Saturday, March 01, 2014

human pheromones and food odors: epigenetic influences on the socioaffective nature of evolved behaviors

The microbiota–gut–brain axis: neurobehavioral correlates, health and sociality

socioaffectiveneuroscienceandpsychology |  Background: Olfactory cues directly link the environment to gene expression. Two types of olfactory cues, food odors and social odors, alter genetically predisposed hormone-mediated activity in the mammalian brain.

Methods: The honeybee is a model organism for understanding the epigenetic link from food odors and social odors to neural networks of the mammalian brain, which ultimately determine human behavior.

Results: Pertinent aspects that extend the honeybee model to human behavior include bottom-up followed by top-down gene, cell, tissue, organ, organ-system, and organism reciprocity; neurophysiological effects of food odors and of sexually dimorphic, species-specific social odors; a model of motor function required for social selection that precedes sexual selection; and hormonal effects that link current neuroscience to social science affects on the development of animal behavior.

Conclusion: As the psychological influence of food odors and social orders is examined in detail, the socioaffective nature of olfactory cues on the biologically based development of sexual preferences across all species that sexually reproduce becomes clearer.


CNu said...

It is predictable to find Big Don missing the point of today's cycle, comprehension distorted by his *predispositions*....--->

Vic78 said...

This is classic epistemic closure at work right now.

makheru bradley said...

Asante for this Bro. Nulan. A friend of mine has a child with autism. I will pass this along.

Vic78 said...

What was said about Vitamin D has me thinking about Black folks' favorite travel spots. It may have something to do with why they like those areas so much. I look at a map and see Brazil, Thailand, Nigeria and a few other countries are all on parts of the globe Dr. Jablonski said were best for people like me. I wonder if anyone's done a study on African Americans and Vitamin D while vacationing in those spots.

Dale Asberry said...

Opposite and less well known range?

Rhonda works primarily in areas with no direct economic payoff a la marketable drugs. To help pay the bills, she has a health site called . She and her husband are good people. They epitomize people-centric and what-u-know-what-u-can-do

CNu said...

I consider there to be an animist, prone to admonitory auditory qualia, schizophrenic spectrum. (if you search the group on neuroarchaic or schizophrenic spectrum, there was a fair amount of discussion back in the day)