Saturday, March 08, 2014

warsocialist welfare support is concentrated in the confederate states of america...,

Where poverty, obesity, smoking, ignorance, and disease prevail. Deep dysfunction where warsocialist welfare, social conservatism, and the political right-wing rule.

All of them except resource-rich Texas are federal "beneficiary" states. That means that they receive far more in federal subsidization than they submit to federal government in income taxes. Texas is such a stubbornly oppositional fustercluck, that it refuses to match-fund many of the programs under which it receives a tidal wave of federal subsidization, and that's not even including the massive Medicaid funding refusal.

Net of natural resource wealth, Texas would be just another net dependent on Federal welfare largesse. What would these uniformly red fusterclucks be like if they did not receive the lion's share of domestic federal subsidization?  Frost that turd any way you want. Warsocialist expenditures on unneeded military bases, research projects, etc.., are all without exception forms of welfare directed toward the support or organically unnecessary activity that would not exist in the free market. 

Remember the nature of this welfare and how it works when you listen to right wing authoritarian nutters howl like hit dogs about social safety net programs. Weaponized welfare for surplus labor is still just welfare. Right wingers will preposterously insist that the constitution supports imposition of the warsocialist welfare program on everyone else - and that this useless and scandal plagued make-work is somehow useful in the protection of our "rights" and "freedoms". Absolutely NOTHING could be further from the truth.


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