Saturday, April 05, 2014

Great Debate Transcending Our Origins: Violence, Humanity, and the Future

asu |  Celebrate five years of intellectual stimulation and excitement with the Origins Project at Great Debate Transcending Our Origins: Violence, Humanity, and the Future. Saturday, April 5, 2014 - 7:00pm

The first panel of the evening, The Origins of Violence, will feature scholars and writers Steven Pinker, Richard Wrangham, Erica Chenoweth, Adrian Raine, John Mueller and Sarah Mathew discussing the development of violence from the brain to world wars. 

The second panel, The Future: From Medicine and Synthetic Biology to Machine Intelligence, will feature scientists and notable experts Richard Dawkins, Craig Venter, Kim Stanley Robinson, Esther Dyson, Eric Horvitz, George Poste and Randolph Nesse discussing the future of new biomedical and robotic technologies and their impact on humanity. The evening will be moderated by Lawrence Krauss.


BigDonOne said...

@CNu -- Unencumbered by PoliticalCorrectness, the Chinese DNA researchers will soon have the genetic explanation..... Future Time Orientation...........

CNu said...

lol, you tickle me with the staggering simplicity of your gene-centric/FTO fundamentalism. Everybody's gotta have a hobby, and while the specifics of yours may differ slightly from the Rev.Ken's, the Bro.Feed's, Bro.Umbra's, and Bro.Makheru's - it's inarguably a ritual-habitual program on which your personality depends.

Do you understand that what you refer to as "future-time orientation" is nothing more than commitment to narrative? That in fact, commitment to narrative is a form of automatism? Interrogation of the relationship between cognition and time is one of the cornerstones of this oeuvre.

These weirdly imitated bigheaded hominids that have galvanized my attention this week - and who played a mysterious and time-shrouded role in setting the template for human livestock management - had/have a very different temporo-spatial understanding than what you mechanically extol.

CNu said...

That's aggravated battery with profound emotional assault in the cathedral. Piers Morgan's interview of Janet Mock was a classic case study in microaggressions...,

Vic78 said...

Those people just want to cry about something. The worst mistake you can make is trying to build with them. It's not that they try and fail, they aren't interested in progress so they'll start dumb ass arguments and just be a pain in the ass to have around. I've had the misfortune of dealing with them and it made me a lot less sociable.

BigDonOne said...

Fizzlam is a total crock. Pakistani Fuzzlimz just charged a 9-month-old baby with attempted murder for throwing stones at police....

John Kurman said...

So, Prometheus by 2024?

CNu said...

My boy has spontaneously delivered a pair of dissertation quality lectures 1.) on the historical probability of big heads thursday evening, and 2.) this morning on the biology and metabolism of a big head militating against it being mesomorphically yoked. I was jaw-dropped impressed by his thinking on the subject. He's asleep, and I just now put his computer to sleep. He had a dozen tabs open on topics related to this one.

Jesuit in the papacy, big-heads coming, Prometheus coming...., I've had the best week this past week.

John Kurman said...

I am - group selectively - delighted in your delight of your son.

Makheru Bradley said...

You simply cannot make this stuff up. This monotheism is definitely not out of Ancient KMT.

"Religious circumcision ritual leaves 2 Brooklyn infants with herpes"

[City health officials say babies can contract herpes from the practice, citing 13 cases — two fatal — since 2000.
In September 2011, a 2-week-old boy died at a Brooklyn hospital after contracting herpes through the ritual, city officials said.
In the latest case, city health officials say one of the babies infected survived after developing a fever and lesion on its scrotum following the circumcision. The parents did not sign a consent form and it’s unclear who performed the circumcision.]

Makheru Bradley said...

“The single fact that powerfully explains why black Americans have such a hard time climbing the economic ladder.” --Jamelle Bouie

No single fact can explain the current situation of the people with the most unique experience in world history.

“According to Sharkey, a child with roots in a high poverty neighborhood has a 64 percent chance of moving down the income ladder over the course of his or her lifetime.”

“African American poverty fell dramatically between 1939 and 1989--from 71 percent to 29 percent… The extraordinary poverty rates among African Americans lessened with the great migration of Black Americans to the North after World War II--indeed, poverty among them went down more sharply than among the population as a whole.” Katz and Stern

The Afrikan Americans who elevated themselves out of poverty after World War II grew up as children in impoverished neighborhoods. Per Sharkey these children should not have been upwardly mobile, but they were. Therefore poverty does not explain the whole story.

“I don’t know if Sherman sees it or not—my hunch is that he does—but in a few sentences, he’s put his finger on the pulse of something overlooked in our discussions of poverty and economic mobility as they relate to black Americans: neighborhood. Sherman’s experience of being pulled back to a poor neighborhood, even as he accumulates wealth, is common among blacks.” --Bouie

“I can’t change who I grew up with, but what I can do is try to educate them on the right way of doing things, help them when they need it, and try to keep them out of trouble.” -- Richard Sherman

If anything Sherman should be a model for others of his economic status to emulate.