Wednesday, March 26, 2014

captain trips: the phenomenal power of singular personality...,

archive |  For such a pivotal character in recent history, Al Hubbard is remarkably little known. He is the unsung man who almost single-handedly introduced the world to LSD, as well as (to a lesser degree) mescaline and psilocybin. Albert Hoffman may have invented LSD, but Hubbard is the one who, in the very early years, gave it away like candy to some of the most influential people on the planet.
A true cipher, Hubbard was visionary, eccentric, friendly, and mysterious. At various times, he was an intelligence agent, an inventor, a millionaire, a clinical therapist, and more. There appear to be links between Hubbard and MKULTRA, the CIA program that researched behavior modification using LSD and other substances and techniques.

The definitive article on Hubbard is "The Original Captain Trips" by Todd Brendan Fahey, who also wrote a novel (Wisdom's Maw) that prominently features Hubbard. While researching Hubbard, Todd was given access to a cache of primary documents about the "acid messiah." This material has never been seen publicly until now. Todd has scanned these rare, one-of-a-kind documents and graciously sent them to us for posting.


John Kurman said...

For mind control, pound for pound, there's booze. It's kept the Russians on the farm for 1,000 years.

CNu said...

In the context of human livestock management, I wonder quite a bit about burgeoning cannabisization. Not that I have any concerns or reservations about what it does, rather, because I'm perpetually bemused by the machinations of those who aim to have it do something pursuant to their governance goals and objectives.

John Kurman said...

Cannabis has certainly helped the TV industry. And they don't even have to break a sweat for content!

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