Thursday, December 25, 2014

rule of law: can't get a job, can't vote, merry christmas baby....,

libertariannews |  If you’ve ever wondered about this question, then this 2010 study is for you!

About 25% of the total US adult black population has a felony, while 6.5% of adult non-blacks have a felony conviction. About 8.6% of the adult population has a felony conviction.

Florida is a particularly egregious police state.  35% of adult blacks in Florida have felony conviction, 14% of the total adult population in Florida have a felony conviction.

About 20 million people have a felony conviction in Amerika.  That works out to about 1 in 12 adult Americans.

Note, those numbers are for 2010.  Looking at the growth rate trajectory, we are probably up to around 24 million people today in 2014 with a felony conviction. This means we are probably pushing 10% of the adult population today.

One other thing to consider is that a large number of would-be felonies are plead down to misdemeanors, so the actual total number of people who were caught committing a felonious act is undoubtedly much higher than these numbers portray.

If no criminals took a plea deal, and all felonies were prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, the entire US criminal justice system would implode within a year.  Over 95% of federal cases never go to trial.


rohan said...

Merry Christmas to you and family brah. Thanks for staying 100% on this topic - pretty much since it jumped off in August. I've pointed plenty of folks this way to look, think, and talk about how problematic the "rule of law" is for a people who've been excluded from making and enforcing the laws, and how this wratchet system not only survives - but has continued to thrive and to grow as "patriots" get closer and closer to losing their majority rule status.

The analogy I like to use is this. "Patriots" are the immune system of the majority body politic. Instead of treating us as part of the body politic, America has treated us like a foreign body. While the main part of the body is reconciled to symbiosis, an over-reactive immune system hasn't gotten the message and fallen into line quite yet. It'll all work itself out in the end, but a lot more individual loss and tragedy is in store as individual cells programmed to fight do what they've been programmed to do while the overall system corrects itself on its way to becoming whole.

John Kurman said...

The Pilgrims did not celebrate Christmas as it was a pagan holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy Sun Return. To everyone. Yes, everyone.

CNu said...

Gentlemen, thank you each for holiday well-wishes and Merry Christmas and Happy Sun Return to you both!

Vic78 said...

Merry Christmas to everyone that posts here and the lurkers.

Tom said...

Merry Xmas everybody!

Dale Asberry said...

Happy Krampus to all u bastids out there

Ed Dunn said...

if elections are bought with money and policies are mandated by think-tanks, who gives a damn about the right to vote? Seems like the ex-cons may want to realize they are not missing much and there are actually real ways to affect public policy.

CNu said...

lol, cept'n of course for them DOJ and NSA lurkers...., (the former is here more often than I am)

rohan said...

Supremacy is folks having to publicly express remorse of "overseer" killings while "overseer" Wilson states "no regrets" in the execution of Michael Brown.

CNu said...

Patrick Lynch already told y'all that's stupid shit.
Lynch's remarks were made at a union delegate meeting in Queens; it's
not clear if he knew he was being recorded. The comments come in the
context of a dispute with New York mayor Bill DeBlasio
over DeBlasio's alleged lack of support for police officers in the wake
of a grand jury's decision not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo for
the chokehold killing of Staten Island resident Eric Garner. (Pantaleo
has allegedly said he did not choke Garner, though he appears to in
video of the incident.) "He is not running the city of New York," Lynch
says of DeBlasio on the recording. "He thinks he’s running a fucking

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