Sunday, April 27, 2014

cliven bundy a saint: old lizard likes its crusty toes sucked and licked....,

nydailynews | Eighty-year-old rich man dictates life's terms to younger woman, tells her what she can and cannot do. Sex with black men? OK. Hanging out publicly with black men? Not OK.

Ick. Nobody seems to mind that part of the tape, those paternalistic, sexist ramblings. And none of it should come as a surprise, because Sterling's disrespect for women, verging on the criminal, has been on display and purposefully ignored for more than a decade. In 2003, he sued a mistress, Alexandra Castro, demanding back property she claimed he'd given her. In a deposition obtained and made public by back in August, 2004, Sterling's graphic, repulsive testimony was shockingly Neanderthal — and earned him no suspension from David Stern.

In excerpts from that two-day pretrial deposition, Sterling talks about how he enjoyed having his feet licked and toes sucked. And he goes a lot further:

"The girl was providing sex for money," Sterling said. "She was exciting. It was exciting. I have to tell you, and it was good. And it was delicious, and it was the best of the best. And maybe I morally did something wrong… I probably didn't tell my wife."

 There are also parts of his testimony in which his total disdain for women is horribly apparent:
"The girl always cried, never had any money, always talked about sex, 24 hours a day, when she talked to me, talked about sex and how I was so cheap. She just stripped every time you saw the woman. I have never seen anything like it in my life.

"I wouldn't have a child and certainly not with that piece of trash. Come on. This girl is the lowest form… She is a freak. A total freak… She would say anything I asked her to say, and I would say anything she asked me to say. It was purely sex for money, money for sex, sex for money, money for sex."

At one point, Sterling was asked whether he called Castro, "honey."

"I call everybody (that)," he said. "Every secretary is honey. I'm a very flowery man. If you are having sex with a woman you are paying for, you always call her honey because you can't remember her name."


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