Sunday, March 09, 2014

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BI |  On Saturday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that the Kremlin annexing Crimea would “close any available space for diplomacy.”

The warning is disconcerting because there are three general ways that this crisis could play out: Russia keeps advancing into east and south Ukraine, Russia annexes Crimea and then applies further financial and political pressure on the new government in Kiev, or Russia makes limited concessions and the crisis de-escalates.

By Kerry saying that the diplomatic window is closed if Russia annexes Crimea — which is almost a forgone conclusion — then the best path for de-escalation is obstructed.

"We need a de-escalation and that can only happen via talks," German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who spoke with Putin in Moscow last week, told Der Spiegel. "It's not a question now of whether we react in a 'hard' or 'soft' manner; rather we have to act in a clever manner."

Furthermore, on Sunday U.S. national security official Tony Blinken said that America won't recognize the March 16 referendum and will increase sanctions on Moscow if and when Crimea secedes. 
Meanwhile, experts agree that Vladimir Putin is not going to give up Crimea.


makheru bradley said...

I was checking out the latest USARAF moves in Afrika on Stars and Stripes when saw this video. There is no doubt that this warms the hearts of all patriots. OBTW, if push ever comes to shove with the military budget they can call on these “special forces” to raise funds.

makheru bradley said...

America's defenders:

makheru bradley said...

"Meanwhile, experts agree that Vladimir Putin is not going to give up Crimea." The US will not return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba.

But they want Putin to give up Sevastopol. The Obama presidency is a Hollywood production, and the actors are detached from reality.

[For Russia, the fleet and its Sevastopol base are a guarantor of its southern borders and a platform for projecting power into the Black Sea and from there into the Mediterranean. Its base is also a docking point for Russian oil tankers bound for the Bosporus and the fleet will be tasked with protecting Russia's South Stream gas pipeline once it is finished.]

Are these fools trying to start WWIII?

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