Monday, March 17, 2014

US and EU expected to announce sanctions against Russia

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guardian | The US and its allies in Europe are expected to announce sanctions against Russia, including visa bans and potential asset freezes, one day after Crimeans voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia.

The US president, Barack Obama, told his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, on Sunday that Crimea’s vote “would never be recognised” by the United States, as he and other US officials warned Moscow against making further military moves toward southern and eastern Ukraine.

The leaders spoke after people in Crimea voted overwhelmingly in favour of the split in a referendum that the US, European Union and others said violated the Ukrainian constitution and international law and took place in the strategic peninsula under duress of Russian military intervention. Putin maintained that the vote was legal and consistent with the right of self-determination, according to the Kremlin.

Russia’s lower house of parliament will pass legislation allowing the Crimea region to join Russia “in the very near future”, Interfax news agency said on Monday, quoting the chamber’s deputy speaker.
The final results of the referendum showed that 86.8% of voters had supported union with Russia, the head of the election commission said. Mikhail Malyshev told a televised news conference that the commission had not registered a single complaint about the vote.

“The results of the referendum in Crimea clearly showed that residents of Crimea see their future only as part of Russia,” the deputy speaker of the State Duma, Sergei Neverov, was quoted as saying.
But the White House said Obama reminded Putin that the US and its allies in Europe would impose sanctions against Russia should it annex Crimea.  Fist tap Woodensplinter.


Vic78 said...

Politics and religion are the only places where bullshitting is accepted.

Can you blame someone for staying home when this is advertised? They need to be pistol whipped and shot in the ass for wasting my time.

makheru bradley said...

Interesting that on a day when the POTUS announced "sanctions against seven Russian and four Ukrainian officials," and the EU announced sanctions "on 21 individuals, including several Russian military commanders," "Russia’s ruble rose versus all of 31 major counterparts as the Micex index of Russian stocks climbed 3.7 percent after slumping 7.6 percent last week." The DJI rose 181.55 points, and Putin responded to the sanctions by signing "a decree recognizing the Ukrainian region of Crimea as an independent state."

makheru bradley said...

Sink was sunk, despite help from Slick.

CNu said...


Vic78 said...

Toure has a paycheck to earn.

Dude's a cornball.

Vic78 said...

Somebody out there agrees with me:

Constructive_Feedback said...

They COUNTED THE MONEY TAKEN IN for Social Security and Did not Deduct the "IOUs" that were should have been counted as an "Expense".
This nation is on a Crash Course for economic disaster.
The ONLY thing saving the "Fiat Economy" of the USA is that nearly ever other economy in the world is MORE FEEBLE and thus investors keep plowing their money into America's debt that itself WILL NEVER BE PAID BACK.
As long as the Federal Reserve keeps creating FAKE MONEY ($75 billion per month) to grease the skids all is fine.
THE BETTER MEASURE OF "ECONOMIC GROWTH" is had by looking at GROUPS OF PEOPLE within America and their ABILITY TO DEVELOP THEMSELVES relative to their economic competition in the USA and the outside world.
In this index WE ARE LOSING

CNu said...

Must we remunerate the Rothschilds?

Why not instead declare a jubilee and repudiate the bankster's debt enslavement?

While we're at it, why not initiate WW-III, anihilate surplus labor, decimate accumulated capital wealth, and massively depopulate, resetting the entire global system, averting the anthropocene extinction, and starting over from an edenic baseline with a minimal regret population selected for knowledge, skill, and ability?

(dood, why you always shouting?)

CNu said...

What exactly don't I get Bro. Feed?

*First Principle:* economics is an expression of political agendas that are hidden within known-false assumptions. If one accepts those false assumptions, then one accepts those hidden political agendas.

lol, grown folk already talking about psychology and sociology over here - you welcome over at the big table, no need to shout from the kids folding table in the den.

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