Sunday, March 02, 2014

china plays the "acting white" card and calls departing u.s. ambassador a rotten banana...,

seattletimes |  A major Chinese government news service used a racist slur to describe the departing U.S. ambassador in an editorial Friday that drew widespread public condemnation in China.

The editorial — which called former Washington Gov. Gary Locke a “rotten banana,” a guide dog for the blind and a plague — reflected Chinese nationalists’ loathing for the first Chinese American to have been the nation’s top envoy to Beijing.

Locke’s ethnic background particularly interested the Chinese government and people. Locke won public applause when he was seen carrying his own bag and flying economy class, but he drew criticism from officials in Beijing as his demeanor became an unwelcome contrast to Chinese officials’ privileges and entitlements.

In Washington, Secretary of State John Kerry paid tribute to Locke as “a champion of human dignity and a relentless advocate for America’s values.” Asked about the China News Service commentary, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters Friday: “We are not going to dignify the name-calling in that editorial with a response.”

In his 2½ years in Beijing, Locke oversaw the defusing of two delicate diplomatic episodes, when a powerful police chief fled to a U.S. Consulate and later when a persecuted blind activist sought shelter in the embassy. The Chinese public also credit him with making them realize the harm of the tiny particulate pollutant PM2.5 and the severity of China’s foul air by posting the embassy’s hourly readings of air quality.

Meanwhile, editorials in Chinese state media turned from initial reservation to unfriendliness and to the insolence of the final piece.

“I think it shows the unfriendliness and impoliteness by the Chinese government toward Gary Locke, and it is without the manners and dignity of a major power,” legal scholar Hao Jinsong said. “It is unfitting of China’s status as a diplomatic power. As a Chinese, I am very angry and feel ashamed of it.”

The editorial “Farewell, Gary Locke” took direct aim at Locke’s identity as a third-generation Chinese American, calling him a “banana,” a term for Asians identifying with Western values despite their skin color.

“But when a banana sits out for long, its yellow peels will always rot, not only revealing its white core but also turning into the stomach-churning color of black,” read the editorial.

The author Wang Ping — likely a pseudonym — slammed Locke’s portrayal as an official judicious with public funds and called him hypocritical as he retreated into his multimillion-dollar official residence and specially made, bulletproof luxury vehicle.


Vic78 said...

Lol@ Spike begging in the 21st century. What's with them nowadays? Spike kind of reminds me of this guy:

These guys are going full bitch boy on us right now.

woodensplinter said...

Doesn't this exemplify a post-racial state of affairs, one in which two media titans are free to publicly make fools of themselves - freely and furiously exhibiting all their little warts and frustrations?

Tom said...

So all the old countries sling this kind of shit at us. Fuck 'em.

Tom said...

Irish people call Irish-Americans "Plastic Paddies." Teh Black have this Oreo bullshit. Fuck 'em all.

Vic78 said...

Looks like you're right. They show their asses and their aren't any repercussions.

CNu said...

Hindsight shows that Cobb was correct in his theory of black cultural transparency

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

A few days ago the Attorney General of the United States spoke of the vision of having a DISCRIMINATION FREE SOCIETY.
This has largely followed the rhetoric of the Progressive left - in its quest to acquire more ESTABLISHMENT POWER by proposing such "Stretch Goals" that capture more mind share.

When you saw Spike Lee being interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper - did you ask yourself why this call for a "DISCRIMINATORY CARVE OUT" was not called RACISM - in the same way that your fair city of Kansas City suffered when White folks thought that incoming Blacks were "disturbing the sanctity of what THEY have built up"?

Can we really claim that the intention is 100% BLACK EQUALITY when those who KNOW IN ADVANCE that they will hold "THE BLACK VALUABLES" (brand loyalty and votes) at the end of the "Black Struggle Motion" and thus their job #1 is "TO NOT OFFEND THE BLACKS"?

Ed Dunn said...

LOL, you can't deny John McWhorter has become more polished while these liberal Black pundits have mold growing behind their ears.....

CNu said...

Come back in from the fringe Feed. The stretch you're making here has no traction and instead only serves to underscore just how weak and tortious the effort to try and politicize everything has become. Spike had a moment of "caught-up", self-righteous and conspicuously non self-aware pique. He showed his ass in public, and has been roundly spanked for having done so. This is all...,

CNu said...

Sho's you right Ed. Now the fact that he's carrying water for Columbia on this is not lost on any close observers, but that said, Spike losing his cool made him easy pickings for a reasoned and moderate critique.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

It is YOUR lack of willingness to see how the cavalcade of well positioned Americanized Negro cultural and political figures are allowed to carve out protections of the Black Congregation based upon some present attribute or historical experience that INEVITABLY play upon the Negros' INFERIOR status - that is as long as it is based upon American's racist engagement with him.

You fail to note my monitoring of the "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" in Atlanta and Chicago in which GENTRIFICATION from the hands of the White Progressive Political BFF causes far more consternation at the heart of "the Black community" (as I operate as a fly on the wall in these discussions) than many of the trumped up battles against the RIGHT WING enemy that is used to generate CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.

It is YOU who accuse me of engineering that which is CLEARLY THE CASE based on even the most ambivalent read of the scheme that is being orchestrated.

How do you accuse me of POLITICIZING that which resides as the "Elephant in the room" after the Americanized Negro is DISARMED from defending his "Permanent Interests" as he is compelled to VOTE FOR HIS SALVATION?

In the call for "Affordable Housing" an intellectual contortion is expressed.

On the one hand - either blatantly or subtly the Americanized Negro - who is associated with "economic insolvency" is asked to prevent the recognition of the appreciating value of his property. If no one "sells out" then (aside from the increase in property taxes) - no one is crowded out.

All the while the discussion that should be taking place about the failed UPWARD THRUST of the Black Community Human Resource Development Institutions (schools, the construction of a network of wholesale/retail commerce, civic responsibility) are at the heart of this discussion but are summarily excluded because the INDICTMENT about "Gentrification" creates an EXTERNAL INDICTMENT.

Get this CNu:

1) Whites who originally occupied many of these locations feared Black people moving in because it would make the neighborhood less desirable. The property value plummeted as their White neighbors "jumped first" - moving out before their other White neighbor who thereby avoided the economic loss of property value

2) The abstract intellectual voices of Spike Lee (who himself has a multi-million dollar mansion on the market himself) are asking Black people to "not betray their community trust" OR ELSE WHITE FOLKS WITH MONEY will move in.

In Portland Oregon a group of Black Progressive activists fought against a "Trader Joes" from moving into their community because this "high end retail" will make the community more attractive and thus stimulate "gentrification".

PLEASE TELL ME HOW MY NOTATION OF FACT/TRUTH is "Politicizing" that which has already been expressed as POLITICISM - that has crowded out "Black Consciousness In Pursuit Of Community Development Through Strong & Effective Institutions"?

I take it that any commentary on this map would be consider "Politicized" as well?

CNu said...

lol, they don't let you make business presentations yet at work do they Feed? Break all of that incoherent meandering down to a moment of abject lucidity for me would you please?

Time and economic tide respect no culture. Spike is pissing into a gale-force headwind. Folks want to move in, and folks want to cash in - everything else is merely conversation. Who does the jawjacking and why makes me no nevermind. The end-result will invariably and inevitably be the same.

Fact of the matter is, in most hoods, at least in the 3rd and 5th districts comprising 64 square miles of formerly segregated Kansas City east of Troost Ave. - the overwhelming majority of that real estate was transferred to other folks as landlords years ago. Whatever those entities didn't gobble up, homevesters (we buy ugly houses) came in and sopped up the rest.

woodensplinter said...

Not as familiar with Spike Lee's movies as an American. But after viewing that video for the first time, I'm wondering - to which "article" does the title of this post refer?

CNu said...

lol, the Atlantic article refers to the School Daze musical which makes me sad and quizzical concerning the Skip Gates moment that provoked an outburst so plainly irreconcilable with demonstrated priors.

Ed Dunn said...

This meltdown pattern is ongoing - the Black identity liberal groups cannot function and failing apart. They invested too heavily in believing someone should be offended by their Black identity anger but guess what - we got a Black president in the White House and those people who voted for Obama are not scared of Black identity anger and outrage anymore, which where Spike Lee fell apart. These people are crumbling faster than I thought and this is not even post-Obama era...

CNu said...

Lee is less a social analyst than a reincarnation of George Jefferson with his open hostility to whites.

But George had grown up in Jim Crow America. We let his bigotry pass as “cute” because it was just desserts for a nasty past that was barely even past. But it’s been 40 years.

Surely what bothers Lee is not that Fort Greene is now a cushy neighborhood. He just wishes it had gotten that way with all black faces. He’s yearning for the multi-class black communities that people of his generation regret the dissolutions of after the end of institutionalized segregation (when black people like my parents, for example, moved out to mixed or white neighborhoods).

But let’s face it: The reason there were black communities like that was because of segregation. If there still were black communities like that, no matter how beautiful they would look when shot lovingly in films like Lee’s, it would signify racial, as soon as their paper permitted, George and Weezy moved right on up to the east side and left that identity anger by the curb. They also left a bunch of confused and rudderless folks back in their wake.

Those lost-found folks better drop the black identity anger quick, fast, and in a hurry, and cowboy up on some STEM and economic value-add identity like the H1-B Java cut and paste crew from Bangalore...,

Vic78 said...

McWhorter's a better banjo player than most but he's still a banjo player. He can't help himself sometimes.

Vic78 said...

What gets me was that people were holding on after seeing Obama get elected. They should've known the gig was up and acted accordingly. They've had it coming for a long time.

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]those people who voted for Obama are not scared of Black identity anger and outrage anymore, which where Spike Lee fell apart.[/quote]


When you see an "Angry Negro" on the television news (with legitimate anger from his perspective as the Lumpen Proletariate) and then you see the "Civil Rights Pharisees" swarm in to become the "Representatives For Profit" - offering more effective articulation of the grievances, the ability to organize a larger congregation behind the 'Struggle Motion' and finally - and most importantly - a well proven distribution network of 'Voter Registration collateral and mail-in services' - IF your short term goals for POWER can be achieved by filtering out the "Negro Emotionalism" - and depending on the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men to rile up the troops in a manner that is favorable to YOU against your RIGHT-WING ENEMY - what particular element of 'Scouts Honor' should prevent you from TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION that is presented to you - per your big picture thinking?

The problem is that it is the AMERICANIZED NEGRO that lacks any short of long term, strategic, coherent plan for ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT within the confines of a "community" - in which he can step up and accept all of the responsibilities of THE ESTABLISHMENT within these confines:

* DEVELOPING the people through the Academic Institutions

* Giving the people INDUSTRY aligning them with a daily repetitive purpose through which they develop skills and receive compensation - while keeping the winds of trade going in support of the goods and services that other members in the larger ecosystem are demanding and willing to pay for

* Advocating for and enforcing a CULTURE through which certain FUNCTIONAL OUTCOMES in the RELATIONSHIPS AMONG PEOPLE is produced - maximizing each of their ability to be self sufficient at the atomic level - the household/family level - while dealing with the exceptions

The Americanized Negro was tricked into believing that by INTEGRATING his COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS into nationalized political opportunism that the stubborn local challenges would be addressed.

Instead now he has an intractable BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE - who now has prime time "SELF-CHUMMED IMAGE AWARDS" that largely echo that of WHITE elite "Red Carpet" ceremonies - all of this being engineered as necessary propaganda tools to assist the lowly Negro rank & file member to FEEL GOOD ABOUT HIMSELF by projecting his hopes upon a Negro on the television who is wearing $1 Million in diamonds from a South African mine - with an EQUAL BRILLIANCE to that which the White folks will wear 3 weeks later at the Oscars.

At the time when the Black Rank & File who was previously made to protest against such shows of ostentation- IT IS CLEAR that with this drive toward DIVERSITY - the goal was to disarm the Americanized Negro from protesting the system in which he has limited upward mobility by cutting a few PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE HIM - in on the inside money flow.

CNu said...

lol, Feed. A handful of lurking afrodemics clinging to the racial services machinery for dear life see your comments, but are unmoved.

The "legitimately aggrieved" lumpens don't see any of these comments and couldn't make heads or tails of it if they did.

FBI/DOJ sees it, cause they're here - like clockwork.

Knowing the above, help me out brah....who is the intended audience for all this energetic preaching you love to do?

Ed Dunn said...

At this state C-Feed, I think we're beating a dead horse and kicking a dead cat. Someone got to call it and say these guys are done and now focus on the real plan ahead as you indicated, economic development.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

If this is the case then WHY is it that after the "Mission Accomplished victories" at the local level - putting FAVORABLE PEOPLE INTO POWER are we now so focused on the NATIONAL high stakes political battle to settle who will be "the king of the hill"?

Where is the "circle your wagons" and build up your innards that is the typical reaction to an external threat?