP-related section of the bill (Sec. 1104) is embedded immediately below this paragraph. Images of the seven UAP-related pages are displayed at the bottom of this article.

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Your Mind Is The Fermi Paradox

reddit  |  Our “consciousness” accepts a different permutation of reality, one that isn’t predictable or cognitively relatable to us as we have laid it out.

It isn’t inherently “logical”, nor does it fit in any scientific box that we can categorize or at any scale that we can scientifically validate.

It is most certainly real/tangible, but also not at all. It is color/light/intensity, solid/holographic but at once devoid of light, matter. Separate from any agreed upon logic, glitchy and off putting at times, bridging the paranormal and the occult.. directed by intention. But most definitely real.

How do you/we think in our minds?, how does one actually “think”? ( pull In thoughts )… - Pay attention to your imagination/your antenna … what do you desire/imagine.. collectively what do we all believe?. What shapes/ archetypes have these ufo taken?, what shape did they take in the past and now in our present time. What are you thinking/forming into reality now and why?. Have you stopped to think.

“They” act out, misbehave. Play like children - like make believe - like imagination, a dream, a random thought/fantasy, a fleeting spark in one’s mind….

How do we think?, how do we actually imagine?… how many jittery ufo videos have you seen, how do your eyes “dart” as you scan your environment or how your thoughts dart around as you jump to different ideas. How do UFOs skip, jitter and appear irrationally, almost like a thought pattern. Like consciousness.

You have been conditioned your whole life away from one crucial part of your being..

“Make believe is for children”, imagination isn’t “Real”…

Practically on the surface, that totally makes sense.. our 3D world has rules to sustain our 3D bodies so we can extend our lives, propagating evolution, we need to be grounded to progress, it’s indeed critical.. but it isn’t all.

We do need our connection to this reality to survive, no doubt. But other intelligent entities can access consciousness through other means and aren’t purely tethered to our 3D space, they can play/navigate on their own terms. Their usage of “imagination” is unbound.

Hypothetical Higher beings without a limiting lack of ressources, could navigate in any permutation of space/time seeing no “good or bad” because why would they, there is no need.. those emotions stem from our resource management. Our reality would be a test bed to explore. Because ”It just is”.

So why will you never know?.. truly .. why is there a Fermi paradox? :

Picture billions of predictable human beings conditioned over all known history to flow/conform, dance an agreed upon dance, one that crafted over time leads us on a “safer” path, one that is predictable, one that should ensure a progression to evolution and one that if all fails can be redirected with relatively minimal effort.. ( keep in mind humans are emotional/reactive beings that can disregard logic frequently at a whim, so we navigate within a set of parameters )

Now what if we realize that we are in fact tethered to our individual thoughts as a real tipping point that can mold this reality.. our emotions/fears/fetishes/disgusts/loves/likes being a real reality shifting factor…, they now have true weight. They are a directing force that consciousness can flow through. This, all at once ( or within weeks/years ) humans realize their mental frequency does in fact actually shape/form/morph reality into a space/or confine that we must all live in together, one that can fluctuate on a whim… We can in fact all shape this world. Quite literally. So I actually get the fear of what that represents.

This current system you see is a “child’s lock” on human evolution, possibly rightly so. It is a way to gate us until we can finally learn and accept this truth, step out of emotional resource patterns and “see”. As much as I wish we were ready, we are not even remotely close to accepting this as a “whole” ( “whole” being the key, you could alone as a reader accept this 🙏, large populations just won’t be able to take that step at all, our mind is the Fermi paradox, THIS is the key).

To “disclose” and finally progress as an intellectual species in this dimension?... Humanity must deal with the simple facts above. Rules/guidelines are here because we aren’t able to process the actual reality, we may want too but logistically cannot. Your neighbor could influence your whole life path, as could you to them, you could topple regimes, but also be enslaved just as easily. This power/knowledge will remain “vaulted” forever, or until we are ready. I likely will not see that day and I get it.

How do we “believe” as a unified intelligence. How do we understand, accept these facts and not kill each other to get there. That I honestly don’t know. I recognize we probably can’t know, at least not now. “We” as a global intelligent entity are just not able to process this information and react to it without immediately going into fear, greed, lust or hatred, you can disagree but it’s just a clear fact with all known history to support it.

When/if we can parse this information, we will move forward.

There is indeed a cover up, it isn’t to fuck with you or suppress you for the elites benefit or to withhold resources, it is to ensure we continue as an extension of consciousness into this dimension, it’s that simple, nothing more. We may believe we are ready, our species is not. It’s that simple.

Gubmint Research On The Powers Of Mind

Time  |  Over decades, wars change location and weapons design evolves, while man’s perceptual capacities remain relatively close to what they have been for thousands of years. Fifty years ago in Vietnam, Joe McMoneagle used his sixth sense to avoid stepping on booby traps, falling into punji pits, and walking into Viet Cong ambushes. His ability to sense danger was not lost on his fellow soldiers, and the power of his intuitive capabilities spread throughout his military unit. Other soldiers had confidence in this subconscious ability and followed McMoneagle’s lead. In a life-or-death environment there was no room for skepticism or ignominy. If it saved lives, it was real. Since 1972, CIA and DoD research indicates that premonition, or precognition, appears to be weak in some, strong in others, and extraordinary in a rare few. Will the Navy’s contemporary work on “sensemaking,” the continuous effort to understand the connections among people, places, and events, finally unlock the mystery of ESP? Might technology available to today’s defense scientists reveal hypothe- ses not available to scientists in an earlier age?

At Naval Hospital Bremerton, in Washington State, defense scientists and military researchers are exploring cognition and perception in soldiers’ virtual dream states. Starting in 2011, as part of a research program called Power Dreaming, soldiers plagued by PTSD-related nightmares have used biofeedback techniques similar to those studied by Colonel John Alexander in the Intelligence and Security Command’s Beyond Excellence program, under General Albert Stubblebine. For today’s Navy, biofeedback has been updated with twenty-first-century virtual reality technology that did not exist 30 years ago. Sponsored by the Naval Medical Research Center, the Power Dreaming program involves a process called Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Warrior Trainees. Participants are active-duty soldiers suffering from PTSD-related nightmares who are eligible to be sent back to the battlefield. The method, called redreaming, is alleged to be a learned technique that produces changes in the way one’s brain processes information. Its goal is to teach trainees to transform their debilitating nightmares into empowering dreams using bio- feedback techniques and computer technology.

Biofeedback, born in 1962, draws on the idea that the human brain (millions of years in the making) can benefit from seeing itself work in real time. Some of the life processes the trainee can see in real time are his brain waves, heart rate, muscle tension, skin conductance, and pain perception. The process goes like this: when the soldier wakes up from a nightmare, he gets out of bed and goes to a nearby government-issued computer. He puts on 3-D goggles and straps a Heart Rate Variability biofeedback device onto his forearm so that biofeedback can be integrated into the redreaming process. Hooked up to these two devices, the soldier opens a software program called the Book of Dreams. With a few clicks on the keyboard, he enters the virtual world Second Life.

Annie Jacobsen's Peculiar Gatekeeping Of Gubmint Liminality

wikipedia  |  Annie Jacobsen (born June 28, 1967) is an American investigative journalist, author, and a 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist. She writes and produces television including Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan for Amazon Studios, and Clarice for CBS. She was a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times Magazine from 2009 until 2012. Jacobsen writes about war, weapons, security, and secrets. Jacobsen is best known as the author of the 2011 non-fiction book, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, which The New York Times called "cauldron-stirring."[1] She is an internationally acclaimed and sometimes controversial author who, according to one critic, writes sensational books by addressing popular conspiracies.[2]

Her 2011 book, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, addresses the Roswell UFO incident.[3][4] It was on The New York Times Best Seller list for thirteen weeks and has been translated into six languages. Area 51 was being developed into an AMC[5] Series with Gale Anne Hurd[6] as executive producer but is no longer.

Jacobsen's 2014 book, Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America[7] was called "perhaps the most comprehensive, up-to-date narrative available to the general public" in a review by Jay Watkins of the CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence.[8] Operation Paperclip was included in a list of the best books of 2014 by The Boston Globe.[9] Leading space historian Michael J. Neufeld, gave a negative review of the book: “Jacobsen concentrates on the scandals, which inevitably leads to an imbalance in presentation. Little is said about the substantive contributions of von Braun.”[10]

The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top Secret Military Research Agency,[11] was chosen as finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in history.[12] The Pulitzer committee described the book as "A brilliantly researched account of a small but powerful secret government agency whose military research profoundly affects world affairs." The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and the Amazon Editors chose Pentagon's Brain as one of the best non-fiction books of 2015.

Her next book was published in March 2017: Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis.[13]

In May 2019, she released Surprise, Kill, Vanish: The Secret History of CIA Paramilitary Armies, Operators, and Assassins. Apple audiobooks recorded SKV as one of the most popular audiobooks of 2019.[14] J. R. Seeger, a retired CIA case officer who led the Agency's Team Alpha, the first Americans behind enemy lines after 9/11, reviewed the book, saying: "Jacobsen has a well-deserved reputation as a good writer and an excellent researcher,” but he criticized her attention to detail, and suggested that the book's focus was too general saying that "neither of the topics are discussed in anything resembling the detail required to understand the nuance of covert action".[15]

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Russian Experience With Unidentified Submarine Objects

wired  |  Great catch by Phil Ewing at Navy Times' Scoop Deck blog: the Russian navy has just declassified its records of Cold War UFO sightings. Turns out “50 percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen [percent] more -- with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water,” one Russian officer explained.

"On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed," a sub commander recalled. "Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, or 400 kph. Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development."
Insert jab about superior U.S. Navy submarine technology, here.
All joking aside, in one alleged incident in 1982, three navy diver trainees reportedly died pursuing what survivors described as "a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits" in Baikal, the world's deepest lake.

Has Russia Had A Taste Of These Nommos?

downthechupacabrahole  |  Located in southeastern Siberia, towards Mongolia’s border, sits the planet’s oldest and deepest lake. Nearly one-quarter of Earth’s fresh water is contained here. Astonishing depths of over five thousand feet have been measured in certain areas. A myriad of unique plant and animal species inhabit the frigid territory, many of which exist nowhere else in the world. Scientists estimate this massive basin formed as an ancient rift valley more than twenty-five million years ago. For centuries, Lake Baikal has been home to a plethora of unexplained phenomena. Locals claim countless peculiar UFO encounters frequently occur within this remote region of Russia. Some theorize an extraterrestrial base is lurking beneath the picturesque exterior.

One of the most bizarre reports occurred in 1982 during a routine Soviet military training dive. While navigating the foreboding aquatic realm, Navy personnel noticed anomalous figures swimming nearby. Perplexed, they watched in bewilderment as several curious creatures approached them. Despite being stationed at a depth of over one hundred and sixty-four feet, these humanoids wore no modern equipment. Each donned tight-fitting metallic suits complete with a helmet-like apparatus completely covering their heads. Upon closer inspection, troopers noticed the aliens were nearly ten feet tall. However, the colossal loch-dwellers soon disappeared back into the murky abyss.

Following this eerie run-in, the intrigued commander ordered his recruits to capture a subaqueous alien. Seven Scuba divers entered the glacial lake and began their harrowing descent. Soon after navigating an elevator of declining temperatures, multiple entities emerged. One frogman attempted to catch the unearthly specimen in a large net. At that moment, all hell broke loose for the unsuspecting flotilla group. Suddenly the nonhuman brutes fought back by shooting intense sonar waves from strange devices. A powerful force rendered every crew member unconscious and rapidly propelled them to the surface.

Catapulting upwards from extreme depths can have devastating effects on our bodies, resulting in a condition often called “the bends”. Three of the squadron were seriously injured but did not succumb to this affliction. The remaining fellows needed immediate transfer to a decompression chamber. Unfortunately, there was only one chamber in the region and it was designed for merely two people at a time. Out of sheer desperation, four men entered simultaneously in an attempt to save their lives. Tragically, this last-ditch effort did not go as planned. Three individuals perished as a result of their superior’s hasty decision. Those who survived the terrifying ordeal would be left with life-altering disabilities.

Following this harrowing catastrophe, KGB agents ceased further attempts of USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) acquisition. For decades the horrifying events which transpired remained hidden by high-ranking authorities. Vladimir Azhazha, former Soviet Naval officer and esteemed ufologist, declared Russian government executives recently released declassified files. In these documents, the Baikal aquanauts are described in great detail. Unsurprisingly, Navy commanders had been extensively monitoring numerous underwater vehicles navigating the lake. Such technological capabilities greatly intrigued them; if engineers could replicate the vessels’ inconceivable speeds, unprecedented militaristic advantages would be gained.

Throughout the eras, Baikal has been no stranger to mysterious UFO activities. During the late 1950s a TU-104 jet crashed into the lake after it was pursued by an unknown metallic vehicle. The frantic pilot radioed a distraught message to air traffic controllers informing them of this alleged attack. According to informants, all staff on duty at the time were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. Numerous community fisherman attested to viewing the frightening areal attack. Anglers described how a silver flying saucer chased a plane until it plummeted into the water and disappeared from their sight. Despite considerable testimonies, no conclusive evidence or official records of this event have ever surfaced.

In April of 2009 the enigmatic Siberian sector made global headlines yet again. Astronauts aboard an international space station photographed two circular convection breaks, thought to be produced by enormous aquatic crafts. One was located near the lake’s center while the other was positioned towards Baikal’s southern end. Both appeared to be created by something ascending beneath the thick ice-laden outer layer. The pair of disk-shaped cracks were perfectly symmetrical and astonishingly measure three miles in diameter. These immense fractures were so precise making them impossible to manufacture or replicate. Certain researchers believe the NASA-produced images are evidence of spaceships emerging from the dark waters below. 


From Whence Came Humanity's Ancient Helpers?

I know someone that works for NOAA. The disclosure rumors are 100% true, and the species in question is aquatic. I don't expect anyone to believe me, and that's fine. I know a lot of bs gets posted here for shits and giggles. I'm just sharing a story from a few weeks ago, that I feel is relevant due to all the disclosure talk.

I have a college friend that landed a job working for NOAA in a pretty high capacity. I won't say more than that to protect their privacy. Around the holidays, me and said friend were catching up, and they shifted the topic to aliens. This friend is very level-headed, and we usually don't talk about stuff like that. It's mostly family talk, and work.

They asked if I believed in aliens, to which I replied that "I'd like to, but we simply don't have enough evidence." Their expression perked up, and they said "I'm going to tell you something, and I want you to take me absolutely serious."

Ok, where is this going I thought. They never seemed so intense in a conversation before, so I braced for some kind of huge personal reveal or something... But they started talking about the Russian submarine incident that happened not too long ago, where supposedly a fire broke out onboard a Nuclear-powered Russian sub, and killed everyone onboard.

They said that was a cover story that Putin came up with for what really happened. The sub was apparently investigating an underwater base that is controlled by non-human entities. They got too close, and the sub was destroyed by these beings. My friend went on to detail how most world governments are aware of their presence, yet keep it undisclosed because of the ramifications to society it may have. Also, because we can't do anything to stop, or forcefully reveal them.

They told me that NOAA has had thousands of "incidents of contact" with these underwater beings, and that it's fairly common knowledge amongst certain departments and roles in the organization. They said they have witnessed video, audio, and physical evidence of these beings residing under our oceans, but it is kept under tight wraps by senior officials, and whatever government sector controls NOAA.

The friend said that the recent disclosure buzz is legit, and had been carefully planned. They said they don't know exactly what details will be provided to the public, but that in general, it will be made known that there are other beings occupying our planet, and that they are not from another planet, but have been here, long before us.

They also said these beings actively keep us out of certain parts of the oceans. Apparently, their technology is advanced beyond anything we could come up with to withstand/negate the insurmountable pressures at extreme ocean depths. They are able to freely enter/exit the water in their craft, without displacing or disturbing it physically. They've been captured innumerable times on SONAR, traveling at speeds underwater that are impossible as far as human technology, or marine biology is concerned.

They also mentioned a place called Lake Vostok, and said a very large base was discovered there under the ice, and that Russians have control over the operation there.

My friend also detailed that they have been witnessed outside of any craft, swimming in the ocean freely, by submersible, divers, and cameras at the bottom of oil rig platforms. They are humanoid, and resemble what most people would call the typical "gray alien". Oversized head/large dark eyes, no visible ears, small mouths. It's not known how they breathe, and move underwater.

That's pretty much most of what I was told. They didn't give a date, they just said it will definitely be this year according to what they have been hearing. Apparently this is going to be a worldwide disclosure, not a US specific thing.

If The Navy Heard Oceangate Implode, You KNOW They Hear Nommos!!!

wikipedia |  The Nommo or Nummo are primordial ancestral spirits in Dogon religion and cosmogony (sometimes referred to as demi deities) venerated by the Dogon people of Mali.[1] The word Nommos is derived from a Dogon word meaning "to make one drink." Nommos are usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. Folk art depictions of Nommos show creatures with humanoid upper torsos, legs/feet, and a fish-like lower torso and tail. Nommos are also referred to as "Masters of the Water", "the Monitors", and "the Teachers". Nommo can be a proper name of an individual or can refer to the group of spirits as a whole. For purposes of this article, "Nommo" refers to a specific individual and "Nommos" is used to reference the group of beings.[2]

Dogon religion and creation mythology [fr] says that Nommo was the first living creature created by the sky god Amma. Shortly after his creation, Nommo underwent a transformation and multiplied into four pairs of twins. One of the twins rebelled against the universal order created by Amma. To restore order to his creation, Amma sacrificed another of the Nommo progeny, whose body was dismembered and scattered throughout the universe.[3] This dispersal of body parts is seen by the Dogon as the source for the proliferation of Binu shrines throughout the Dogons' traditional territory; wherever a body part fell, a shrine was erected.

In the latter part of the 1940s, French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen (who had been working with the Dogon since 1931) wrote that they were the recipients of additional, secret mythologies, concerning the Nommo. The Dogon reportedly related to Griaule and Dieterlen a belief that the Nommos were inhabitants of a world circling the star Sirius (see the main article on the Dogon for a discussion of their astronomical knowledge). The Nommos descended from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder. After arriving, the Nommos created a reservoir of water and subsequently dived into the water. The Dogon legends state that the Nommos required a watery environment in which to live. According to the myth related to Griaule and Dieterlen: "The Nommo divided his body among men to feed them; that is why it is also said that as the universe "had drunk of his body," the Nommo also made men drink. He gave all his life principles to human beings." The Nommo are also thought to be the origin of the first Hogon.[4][5]

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