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Project Stargate Held That The Universe Is A Projection Of A Lower Dimensional Reality

nature  |  At the time, reversible computing was widely considered impossible. A conventional digital computer is assembled from an array of logic gates — ANDs, ORs, XORs and so on — in which, generally, two inputs become one output. The input information is erased, producing heat, and the process cannot be reversed. With Margolus and a young Italian electrical engineer, Tommaso Toffoli, Fredkin showed that certain gates with three inputs and three outputs — what became known as Fredkin and Toffoli gates — could be arranged such that all the intermediate steps of any possible computation could be preserved, allowing the process to be reversed on completion. As they set out in a seminal 1982 paper, a computer built with those gates might, theoretically at least, produce no waste heat and thus consume no energy1.

This seemed initially no more than a curiosity. Fredkin felt that the concept might help in the development of more efficient computers with less wasted heat, but there was no practical way to realize the idea fully using classical computers. In 1981, however, history took a new turn, when Fredkin and Toffoli organized the Physics of Computation Symposium at MIT. Feynman was among the luminaries present. In a now famous contribution, he suggested that, rather than trying to simulate quantum phenomena with conventional digital computers, some physical systems that exhibit quantum behaviour might be better tools.

This talk is widely seen as ushering in the age of quantum computers, which harness the full power of quantum mechanics to solve certain problems — such as the quantum-simulation problem that Feynman was addressing — much faster than any classical computer can. Four decades on, small quantum computers are now in development. The electronics, lasers and cooling systems needed to make them work consume a lot of power, but the quantum logical operations themselves are pretty much lossless.

Digital physics

Reversible computation “was an essential precondition really, for being able to conceive of quantum computers”, says Seth Lloyd, a mechanical engineer at MIT who in 1993 developed what is considered the first realizable concept for a quantum computer2. Although the IBM physicist Charles Bennett had also produced models of a reversible computation, Lloyd adds, it was the zero-dissipation versions described by Fredkin, Toffoli and Margolus that ended up becoming the models on which quantum computation were built.

For the cosmos to have been produced by a system of data bits at the tiny Planck scale — a scale at which present theories of physics are expected to break down — space and time must be made up of discrete, quantized entities. The effect of such a granular space-time might show up in tiny differences, for example, in how long it takes light of various frequencies to propagate across billions of light years. Really pinning down the idea, however, would probably require a quantum theory of gravity that establishes the relationship between the effects of Einstein’s general theory of relativity at the macro scale and quantum effects on the micro scale. This has so far eluded theorists. Here, the digital universe might just help itself out. Favoured routes towards quantum theories of gravitation are gradually starting to look more computational in nature, says Lloyd — for example the holographic principle introduced by ‘t Hooft, which holds that our world is a projection of a lower-dimensional reality. “It seems hopeful that these quantum digital universe ideas might be able to shed some light on some of these mysteries,” says Lloyd.

That would be just the latest twist in an unconventional story. Fredkin himself thought that his lack of a typical education in physics was, in part, what enabled him to arrive at his distinctive views on the subject. Lloyd tends to agree. “I think if he had had a more conventional education, if he’d come up through the ranks and had taken the standard physics courses and so on, maybe he would have done less interesting work.”


The Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

springer  |  This book presents the deterministic view of quantum mechanics developed by Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft.

Dissatisfied with the uncomfortable gaps in the way conventional quantum mechanics meshes with the classical world, 't Hooft has revived the old hidden variable ideas, but now in a much more systematic way than usual. In this, quantum mechanics is viewed as a tool rather than a theory.

The author gives examples of models that are classical in essence, but can be analysed by the use of quantum techniques, and argues that even the Standard Model, together with gravitational interactions, might be viewed as a quantum mechanical approach to analysing a system that could be classical at its core. He shows how this approach, even though it is based on hidden variables, can be plausibly reconciled with Bell's theorem, and how the usual objections voiced against the idea of ‘superdeterminism' can be overcome, at least in principle.

This framework elegantly explains - and automatically cures - the problems of the wave function collapse and the measurement problem. Even the existence of an “arrow of time" can perhaps be explained in a more elegant way than usual. As well as reviewing the author’s earlier work in the field, the book also contains many new observations and calculations. It provides stimulating reading for all physicists working on the foundations of quantum theory.

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The "Joe Biden Show" Is The Worst Scandal In American Political History

kunstler  |  Beach boy “Joe Biden” will be well-rested when the plan for his impeachment rolls out after Labor Day. Just because you’re not hearing any news about it now, with the county fairs on all over the USA, and the pols busy scarfing corn-dogs and kissing heifers, doesn’t mean that the key players aren’t confabbing among themselves. Hey, have you noticed, you’re hardly hearing about anything else these dwindling days of summer, either? Got any idea what’s up with that war in Ukraine? Of course you don’t.

    A preview for you then: Rep James Comer’s House Oversight Committee has already assembled a bundle of evidence tracking the exact ways and means of how the Biden family’s global bribery operation worked. That includes the bank records, the emails and deal memos, the chronology of meetings, the FBI documents, the phone recordings, the photos of “JB” schmoozing with Hunter’s “clients,” and the famous video of “Joe Biden” bragging onstage at the Council on Foreign Relations about how he strong-armed Ukraine President Poroshenko into firing General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

   Next, Speaker McCarthy has to form an actual impeachment inquiry committee. (If he tries to demur, there could be a new Speaker of the House in short order.) That committee will entertain witnesses, including figures in Justice Department who have been reluctant to discuss these matters previously. This might entail a Part B of the inquiry: the blatant obstructions of justice by DOJ officials in the long-running case on various charges against Hunter Biden, as supervised by federal attorney in Delaware, now Special Counsel, David Weiss. Mr. Weiss dawdled so strenuously for five years that he let the statute of limitations run out on the major tax evasion charges, while he ignored all the allegations of Hunter’s FARA violations in seeking money from officials of many foreign governments.

     There’s reason to believe that botching that case was well-coordinated with help from the Biden family DOJ “mole,” one Alexander S. Mackler, who had served as Senator Joe Biden’s press secretary in 2007-08, was campaign manager in 2010 for the Senator’s son, Beau Biden (deceased 2015), when he ran for Delaware Attorney General, and from 2014-16 was Deputy Counsel to Veep Joe Biden. Mr. Mackler was later inserted into the Delaware US attorney’s office as a prosecutor under David Weiss, from August 2016 to May 2019, while Hunter B’s case was under investigation. Did he function as the Bidens’ consigliere? Mr. Mackler was logged-in as a White House visitor five times after “Joe Biden” came to occupy it in 2021. Mr. Mackler is alleged to be currently serving as Chief Deputy Attorney General of Delaware (since 2019), but his name has been scrubbed by the agency’s website. See for yourself:

      Perhaps all this will be reserved for the separate impeachments of Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Wray. Bribery, racketeering, and treason may be enough for a presidential impeachment. Would the gravity of an impeachment proceeding override witnesses’ refusal to testify on the grounds of “an ongoing investigation?” How could it not, if those investigations are themselves a subject of the inquiry? Would the mainstream news media ignore the spectacle to suppress it? They can try, and then maybe we’ll get a test of how irrelevant they’ve become. The House will surely televise the proceedings. There are too many other alt.channels that will broadcast impeachment hearings, probably led by X (formerly Twitter).

    All of which raises the question: will “Joe Biden” really endure this ordeal? Or will the next thirty days be his window for exiting the scene? He is, after all, a mere prop in a show directed by others. Those others would include Barack Obama, who could easily be dragged into an inquiry about the Biden family’s criminal adventures in global money-grubbbing when Joe was Veep. How is it possible that President Obama didn’t know what the Bidens were up to? (The Intel Community can’t be that incompetent.) You see how ugly this thing could get?

Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware...,

newsweek  |   According to a conservative nonprofit, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) acknowledged being in possession of nearly 5,400 emails, electronic records, and other documents that would potentially show that Joe Biden used pseudonyms while emailing his son Hunter during his time as vice president.

The claim came after a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Atlanta-based legal advocacy group the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) in June 2022, the nonprofit organization said on Monday.

On the same day, SLF filed a federal lawsuit against NARA to obtain the thousands of emails in NARA's possession.

The emails, allegedly sent by the then-vice president using the three different pseudonyms, have recently come under scrutiny as the House Republican investigation continues over Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings.

Joe Biden has consistently rejected accusations of influence peddling, denying any wrongdoing and saying there was "an absolute wall" between the business dealings of his family and his role as vice president. Republicans have so far failed to produce any damning evidence tying the president to any wrongdoing.

SLF is a Georgia-based legal advocacy group "dedicated to defending liberty and Rebuilding the American Republic," according to its own mission statement. Founded in 1976, the nonprofit declares to act to protect freedom of speech and property rights, as well as combating government overreach.

In a press release accompanying the announcement of its federal lawsuit against NARA, the group wrote that it had initially requested "these now highly sought after emails" from NARA on June 9, 2022, through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. But it added that "unfortunately, after identifying nearly 5,400 potentially responsive records, NARA has dragged its feet and still has not produced a single email."

The conservative law firm is now asking the court to order NARA to release all nearly 5,400 emails and documents, which SLF claims might show that Joe Biden forwarded government information and discussed government business with his son.

According to the lawsuit, NARA's director of archival operations division Stephannie Oriabure told them on June 24, 2022: "We have performed a search of our collection for Vice Presidential records related to your [June 9, 2022] request and have identified approximately 5,138 email messages, 25 electronic files and 200 pages of potentially responsive records that must be processed in order to respond to your request."

What Pseudonyms Did Biden Use?

In a report from The New York Post in July 2021, the newspaper confirmed that then-vice president Biden used three pseudonyms for private email addresses during his time in office: Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware.

Newsweek attempted to reach out to the email address cited in that report——but received a bounce back early on Tuesday.

Could The Emails Be Released?

A NARA case record containing four emails featuring Joe Biden's alleged pseudonyms was first made public by the archive in June. It contained two emails that were withheld and two others that had redactions.

Two of those emails were sent from then-Biden aide John Flynn to the then-vice president on May 27, 2016, and June 15, 2016. Hunter Biden was a CC'd recipient of those two emails.

Earlier this month, the GOP-led House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer demanded NARA release the unredacted copies of these emails, as well as other documents.

"Joe Biden has stated there was 'an absolute wall' between his family's foreign business schemes and his duties as Vice President, but evidence reveals that access was wide open for his family's influence peddling," Comer said in a statement on August 17.



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The State Goes To Great Lengths To Protect Itself - You Taxpaying MF'ers Are On Your Own

mises  |  In all the media and regime frenzy over the Janaury 6 riots and the Pentagon Leaker in recent months, it is interesting to examine the contrast between how the regime treats "crimes" against its own interests, and real crime committed against ordinary private citizens. 

Witness, for example, how the Biden administration and corporate media have treated the January 6 riot as if it were some kind of military coup, demanding that draconian sentences be handed down even to small-time vandals and trespassers. Regime paranoia has led the Justice Department to ask for a 30-year sentence for Enrique Tarrio, a man who was convicted of the non-crime of "seditious conspiracy" even though he wasn't even in Washington on January 6. In recent months, Jacob Chansley, the "QAnon Shaman," received a sentence of three-and-a-half years, even though prosecutors admit he did nothing violent. Riley Williams was given three years for simply trespassing in Nancy Pelosi's office. Members of the Capitol Police force have been lionized in the media as great protectors of "sacred" government buildings, and any threat to the property or persons of Washington politicians has been equated with an assault on "democracy." 

Yet, had these supposed insurrectionists inflicted these same actions against an ordinary private individual, there's a good chance the perpetrators would not even be arrested, let alone given years of prison time. Consider, for example, the mobs that ransack private businesses in American cities, stealing tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise while police and prosecutors consider it all to be low priority.  Violent crime and property crime surge in many areas of the United States, with violent crime rising 30 percent in New York City in 2022. Unsolved murders in the US are at a record high. Meanwhile, progressives and social democrats are looking for ways to reduce criminal penalties against violent criminals. Police departments often devote only tiny portions of their budgets to homicide investigations, and if your property is stolen, odds are good you can forget about ever seeing it again. 

The situation is quite different when it comes to protecting the state, its agents, and its property from any threat. During urban riots, such as those which occurred in Ferguson, Missouri and Minneapolis, Minnesota, the police went to great lengths to protect themselves and government property. If you were just a private shopkeeper or ordinary citizen, however, you were on your own. At the Uvalde School shooting in 2022, hundreds of law enforcement officers from all levels of government chose to protect themselves rather than the children who were being murdered inside. When Uvalde parents demanded the police act, the police attacked the parents. 

We find similar phenomena at the federal level. There are, of course, special federal laws against violence perpetrated against federal employees. Ordinary taxpayers receive no such consideration. Note how federal agencies move to arm themselves to the teeth while also seeking to disarm the private-sector. Federal agents will spare no expense finding someone who put his feet up on Nancy Pelosi's desk, but it's another matter entirely when we're talking about serious violent crime against regular people.  Federal agents, of course, allowed 9/11 to occur right under their noses, they refused to investigate known rapist Larry Nasser, and shrugged off reports about the man who would end up slaughtering children at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Contrast this with how long the federal government has been conniving to get revenge on Julian Assange for merely telling the truth about US war crimes.  

Naturally, law enforcement officers rarely face any sanctions for their failures to bother themselves with private property, life, or limb. The federal courts have made it clear that law enforcement officers are not obligated to actually protect the public. In other words, the taxpayers must always pay taxes to hold up their end of the imagined "social contract" or face fines and imprisonment. But the other side of that "contract," the state, has no legal obligation to make good on its end. This, of course, is not how real contracts work.

What If Qualified Immunity Isn’t Real?

TNR  | The provision comes from Civil Rights Act of 1871, also known as the Enforcement Act and the Ku Klux Klan Act. Radical Republicans in Congress and President Ulysses S. Grant pushed it through at the height of Reconstruction to strengthen protections for recently freed Black Americans living in the South. Section 1983 is most often associated with lawsuits over policing tactics and prison conditions since those interactions are far more likely to involve a person’s constitutional rights than, say, getting your driver’s license renewed at the DMV. But it can apply to all sorts of state and local officials, making it a valuable tool for Americans to vindicate their rights in court.

In response to Rogers’s lawsuit, the prison officials disputed the facts of the case and also invoked qualified immunity for their actions. As its name suggests, qualified immunity is a partial shield for state and local officials against Section 1983 claims. It falls short of the absolute immunity enjoyed by judges, prosecutors, and lawmakers for their official duties. But it can still be a potent barrier against lawsuits. An investigation by Reuters in 2020 found that courts were increasingly likely to use it to defeat excessive force claims against police officers.

Under the Supreme Court’s precedents, qualified immunity kicks in when a state or local official’s conduct does not violate “clearly established law” at the time of the violation. A federal district court ruled in favor of the prison officials in Rogers’s case and held that their conduct did not meet that threshold. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that decision in a March ruling.

“What happened to Rogers was unfortunate,” the panel concluded. “Maybe it was negligent. But was it the product of deliberate indifference? Not on this record. And even if it were, these officials did not violate clearly established law on these facts.”

But one of the Fifth Circuit panel’s three members, Judge Don Willett, wrote a separate concurring opinion. He explained that he agreed with his colleagues as a matter of precedent. He then took aim more broadly at qualified immunity, pointing to recent scholarship that cast serious doubt on its lawfulness and its historical basis.

“For more than half a century, the Supreme Court has claimed that (1) certain common-law immunities existed when Section 1983 was enacted in 1871, and (2) ‘no evidence’ suggests that Congress meant to abrogate these immunities rather than incorporate them,” Willett wrote. “But what if there were such evidence?”

That evidence, he wrote, can be found in a February article published in California Law Review by Alexander Reinart, a law professor at Yeshiva University in New York. Reinart, as Willett explained, noted that the Supreme Court had consistently read Section 1983 in the U.S. Code to not exclude so-called “common-law immunities,” which it then revived in the form of qualified immunity. But that reading was flatly contradicted by the text of Section 1983 itself when enacted in 1871.

“In between the words ‘shall’ and ‘be liable,’ the statute contained the following clause: ‘any such law, statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage of the State to the contrary notwithstanding,’” Reinart explained. “And it is a fair inference that this clause meant to encompass state common law principles.”

How had the courts missed this part of the text over the last 150 years? It was not removed by Congress itself in subsequent legislation. The answer lies in a scrivener’s error. The United States Code is, technically speaking, not actually the law: It is merely a compilation of the laws enacted by Congress that is presented in a more readable and usable format. When it was first compiled almost a century ago, Reinart noted, it drew upon an earlier official attempt at codification known as the Revised Statutes of the United States, which were published in 1874.

The Revised Statute’s first edition was somewhat notorious for its errors, which prompted repeated updates and eventually a wholesale replacement. “Although the Revised Statutes were supplemented and corrected over time until the first United States Code was published in 1926, the Reviser’s error in omitting the Notwithstanding Clause from the reported version of the Civil Rights Act of 1871 was never corrected,” Reinhart noted.

This is the civil rights lawyer’s equivalent of double-checking the stone tablets that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai and finding that one actually says, “Thou shalt commit adultery.” Reinart’s discovery—and he does appear to be the first person to discover this—was a sensational find when his paper was published earlier this spring, even garnering coverage in The New York Times. The missing text upends the origin story for qualified immunity as a doctrine and indicates that it may be fundamentally flawed.

“These are game-changing arguments, particularly in this text-centric judicial era when jurists profess unswerving fidelity to the words Congress chose,” Willett wrote in his concurring opinion. “Professor Reinert’s scholarship supercharges the critique that modern immunity jurisprudence is not just atextual but countertextual. That is, the doctrine does not merely complement the text—it brazenly contradicts it.”

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Ignore The Remote Viewing And Psychic Stuff - It's Always Just A Diversion

reddit  |  Okay that’s a lot to digest. Hopefully you looked over the attendees and their backgrounds. The next thing I want to do before digging into the content for analysis is propose a few assumptions. You’ll notice the backgrounds of everyone known are either related to science, intelligence and/or some kind of psychic stuff such as remote viewing. What I want to do now is propose we ignore the psychic stuff and the remote viewing stuff. Just filter it out.

Why? I have a theory that the remote viewing stuff is used as cover for intelligence operations. This isn’t meant to be a debunking or dismissal of psychic research or claims. It makes logical sense that remote viewing would act as perfect cover for intelligence sharing to protect methods and sources. It’s also great obfuscation because it sounds absurd and can’t be adequately explained. For example, a Soviet plane crashes and we want to retrieve it before the Soviets, but we don’t want them to figure out who our man is on the inside with the intel. Well we make it look like we got the information from one of our psychic spies. This scenario actually happened as disclosed by Jimmy Carter. But how do the psychics get the information you ask? The answer is a combination of subliminal messaging, suggestion and techniques similar to neurolinguistic programming (NLP.) A very good example of this kind of illusion can be demonstrated by the illusionist Darren Brown.

Again, this isn’t a debunking of remote viewing. The idea is that even if there is something to it, it’s great cover. Maybe the results above statistical base line was a few percentage points without this “leaking” but they reached 60% by intentional leaking. In this scenario the remote viewers likely would have no idea they are part of the leak. As long as Puthoff protects his sources he has effectively created a human cryptography system. If you consider Puthoff was former NSA and many of the other people involved in the program were part of intelligence networks associated with espionage, this is a very rational explanation. If you think remote viewing is all bullshit then you certainly should consider this theory as a likely explanation for the program which existed for decades and spent considerable resources. It makes more sense than fraud/incompetence.

When we apply this theory as a filter and re-examine the list of attendees we can slash out all the psychic and remote viewing stuff and we are left with purely scientific backgrounds or intelligence backgrounds specifically associated with espionage and psyops. INSCOM being a particularly interesting one.

This filter we can now create can also be used in the opposing way, where we ignore the science and only look at the people associated with the psychic stuff in order to identify the evolution of the mythology. For example, the mythology of an off world craft and ET can be traced back from the Wilson memo to the MJ-12 documents and then back further to the Roswell mythology and then further to the Philadelphia experiment mythology, which interestingly paints a very long running psyop program in which Morris K. Jessup may have been “Paul Bennewitz’ed” (driven to madness and suicide by bad actors) for publishing a book called The Case for the UFO in 1955 in the middle of Project Blue Book when the Air Force was trying to convince the public UFO’s were not real.

Sorry if this turned into a tangent, but I do believe that it’s important to acknowledge that the existence of psyops such as this have been proven to be real and not just a conspiracy theory and that they are a serious problem. Psyops on the public not only leads to ruining personal lives of individuals caught in the cross hairs, but it also drives rampant conspiracy theory in the public and distrust in our government and institutions. It undermines society as a whole and causes widespread mental illness. I once heard someone say, “Either UFO’s are real or we have a serious mental health crisis in our country” and I’d argue it’s a case of both. UFO’s are real and we also have a serious mental health crisis because of all the gaslighting.

Another thing to consider is that this doesn’t happen in a vacuum and that the UFO topic can also be used as cover for intelligence operations the same way remote viewing is. This means it intersects with counterintelligence measures and infiltration attempts by foreign adversaries as well. So not all odd things in ufology are necessarily the US government although this statement is not meant to absolve responsibility. This actually makes a strong case for why it’s in the best interest for the US government to be more transparent on the UFO/UAP topic as it’s become a driving force in undermining the very institutions and public it’s supposed to be protecting.

Another thing to consider when analyzing this meeting is that because of the people involved and the context of the situation, we can’t rule out that the meeting itself is cover for some intel operation. We don’t know what was discussed in that meeting exactly based off of these notes. Period.

How Pharis Williams Put Beans On The Table


Office: (505) 835-5774

High School (1959) Southwest R5, Washburn, Mo
BSEE (1968) University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
MS, Physics (1976) Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

Active DOE Q Clearance, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Active DoD Clearance, New Mexico Tech

Listed in Marque's Who's Who in the West, 1980.
Listed in The Directory of Distinguished Americans, 1983.
Listed in the 20th edition of the Dictionary of International Biography.
Listed in Men of Achievement, 1986.
Listed in Platinum Edition of the Who's Who Worldwide Registry.

1959 - 1964 Electrician's Mate on various Navy ships as E-1 through E-6 Serviceman
1964 - 1968 Student, U. of Colorado, Boulder, Co., advanced to Chief Electrician's Mate
1968 - 1972 Naval officer on various Navy ships and staffs, with ranks of Ensign through Lieutenant
1972 - 1974 Curriculum Officer for Surface Weapons, Nuclear Weapons Training Center, Pacific
1974 - 1976 Student, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
1976 - 1978 Instructor, U.S. Naval Academy, advanced to Lieutenant Commander
1978 - 1983 Naval Research Associate, Sr. Navy Representative, DoD Program Manager, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM
1983 - 1985 President, Williams Research Corporation
1985 - 1992 Assistant Director, Center for Explosives Technology Research;
Associate Director, Research Center for Energetic Materials;
Group Leader of Explosive Devices Research, CETR
1992-1997 Associate Director, Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center
Associate Director, Research Center for Energetic Materials
1997-1998 Director, Counter Terrorist Explosives Center/Counter Proliferation
1998-present Program Manager of the TedibeAr program

USS Brooke DEG-1, U.S. Navy (1969-70)
Redesigned gas baffles for the Navy's pressure fired steam generators to eliminate the tube breakage problem experienced by new boiler designs.
Nuclear Training Group, Pacific, U.S. Navy (1972-74)
Conducted theoretical investigations into nuclear weapons design pointing out a needed design change for increased safety and guided experimental and numerical calculation efforts which supported these theoretical findings.
Naval Postgraduate School (1974-76)
Determined the fundamental basis and conducted the initial development of a new physical theory called the Dynamic Theory.
U.S. Naval Academy (1976-78)
Taught thermodynamics and shipboard engineering courses to junior and senior level midshipmen. Continued developing the Dynamic Theory, expanding it to include the five dimensions and initiating the five-dimensional quantization.
Los Alamos National Laboratory (1978-83)
Conducted, and supervised the conduction of, shockwave experiments using explosives and powder driven shock guns. Used state-of-the-art VISAR, and digital recording, instrumentation to investigate the shock wave emerging from materials. Developed a subminiature piezoelectric quartz gauge and a low cost differential timer with an accuracy of �25 ps and other instrumentation equipment and methods. Continued the theoretical development, showing that all current physical theories except the General Theory of Relativity were subsets of the Dynamic Theory. Conceived and obtained funds for initial tests of a novel, classified Electron Directed Energy warhead which used the energy contained in explosives to generate and accelerate electrons. Assisted in the management of DoD programs.
Williams Research Corporation (1983-85)
Marketed a capability to conduct theoretical research, conducted and oversaw such research. Conducted a theoretical design of a novel communication antenna system for a major U.S. DoD contractor. Conceived and proposed a concept for a non-nuclear, Neutron Directed Energy Warhead in response to the "Star Wars" speech. Showed that the Dynamic Theory predicted the advance of the perihelion of planetary orbits as well as the General Theory of Relativity. Conducted contract research for various intelligence agencies.
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (1985-92)
Assisted in the development of the Center for Explosives Technology Research (CETR) at New Mexico Tech. Supervised the construction, equipping, and operation of its Eagle Field Laboratory where large explosive charges may be fired while high-speed optical and electronic instrumentation record the desired data. Designed the Torres' Small Scale Safety Testing and Explosives Processing laboratory. Responding to a request to create a power supply for a one-shot x-ray that will be used at remote locations, invented and developed the concept of a propellant driven, magnetic flux compression generator. As Assistant Director for CETR, assisted the Director in managing the day to day operation of CETR and assumed the Director's responsibilities during his many absences on travel or vacation. As Explosives Devices Group Leader, supervised and actively participated in the research and testing of explosives and explosives devices, and supervised scientists and technical personnel. As Associate Director for RCEM, assumed the duties of the Director during his absences, served on the membership recruitment and retention committee and submitted research proposals to work with member companies on specific problems.
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (1992-1997)
Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC); Associate Director for Research and Development, Executive Officer for Marketing; Associate Director for the Research Center for Energetic Materials (RCEM). Provided management, direction, and leadership for the center's research and development activities, specifically assuming the increased responsibilities of supervising three groups in the areas of explosives chemistry, theoretical and computational physics, and the advanced development of applications of explosives. Marketed EMRTC's R&D; capabilities and coordinates the full EMRTC marketing effort. Duties for RCEM are essentially the same as those listed above. In addition to these executive duties, responsibilities included acting as Principle Investigator for a multiple year contract for the Defense Nuclear Agency guiding the technical effort studying the potential of the Minuteman III propellant to undergo a Deflagration-to-Detonation transition. Continued developing the detonation modeling of non-ideal explosives and the multiple -reaction rate modeling needed for these materials.
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (1997-1998)
Director, Counter Terrorist Explosives Center/Counter Proliferation. Provided the proposal, sponsor follow-up, technical basis, and program structure needed to establish the Counter Terrorist Explosive Center (CTEC). Provide the management, direction, and leadership for the CTEC. Conducted the marketing, sponsor contact and follow-up on various Counter Proliferation programs. One program has initial funding in the Senate FY 98 authorization bill for a $5 million - 18 month program. Another program, which is a $63 million - 5 year effort, has been penciled into the FY 99 budget. Hosted an International Workshop on Non-Ideal Explosives.
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (1998-2001)
Program Manager of the TedibeAr Program. Provided the program management and technical guidance of this basic technology development program intended to investigate the ability of this technology to provide an innovative way of countering weapons of mass destruction. The development team includes Texas A&M; University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Cornell University, and Applied Pulsed Power, Inc. Conducted research in experimentally determining the time dependence in the energy release of non-ideal explosives. Conducted theoretical research resulting in showing that the Quantum Principle put forward by Weyl in 1929 requires a generalization of the Yang-Mills fields for the interaction of two particles, a generalization of the Su(3) group for the description of three particle systems, and a quantum gravity which has Einstein�s General Theory of Relativity as a subset.
Williams Research Corporation (2001-present)
Providing analysis and consulting on explosives and their effects. Conducting theoretical investigations and new applications for weapons and communications.

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Download Resume in Rich Text Format.


Sunday, August 27, 2023

Cracks Me Up With "Physics Not My Day Job - I Worked Too Hard Putting Beans On The Table"  |  The proposed Dynamic Theory adopts generalizations of the three classical thermodynamic laws and is shown to produce a unique unifying effect by displaying that the fundamental principles of Newtonian and relativistic mechanics, Einsteins General Theory, Maxwells electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and quantum effects occur as special cases. This not only reduces the number of fundamental assumptions but presents a new view of the interrelationship of the different branches of physics. The basic overview is that he claims mass density is a fifth dimension and that he uses the laws of thermodynamics to derive the equations of different branches of physics such as relativity and quantum mechanics.

Williams is discussing why he believes his approach of deriving the equations of the branches of physics from the same set of assumptions makes more sense than trying to stitch together the equations from different branches as almost everyone else attempts to do. In my opinion, he is absolutely correct. Of course it’s always possible he may simply have found a clever mathematical trick. This is why it’s important to look into new predictions made by this theory and to test them. This theory does in fact make some new predictions that are testable.

Some of the predictions and implications from this theory may be controversial, but I implore you to take it very seriously. Williams was an applauded physicist by his peers and of high credentials. Some of his peers were proponents of his theory as well. He was literally in charge of nuclear safety for the United States stockpile of nuclear weapons. He was considered knowledgable enough to be entrusted with overseeing the safety of our nuclear weapons, so I hope you would consider his theory worthy of review. There’s hardly a more serious and difficult responsibility I can think of having. Williams was allowed to spend half of his time working on his theory at LANL, so when he wasn’t overseeing the nuclear weapons and studying explosive shock physics he was working on his 5 dimensional theory.



When the spin axes of two deuterium nuclei are aligned we may calculate the fusion barrier by solving the six-body problem that involves the four protons and two electrons of the two deuterium nuclei. The non-singular, repulsive forces between the protons are reduced significantly when the seperation of the protons approach nuclear seperations. Also the repulsive force between the two electrons is reduced when their separations reach the sub-nuclear separations achieved within the helium nucleus. This reduction in the repulsive forces between protons and between the electrons allows the very strong remaining attractive force the protons have for the electrons to reduce the fusion barrier tremendously when compared with the standard nuclear model. The standard nuclear model requires the energy required for fusion to overcome the repulsive force of the Coulombic force between the protons and, therefore, the fusion barrier is expected to be much, much higher than the non-singular forces require.
Further, it is the trick of aligning the spin axes of the two deuterium nuclei that establishes this greatly reduced fusion barrier. If the two deuterium nuclei approach each other with their spin axes in any other orientation with respect to each other the fusion barrier increases to the fusion barrier of the standard model or greater. It is this alignment of the spin axes of the deuterium together with the non-singular forces which cause the significant reduction in the fusion barrier that is new.

Link to source:

I felt is was important to use Williams’ own words for the nuclear section of his theory because he is a nuclear physicist with the proverbial keys to the kingdom. To be very clear he is predicting that hydrogen to helium fusion can take place at far lower energies than the standard model predicts if you align the spin axes of the nuclei. I covered earlier how he spoke of this prediction during his interview with APEC as well as on The Space Show and even claimed his theory was being tested by an unnamed group at that time. I also shared that Williams patented a device for this reaction, but unfortunately passed away not long after.

Link to source:

There is a common theme in all "alternative physics" inspired by electromagenetism and thermodynamics: extra dimensions. 

Had Heaviside not neutered Maxwell's equations and campaigned against the quaterionic formulation so he could sell telegraph wire, we might be living in a radically different time.

The Dynamic Theory is a very interesting idea for those with some knowledge of modern thermodynamics. I appreciate the differential forms-style approach and find it very interesting to draw parallels between the dynamic theory and Leonard Susskind's current work on complexity. In his book, he essentially sets up a framework where our Universe is a 5d hypersurface in a 6d space. He uses general mathematical devices to generalize the (differential) equations of thermodynamics and an argument of Weyl called the "scale factor" to apply the generalization in different regimes.

It's cool stuff, but if you don't have a working knowledge of general relativity and familiarity with the mechanisms of differential geometry, it's just another pile of words that happened when someone got inspired by the foundations of physics. However, as I said, there is a common thread that runs through many alternative theories and it can be traced back to Heaviside eliminating portions of Maxwell's equations so that he could sell telegraph wire. All these extra dimensions that we seem to be surprised by now have their surprising root there.

Anyone reading this that wants a starting place for understanding Williams' book, look here:


Pharis Williams: Alternative Grand Unified Theory Physicist

observing the anomaly  | For many years now, the ultimate quest in physics has been the unification of Einstein’s general relativity with quantum mechanics. Dr. Williams discovered that both these theories can, in fact, be derived from the laws of thermodynamics. The resulting theory eliminates the singularity problems of the conventional theories and makes a variety of intriguing predictions.

In his 5-dimension manifold theory, Williams’ finds the equations of thermodynamics have (as special cases) the otherwise distinct equations of physics including: Newton’s Mechanics, Classical Thermodynamics, Einstein’s Special Relativity, Einstein’s General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Electrodynamics, The Nuclear Strong Force and Weak Force, Gravitational Force and a deeper view of Cosmic Red Shift.

Because his work fills gaps in the Standard Model of Physics from the unexpected starting point of the Laws of Thermodynamics, he has been blocked from publication in the premier science journals of our day. He has 2 books published on his work.

I found one of his books online for free.

Williams states, “In summary, the book presents detailed derivations of numerous applications of the classical thermodynamic laws with the result that phenomena currently covered by Newtonian, relativistic and quantum mechanics are predicted by these three laws. This is a significant reduction of the number of required fundamental assumptions in the description of these phenomena. Additionally, many new phenomena are predicted that lead to new views of the universe.”

Memorial and Thoughts of a Man with Great Ideas — Pharis Williams

The first thing I found in my research was a DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) document published in 2015 by James O. Shannon (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Warren R. Maines (Sandia National Laboratories), David Mathes (CEO and Founder of Spacelines),and Paul Murad (Morningstar Applied Physics, LLC) titled “Memorial and Thoughts of a Man with Great Ideas — Pharis Williams”

Before I dig into the document I want to point out who the authors are. One is Oke Shannon who worked with Pharis Williams at Los Alamos Labs. Another is from Sandia Labs. Paul Murad of Morningstar states in his linkedin profile “has over 25 years of public service as a senior technology analyst for the Department of Defense looking at foreign advanced and game-changing technology as well as defining future U.S. satellite systems for the next twenty years.” David Mathes of Spacelines has a SPI profile that states “ongoing optical research involves Dirac, Majorna and Weyl models of the electron internals, zitterbewegung, Bohmian quantum mechanics, and transactional hypothesis.”

So what does the document about Williams by these authors say? Here is a quote from the abstract.

“By applying simplifying or restrictive assumptions to the main body of the theory, Pharis shows that the major fields of physics are contained within the extensions of this theory. In these extensions, new field quantities appear to become important for systems and technical disciplines. Thus, the Dynamic Theory that he created would unify the various branches of physics into one theoretical structure. Only the future can tell what will be the impact of Pharis’ dynamic theory contributions and how engineers and scientists can gain and find new insights.”

It then goes on to explain his theory and work in more detail. It mentions a “popcorn program” or a “popcorn project” that was apparently an embarrassment to the Navy where Williams reportedly proved that a bunch of nuclear weapons were not being stored properly and a catastrophic event could potentially take place. Apparently, it was the result of him calculating the fusion yields from the tests didn’t match the theory and this is what led to him eventually developing his unified theory. The paper also implies that this embarrassment may have hurt Williams in getting others to look at his work and that the reader should look into the subject further. It says that, “You may read about this program in the archives of the London Daily Mail” however I can’t seem to find anything. I did find a story about UK weapons that could potentially explode if impacted and cause a “popcorning event” which looks related.

The paper states in the conclusion:

“This unique maverick easily walked in both science and engineering disciplines and in doing so, found practical and important applications in shock physics and environmentally clean, compact reactors. From extending The Dynamic Theory to develop what Pharis described as the experimentally proven phat photon to the practicalities of the phat photon laser, such was the breadth of his skill sets where Pharis would then go the extra mile and propose applications in the fields of communications, energy and transportation. The future of The Dynamic Theory is up to the scientists and engineers of tomorrow who not only think outside the box, but can think and work in five dimensions and beyond.”

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Obviously We're At The Raised Eyebrow Phase Of This Whole Covid Situation

brownstone  |  Here is my review of Oisín MacAmadáin, Busting Anti-Vax Myths! Seriously EXPERT Arguments for the Covid-Deniers in Your Life (2022), with a Foreword by Dr. Anthony Faucet.

This is a slim, wickedly funny satire of 126 pages organised into ten chapters of rollicking hilarity. It’s a hugely enjoyable book for all those who were critical of lockdowns, masks, and vaccines. As the Brits say, it takes the piss out of all the self-proclaimed Covid experts, the public health clerisy, the media, and people with blind faith in the experts. 

Thus the fictitious professor Oisín MacAmadáin informs us of “a good friend in Dublin whose fully vaccinated father died from Covid. He also told me how much worse he knew it could have been.” And all the grannies going merrily about their way in Stockholm “must be brainwashed. A perfect example of state propaganda.” The true believers are likely to be offended. 

The book is successful in skewering the many Covidian dogmas because MacAmadáin closely tracks the many gaslighting tropes used by the experts and the authorities to attack critics, dissenters, Florida, and Sweden. The last, for example, is dismissed as irrelevant because its vast empty spaces make it very difficult to encounter the virus and anyway, we all know the Swedes are so reserved they rarely hug.

It’s been many a long year since I laughed so much while reading a seriously serious book. The greater your familiarity with the lies, obfuscations, and gaslighting by health experts and governments in the last three years, and with the range of scientific literature and controversies, including the leading names, the more you will be entertained by this book.

American readers will especially enjoy the chapter on Florida and the attempted puncturing of Robert Malone and Peter McCullough as anti-vaxxer ringleaders. That they were removed from Twitter is proof they were spouting anti-scientific drivel. Their knowledge is so shallow that they can be shown up even by the likes of Neil Young and Meghan Markle.

MacAmadáin is inventive with names in the mould of JK Rowling, referencing the CDLWQ (CatDogLynxWolfQuestioning) + community for those who self-ID as catgender etc. The encomia on the back cover are from eminent world experts like President Macaroni who adores the book because it will “really ‘piss off’ the anti-vaxxers;” Santa Klaus who is incredulous that the author “was never a WEF young leader;” the CEO of Pfizzle; and Gubnet O’Foole, the correspondent in residence of the Oirish Times. The final encomium is signed off “The author.”

We meet Prof. Nadir Jibjab and Dr. Smärtz Aleks. Austria has a Mr. Hündbisket and a Prof. Ann Schlüss who has written a treatise on The Jab as Moral Good. She holds firmly to the view that the government decisions tick all ethical boxes, “even those of Kant whose ethical boxes are notoriously hard to tick.” A German schoolteacher named Gretel Voopingkoff praises Oisín’s “awesome work in exterminating anti-vaxxer propaganda.” She informs him that her multi-jabbed kids “play the geese marching game” from which the unvaxxed are, of course, excluded.

If You Didn't Trust Your Own Examination Of The Science And Instead Succumbed To The Propaganda

censorednews  |  The COVID-19 lie that started it all—before lockdowns and mandates—was the lie that the virus was more deadly than it actually was. On March 3, 2020, the media cited the World Health Organization to spread the misinformation that the global death rate of COVID-19 was 3.4%. Years later, the WHO’s much-expanded dataset now shows the real global case fatality rate is less than 1%. However, at the time, when the President of the United States correctly pointed out the figure was inflated, he was viciously attacked for “downplaying” the virus, as the WHO’s misleading statistic was regurgitated in the press.

“WHO says the death rate is 3.4% globally, higher than previously thought” - CNBC

“The death rate now estimated at 3.4% for anyone afflicted with this virus” - FOX News

“3.4% of people who get coronavirus die from it.” - USA TODAY

The WHO’s death rate was severely inflated because most COVID-19 cases are mild with no symptoms and are therefore never reported. In fact, Dr. Fauci and the Director of the CDC, Dr. Redfield predicted as much just three days prior to the WHO’s misleading 3.4% death rate. In the New England Journal of Medicine, Fauci and Redfield concluded the number could be “considerably less than 1%”. This contradiction between US public health officials and the WHO went mostly ignored. The media was only triggered into a response when Donald Trump used the same scientific reasoning on FOX News with Sean Hannity.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I think the 3.4% is really a false number. Now, this is just my hunch, but based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will have this, and it's very mild. They will get better very rapidly. They don't even see a doctor. They don't even call a doctor. You never hear about those people.

Trump repeated his reasoning for clarity, although his full explanation was later deleted from nearly all mainstream news segments which criticized him for sharing thoughts “based on nothing” (John Berman, “CNN New Day”, CNN, 3/5/20).

PRESIDENT TRUMP: When you do have a death…all of a sudden, it seems like three or four percent, which is a very high number, as opposed to a fraction of one percent. But, again, they don't know about the easy cases, because the easy cases don't go to the hospital. They don't report to doctors or the hospital in many cases. So I think that that number is very high. I think the number—personally, I would say the number is way under 1 percent. 


Former Vox reporter and special guest to the Biden White House, Aaron Rupar, reflexively attacked Trump’s rational, and ultimately correct, take on the WHO death rate, as “astoundingly irresponsible”.

Over the following days, Trump was mocked on nearly every major television channel (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, & Comedy Central), where he was accused of lying.

MSNBC hosts and experts labeled Trump’s correct take on the death rate as “not correct”, “not true”, “dishonest”, and “disinformation” (Andrea Mitchell, Ben Rhodes, and Geoff Bennett on “Andrea Mitchell Reports”); “false information”, (Chris Jansing on “Live with Hallie Jackson”); and “misinformation” (“Live with Velshi and Ruhle”).

CNN’s reporters and pundits did the same, calling Trump’s informed skepticism “disinformation” (Brian Stelter, “CNN Newsroom”); “misinformation” (Anderson Cooper, “Anderson Cooper 360”); and “sketchy information” (Jim Acosta, “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer”).

(NOTE: This is only a small sample of the false accusations.)

After the news set the narrative, late-night hosts took their cues and obediently forwarded the message that WHO’s word reigns supreme and therefore Trump is crazy to question it.


Elite Maleficence And Impunity (REDUX Originally Posted 8/17/23)

washingtonexaminer  |  On Monday, we got a bombshell. New documents indicate the entire justification for vaccine mandates was based on a falsehood — and that public health officials knew it. 

Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request show that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and former NIH Director Francis Collins were aware of, and discussed, “breakthrough cases” of COVID in January 2021 — right when the vaccines became widely available. In her email, Walensky says that “clearly,” it is an “important area of study,” links to a study raising the issue, and assures the person she is sending it to that Dr. Anthony Fauci is looped into these conversations.

However, in public, Walensky was saying something quite different. Two months after discussing this data, she said vaccinated people “don’t carry the virus” and “don’t get sick.” In a congressional hearing, after it became clear people were able to get infected with COVID even after receiving the vaccine, she defended her original statements by claiming it was true at the time she said it — namely, for the strands we were dealing with in early 2021.

We now know that was not true and that Walensky herself knew it was not true.

Jay Bhattacharya, a professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, called the revelation “stunning.” He pointed out that despite this knowledge, “they continued to push vax mandates anyway.”

This is the real scandal, as there is little harm in getting something like this wrong in a vacuum. After all, COVID-19 vaccines certainly saved many, many lives and reduced the severity of infection for many more. But the fact vaccine mandates were pushed, even though those in charge knew people could contract and spread the virus while vaccinated, is indefensible. That they mislead the public on this makes it even worse.

If the vaccine stopped COVID dead in its tracks, as Fauci explained, then the decision to institute a vaccine mandate would merely be a controversial yet ultimately legitimate public health measure. The fact it did not do that but rather had primarily personal benefits completely removes the justification for mandates.

The Biden administration tried to impose a vaccine mandate on employers, thousands of people were fired from their jobs, and there was a time when unvaccinated people were not even allowed into restaurants in some of the country’s largest cities.

And it was all based on a lie.



Friday, August 25, 2023

Biden's Office Of Pandemic Preparedness And Response Is Up To No Good

amgreatness |  The head of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Protection forces released a statement this week suggesting that nefarious officials in the United States developed and deployed COVID-19 for “offensive purposes” and may be plotting a new pandemic.

The United States government officially claims that its scientists study pathogens in biolabs around the world to develop preventative measures to potential viruses, but Moscow does not buy that.

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov said that the United States may have played a role in inflicting the COVID-19 pathogen on the world and may be working to create another biological crisis.

“We do not rule out the United States may use so-called defensive technologies for offensive purposes, as well as for global governance by creating crisis situations of biological nature,”  Kirillov warned.

According to the Russian State media outlet RT, Moscow believes there was collusion between Big Pharma and USAID through the EcoHealth Alliance, a U.S.-based non-government organization run by Peter Daszak, to develop new strains of coronavirus.

“The intermediary organization EcoHealth Alliance has played a key role in implementing projects to study this pathogen. Since 2015, the organization’s researchers have been involved in studying a diverse population of bats, searching for new coronavirus strains and mechanisms for animal-to-human transmission. Over 2,500 bats have been studied,” Kirillov stated.

The general brought up the troubling fact that the World Health Organization, Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University conducted the Event 201 drills in New York on October 18, 2019, just two months before the first COVID-19 cases were officially reported in China. The ostensive purpose of the exercise was to practice the steps that would be taken during a coronavirus outbreak, but many people believe it was a “practice run” for the pandemic.

“The fact that the pandemic unfolded exactly according to this scenario, as well as the implementation of EcoHealth Alliance’s projects, gives rise to questions as to whether COVID-19 was in fact an intentionally man-made disease and whether the US may have had a hand in this incident,” Kirillov said.

Kirillov also expressed deep concern that the Biden regime’s new Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy is up to no good.

“The United States’ next step, aimed at pushing ahead with its strategic plans for establishing global control over the biological situation, was the creation of the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy. This new agency is expected to be responsible for charting a course and coordinating actions to combat known and unknown biological challenges, including pathogens that might trigger another global emergency,” Kirillov said.



WHO Put The Hit On Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico?

Eyes on Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico who has just announced a Covid Inquiry that will investigate the vaccine, excess deaths, the EU...