Tuesday, April 15, 2014

nevada standoff has nothing to do with freedom, sovreignty, tyranny or cows...,

dailykos |  To appreciate how churning the media wurlitzer on this suddenly "newsworthy" controversy benefits the Kochs, one only has to go back to 2012 when the Utah legislature passed something called the Transfer of Public Lands Act, legislation vetted and inspired by none other than the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), whose chief funders include--you guessed it--David and Charles Koch.
The Transfer of Public Lands Act (TPLA), passed in 2012 and signed by Gov. Gary Herbert, an enthusiastic backer, mandates that the Forest Service, with 15 percent of Utah land, and the Bureau of Land Management, with about 42 percent, relinquish their domain to the statehouse no later than 2015.
"Relinquish their domain to the statehouse" means that the lands would go from Federal to state stewardship.  As pointed out by David Garbett, a lawyer with the nonprofit Southern Utah Western Alliance:
“The only way the Utah legislature can generate money from the public lands is to ramp up development and hold a fire sale to clear inventory. That means that the places the public has come to know and love will be sold to the highest bidder and barricaded with ‘No Trespassing’ signs.” Similar bills are proliferating in other Western states where most of the land is managed by a federal agency.
The "Transfer of Public Lands" bills produced by ALEC are then hawked by industry-friendly local politicians and sold to the public as providing additional funding for non-industry purposes such as funding education, health and infrastructure improvements through "unleashing the energy" of public lands.
In other words, by selling them to mining, shale and oil interests, run by (among others) Charles and David Koch.
Utah’s Transfer of Public Lands Act is an updating of that old land-grabbing con game that has characterized the West. And it has powerful corporate backers. The legislation first made an appearance in a 2011 meeting of the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, which works with state lawmakers to draft “model legislation.” Lisa Graves, the executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy, which runs an ALEC watchdog unit, describes the group as a “corporate and partisan lobby masquerading as a charity, allowing some of the most powerful corporations and richest CEOs to get their legislative wish lists in the hands of politicians eager to please special interests.” ALEC’s agenda, befitting the concerns of its chief funders, the archconservative energy magnates Charles and David Koch, is to bolster corporations’ interests without publicly disclosing those corporations’ influence on the bills ALEC task forces produce. Graves describes this as “legislation laundering.”
Nevada has followed a similar course.
On June 4, 2013, Governor Brian Sandoval signed into law AB227 Nevada Land Management Task Force, making Nevada the fifth western state to actively explore the transfer of public lands to western states.  
Legal scholars have largely concluded that these laws are unconstitutional. But with a fanatical, Federalist-society indoctrinated Supreme Court Majority bending over backwards to accommodate corporate interests in every conceivable manner, the Constitution has proved to be a flimsy protection against virulent greed. By milking and stoking the controversy, the Kochs seek to galvanize public opinion against the federal government, delegitimize the Bureau of Land Management that oversees public lands, and thereby impugn its stewardship of lands that Koch-run industries want to get their hands on. These include lands in Nevada, Utah and pretty much anywhere else they can dig, frack or mine. This isn't about some silly rancher's "grazing fees," to the Kochs and their business pals. It's about their desire to exploit, despoil and pollute lands that we, the public, own by virtue of our citizenship. That's not "freedom." It's greed.
In fact, it's almost tragic to see how the "militia groups" that pride themselves on their purported "independence" and "freedom" so willingly allow themselves to be duped by people whose only interest is to exploit the land for their own purposes. Whose self-serving greed wouldn't hesitate to gin up an armed confrontation in which people could conceivably die, simply for the purpose of lining their own pockets.
Did I sound like I feel sorry for the militia groups? I don't. If they were truly patriots I might feel sorry for them, but they aren't.  Because true patriots would realize that the federal lands the Kochs, the oil, mining and energy industries are attempting to claim for themselves are:  
[O]wned by every American – all 300-plus million of us. It is a peculiar property right we each have to this commons, as we acquire it simply by dint of citizenship, and what we own is spectacular. The marvel of the federal public-lands system is that it exists at all. During the 19th century and into the early 20th, much of the land was leased and sold off in a frenzy of corrupt dealings. Railroads, corporations, land speculators, mining interests, and livestock barons gorged on the public domain, helped along by the spectacularly pliable General Land Office, which from 1812 until its closure in 1946 privatized more than one billion acres, roughly half the landmass of the nation. The corruption was such that by 1885, The New York Times’ editorial page had denounced the “land pirates” whose “fraud and force” had excluded the citizen settler—the farmer, the homesteader, the cowboy—from “enormous areas of public domain” and “robb[ed] him of the heritage to which he was entitled.”
That's what this controversy is really about.


John Kurman said...

McCutcheon comes into play here A million dollars means spit at the federal level, but you can fill your pockets with lots of little politicians, and get witless gun-toting stooges for free. This can only get much, much worse.

Constructive_Feedback said...


Do you ever notice how Progressive Fundamentalist groups like DailyKOS can always seem to tie every bit of "evil" back to the Koch Brothers (and if you read these same sources regarding the shooting of "Da Jews" in your home town they also have a "Fox News narrative", focusing on how the posters on the message boards under the stories are happy about the shooting)..........................

YET when it comes to doing critical analysis of those UNDER-developed people who have bought into their fraud - no where is there to be found any breadcrumbs back to their front door - in which THEY take responsibility for this lack of return on investment?


EASY - IF the subject did not have a Koch Brothers reference then this same basin of land would be referred to as it was on Sunday during "Al Jezeera America's" "Borderland" show - STOLEN LAND FROM MEXICO.

These "White right-wing farmers" and faux Revolutionaries are fighting over LAND that the White man has previously stolen from Mexico.

DO YOU NOT SEE - CNu - the ONLY purpose of these simple minded people at DailyKOS is to feed their congregation "Self Chum" through CONTEXTUAL WARPING.

CNu said...

You ever wonder if the old-line establishment coddles the pan-optic security state precisely because it's one of the very few effective counterbalances to new-jack elites gone wild?

CNu said...

lol Feed..., it's conspicuously obvious to the casual observer that you're doing more than a little projecting in your characterization of the dailykos. That's why you can only be taken in microgram doses

ken said...

I think Tucker Carlson has it about right on this one.


John Kurman said...

1) When the Anglos first started the extractive fur trade 300 years ago, the Native Americans quickly discerned between shit trade beads from shoddy local factories Back East to the superior glass beads from the island of Murano. I don't think the current crop of extractive-product natives (the above-mentioned stooges) is capable of the same level of acumen, else they would not sell something so dear so cheaply. (Keep in mind, the amount of energy going into a murano bead versus a dead beaver was a positive trade for the NAs - at the time).
2) I wonder if these N-J Es realize they are volunteering their identities to the P-OSS just by showing up at the ranch?
3) Anyone dumb enough to buy into the shiny that "guvmint wants to git my guns" deserves the civilian firearms industry equivalent of the Barbie Dream House accessories currently offered. (see 1).
4) "Guns? Bombs? How quaint!" (before proceeding to hose down now-unnecessary vermin with 21st century versions of Ebola spritzers).
5) Q: How many of these gun-toters are the spawn of Downwinders? A: All of them, silly!

Vic78 said...

I can see the Supreme Court say some shit about states rights against the Feds. I don't think Clarence Thomas is the only one with conflict of interest issues in these kinds of cases; it's time to look into the other four.

CNu said...

Bezos - WaPo, Silicon Valley - quiet as a church mouse about the NSA, counterbalance to these crazy, extractive, new-jack elites....,

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