Thursday, March 27, 2014

ukraine's phantom neo-nazis: frum puts his clear heels on in service to the man...,

theatlantic |  “When was the last time you personally experienced anti-Semitism?” I asked the executive director of the organized Jewish community for the city of Kiev. He gave me a puzzled look. “You mean, called me a Zhid or something like that?” “Anything.” He thought for a moment. “Back in Soviet times.”

I put the same question to a roomful of senior citizens in one of the country’s 32 Jewish social-service centers. The group, which was mostly women, laughed out loud. They faced plenty of problems: the standard old-age pension in Ukraine is only about $100 a month, pitifully little even in this poor country. But the Russian claim that gangs of neo-Nazis are roaming Ukraine, threatening its Jewish population, evoked unanimous scorn from every Jewish person I talked to in the country.

On the way out of the center, I stopped to talk to one of the two security guards in the driveway. As in all European cities, Kiev’s Jewish organizations take precautions. But this guard was nothing like the well-armed gendarmes you see patrolling Jewish institutions in France or Belgium. A friendly faced, middle-aged man armed only with a walkie-talkie, he told me that in four years on duty he had encountered not a single threat. I asked if the situation had changed in any way since the flight of the Soviet-backed president, Viktor Yanukovych, on February 22. “During the protests [in January and February], we had extra guards,” he said. “But now we’re back to normal.”


CNu said...

Why did the world jewish congress say different?

Ed Dunn said...

I think Ukraine remembers what happened with the Holodomor more than these boogeyman....

CNu said...

No doubt. In fact, Kruschev's "gift" of Crimea to the Ukraine was intended as a nod to the longstanding grievances of Ukrainian elites for that grievous Stalin-era offense.

CNu said...

Bro. Feed, the Hon.Bro.Preznit.Double-0 is holding down and handling my afro-saxon interests on the African continent. So far as I know, nobody in the Central African Republic has a nuclear weapon, I never did a duck and cover drill in response to a threat of CAR-assured destruction, and since I know full-well how arrogant Carribean and African nationals have always tended to be toward me and mine, I can't get with your make-believe loyalties.

Didn't we already discuss the paramount priority of keeping my nazi-brewed khemetic beverage ice-cold and on its way to a convenience store near me?

Vic78 said...

Why would anyone trust what Mr. "Axis of Evil" say about anything?

CNu said...

Tweed-jacketed worldstar is paying him to the title and the tune of "senior editor" - so - not only is his opinion trusted thereabouts, it's highly valued. I hereby rest my case on the nature and purpose of tweed-jacketed worldstar....,

makheru bradley said...

Basically Bibi and his world-wide cronies have turned a blind eye to Svodoba and Pravy Sektor because they are aligned with US/NATO imperialism and are anti-Putin. The same as the US turned a blind eye to Mobutu, Papa Doc, Ferdinand and Imelda, Reza Pahlavi, Pinochet, and other brutal dictators because they were in the anti-communist camp.

Anyway you cut it, the world is spinning out of US control. All of America’s regime change schemes since Kosovo have resulted in chaos for the targeted countries.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Thank you Brother Ed!!

Though I love my brother CNu - he understands EXACTLY what I am saying BUT he can't seem to accept that I AM NOT LOOKING AT "OBAMA ON THE STAGE". He is the AMERICAN PRESIDENT and is going to do what is in the best interests of AMERICA (I ain't mad at him nor his marketing troops with a government salary [I ain't even mad at the Democratic Party]

I am looking into the balcony of the "Black Political Church" and I note WHO IS WORKING THE "AUDIO/VISUAL SYSTEM" that now has:

* Holograms

* 3D Efffects

* 7.1 Channel HD Sound Effects ...............all to TRICK THE NEGRO into accepting the display upon the "Artificial Horizon" that is projected into his senses.

THE I LOOK INTO THE CONGREGATION as the "Sermon" is being preached and I observe

1) WHO is seen STANDING UP AND WALKING OUT OF THE DOOR per their unwillingness to be a part of the confidence scheme


3) And sadly - WHO has their minds made up to the affirm the message as the old man who SPEAKS IN TONGUES at 12:52 pm each Sunday Service and then another young man PERFECTLY INTERPRETS these words, using his iPad to translate them and send them out to everyone who has given the church their e-mail address. And then finally the old lady who rolls in each week via wheel chair but then CATCHES THE SPIRIT at 12:59 pm - just prior to the "Offering Plate" that collects the MONEY and the VOTER REGISTRATION cards comes around for the second time - JUST IN case SOMEONE CAME IN LATE and missed the first collection.


IF Citibank did half as much damage to the Americanized Negro as do the "Embedded Confidence Men' - the "Embedded Confidence Men" would file a claim with the "US Justice Department".

BigDonOne said...

BD does not understand all the Western interest in the Ukraine/Crimea hassle. The whole scene was essentially one unified political entity for 50 years during the Soviet Union without any unique problems for USA. Today's issues are basically an internal struggle - a civil war, the former republics were never that separated. Where would the USA be today if some stronger major power had forced a compromise settlement in 1860-65...?? Y'all's asses might still be out there pickin' cotton on the plantation......

Best to let them sort it out unmolested once-and-for-all and reach a solution that won't re-ignite down the road. BTW, it's a clear example of a fundamental BD Axiom in action - if you can't defend it, then you ain't got it. If Ukraine had a well-developed heavy-budget military industrial complex, do you think Russia would be messin' with 'em...??

Constructive_Feedback said...

CNu is straight up George S Schuyler!!!!

My argument is: The Embedded Confidence Men (I think you call them the "Second Generation Civil Rights descendants - or something like that) are EXPLOITING the rituals and wardrobe adornments of past LEGITIMATE "Civil Rights Leadership" - for the purposes of pure POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM to-damned-day.

In truth - Brother CNu - I AIN'T MADE AT THEM.
Their ability to pull enough fire alarms to produce a "125 Alarm National Fire Response" in the response to their "Justice For Trayvon" rally provides me with INFORMATION on how this scheme works. If they indeed were in a fire command staff - they would be brought up on charges for mis-allocation of fire fighting apparatus - allowing POPULARISM to leave communities vulnerable as the convoy of fire trucks headed down to Sanford Florida as the "Roof Was On Fire" as a "Ninja Got Himself Kilt" right outside of their vacated fire battalion buildings in various cities.

Nothing is going to change until the Americanized Negro accepts his BASIC EQUALITY with the WHITE BANKERS at Citibank and Wells Fargo in their capabilities to EXPLOIT the willingness of UNSUSPECTING NEGROES to go along with a confidence scheme with a high stakes financial payoff for the orchestrators.

Until the Americanized negro agrees to REGULATE HIMSELF FROM HIS OWN OPPORTUNISM - the best thing that we can say about AMERICAN CAPITALISTIC POPULARISM VOTING is that it ALLOWS the Americanized Negro to CHOOSE, by popular mandate - those forces who will STEAL HIS VALUABLES and then agree to blame the enemy for the grand larceny

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