Thursday, April 10, 2014

the herd is too preoccupied to recognize or comprehend the slaughterhouse...,

personalliberty |  Speaking to the Sharpton crowd On Wednesday, the Attorney General charged that the lawmakers’ actions had nothing to do with the Justice Department he presides over stymieing a Congressional investigation into the fatally-flawed Fast and Furious gun program.

Here is an off-the-record portion of Holder’s speech which didn’t appear in the transcript released by the DOJ:
I’m pleased to note that the last five years have been defined by significant strides and by lasting reforms even in the face, even in the face, of unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly, and divisive adversity. If you don’t believe that, if you look at the way, forget about me, forget about me, if you look at the way the attorney general of the United States was treated yesterday by a House Committee, it had nothing to do with me, forget that, what attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?
To be exceedingly fair, Holder didn’t actually use the words “racists,” “racism” or any other variations thereof. But considering his audience, it doesn’t take an imaginative stretch to understand what was implied: Gohmert, Farenthold— and presumably anyone else who asked him a tough question or went there by mentioning contempt— are clearly racists.

And if that’s not what Holder meant, efforts to elucidate his remarks to a different end provide even more worrisome possibilities than the U.S. Attorney General mistaking oversight mandated by the Constitutional balance of powers for outright racism. (That inference, by the way, isn’t difficult to make because it’s completely plausible, likely even, that Holder views the Constitution as a fundamentally racist document better scrapped and re-written than amended.)

If Holder wasn’t calling the House lawmakers racists without using the word, it means that “it had nothing to do with me, forget that” is the most important thing he said. Was it an admission that the withholding of the Fast and Furious documents that precipitated his contempt charge was ordered from higher up? That the AG is the fall guy? Or does it mean Holder really believes that he holds absolutely no responsibility for the agencies which he presides over?

The answer is probably in the unreleased documents. But, of course, efforts to have them released are, well, you know… racist.

What a powerful tool the race card has become.


Vic78 said...

What would really hurt them would be the top guys getting paid overseas after high school. If you're as good as Derrick Rose or Kevin Durant, you have no business playing in college. It's just a waste of your time. Get paid and then go for the NBA dollars after that year.

I'm in favor of a minor league where the players get paid and have union benefits. Give the young players about six years to get it together. If the player isn't good enough for the pros, then he should be able to go to get his degree after his time in the minors is up. I'm surprised the pro athletes haven't put something like that out there. I'm guessing "I got mine fuck you."

Ed Dunn said...

There is still structural benefits of NCAA that comes with experience that has value. Will these players become coaches or assisted coaches? Will they become analysts? Or are they just looking to dribble a ball? I just have a problem with the false dilemma argument presented by the go hungry players.

He don't need to eat nutella..all he had to do was date a sista at the school who is also on food stamps...

CNu said...

The missing piece of the equation is a sports business, sports management, sports quantitative analysis and exposition, and sports instruction and sports instructional technology - all requirements for young men and women who want careers in athletics that don't focus exclusively on their athletic performance. I don't know the answer for these needs at the NCAA level.

I know that by the time any child has made it all the way through my tennis academy (age 18) they will know how to earn a living from the sport of tennis having nothing whatsoever to do with their specific athletic competitive performance. This in addition to the academic strength and advanced competence in core subjects sufficient to equate to two years worth of college credits.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

I have a diagram featuring "Dr King" and the man who today preaches in "Dr King's Pulpit"

DR KING: "I was arrested BY the President of the United States"

Rev Raphael Warnock Of The "Fake Jesus Of Social Justice/Black Liberation Theology Church": "I was arrested FOR the President of the United States"

phx said...

"You don't wanna go there, buddy." Not a good look for the AG.

Vic78 said...

Eric Holder doesn't care about them. They're only fit to be laughed at.

CNu said...

Nah feed..., you still taking sides. Rise above the fray.

The poor, pissed, and peonized have had a racialized ring inserted in their noses.

BigDonOne said...

Speaking of "herds" and "slaughterhouses," y'all KC folks takin' to wearin' yer flak jackets with 64130-syndrome shooterz using autos for target practice...??

Makheru Bradley said...

Al Sharpton: King Rat

"Everything he does is an act of prostitution... today, Al Sharpton is at the top of the political garbage heap, the administration’s go-to guy in the sewers."

Vic78 said...

Damn, I can't help it.

That's What's Up....,