Tuesday, April 29, 2014

tokowitz(sterling) a sad old shakespearian cuckold with "a" bullying iago?

powerlineblog |  The more you learn about the story, the stranger it gets. If you listen to the tapes, which have been made public by TMZ and Deadspin, it is hard to make sense of them. Sterling doesn’t want Stiviano to put up photos of herself with African-Americans on Instagram or bring them with her to Los Angeles Clippers games. He says he doesn’t care if she associates or sleeps with black people, just don’t put them up on Instagram. An odd distinction! His request was motivated, evidently, by the fact that one or more of Sterling’s friends called him to comment on the Instagram photos. While Sterling never says this, reading between the lines it appears that someone must have teased him about his mistress consorting with blacks. 

What makes this bizarre is that Stiviano herself if black and Mexican, a fact that she reminds Sterling of during their argument. The situation is otherworldly, in that Sterling seems not to have noticed that his own girlfriend is black.

So Donald Sterling emerges as a pathetic figure: a reverse image of Othello, a doddering old man with a young black mistress who cheats on him. He understands, but asks her not to embarrass him before his friends. He may also be suffering from dementia. For a billionaire, he makes precious little sense on the tape(s). But then, most of us probably wouldn’t make much sense to outsiders if tapes of our domestic arguments were made public. Not a single person has defended Sterling, to my knowledge.

So an 80-year-old man with a much younger, mixed-race girlfriend is sexually insecure–go figure! He has a friend, a negative-image Iago, who plays on his insecurity and teases him when the mistress posts pictures with black men, however innocent they may be. So the old man asks her not to do it. She can spend all day with black men and even sleep with them, he says, just don’t post photos or attend Clippers games with them. But the young woman already has one foot out the door, and she illegally records her conversation with the old man, and then turns it over to two of the most disreputable gossip sites on the internet.

On the tape, Donald Sterling says, “I love the black people.” I can’t vouch for his sincerity, but there is nothing in the DMZ/Deadspin tapes that belies that sentiment. It is telling that this domestic upheaval between an aging billionaire and his gold-digging, disloyal mistress represents the best the Left can come up with to support its claim that racism and the “legacy of race and slavery and segregation” are alive and well. As for Sterling, he is merely collateral damage.


woodensplinter said...

It's hard for an undisciplined mind to get focused and stay focused. Rambling and undisciplined as his written expressions were, his meandering during that interview was pathetic. The overarching concern being unanimously expressed by these old men sought out for commentary, is that their own embarrassing talk might be shared with the world by a spiteful servant with a smart phone and youtube. http://youtu.be/BUOMlsYFVYQ

Isn't that what Donald Trump had to say about the matter?

woodensplinter said...

Yes, and decades ago, before he wriggled his way up out of the slime of obscurity, Tokowitz changed his name to Sterling because even then he was the victim of a lone racist bully.

Vic78 said...

It's possible she's telling the truth. Pimping runs rampant in LA. I believe somebody saw an opportunity and took advantage.

A salute to whoever her dude is. http://youtu.be/SYbs-wNXL4M

CNu said...

Unintentional gem of abject lucidity for today bears repeating:
Pimping runs rampant in LA.
Pimping runs rampant in LA.
Pimping runs rampant in LA.


Vic78 said...

I think he might be Polish. The last name sounds like it came from one of those places that didn't do to well against the 3rd Reich.

Constructive_Feedback said...

The hard truth about AMERICANS is on display.

The majority prefer POPULARISM and salacious news over the hard task of actually fixing the dysfunctional institutions that are holding people back from being developed to their full potential.

DD said...


Nails It.

Ed Dunn said...

My sources are telling me that Sterling himself recorded the conversation and it was leaked by someone in his camp....he record himself all the time...

Miles New said...

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Vic78 said...

An angel gets her wings clipped on the come up.

makheru bradley said...

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, particularly when that woman can get filthy rich (or richer) off her scoundrel husband in the process.

[Sterling will agree to drop his $1-billion antitrust lawsuit against the NBA and the league in turn will agree not to file any lawsuits against Sterling and to drop the charges it levied against him for racially inflammatory remarks made by the Clippers owner that were posted online in late April.]

Once Shelly Sterling agreed on behalf of herself and the Sterling trust to indemnify the NBA against any legal victories by her husband, Tokowitz was toast.

[Indemnification is an important instrument in law, and here could be worth billions of dollars to the NBA. It entails a contract between two parties in which one party (here Shelly Sterling and the trust) agree to pay for legal fees and potential damages suffered by the other party (the NBA). The indemnification also implies that Donald Sterling would effectively be suing half of himself. Sterling owns half of the Sterling family trust, and California is a community property state, meaning Donald and Shelly's wealth since they married 59 years ago is divided evenly. If the Sterling family trust and Shelly Sterling pay the NBA $1 billion, Donald Sterling would effectively be paying half of the amount owed to himself. This arrangement is an obvious deterrent to Donald Sterling to wage a lengthy battle against the NBA.]

The Sterling's will get their money, and the NBA gets to sweep its tolerance of Tokowitz's institutionalized white supremacy under the rug.


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