Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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twcc |  FOX News political commentator Bill O’Reilly is making his own news again, this time targeting R&B star Beyoncé. O’Reilly – who himself has been accused of sexual harassment – claims that videos for Beyoncé’s new eponymous album released in December are a threat to society and encourage teen pregnancy. His thoughts came out on his show The O’Reilly Factor during an interview with Def Jam founder Russell Simmons.

O’Reilly doesn’t seem to be finished with the topic and told David Letterman on the Late Show last Friday that he had a question ready for Beyoncé, should O’Reilly ever have her on his show.
“Here’s my question for Beyoncé if she ever came on my program,” O’Reilly told Letterman. “She has 350 million in the bank … she doesn’t have to do this. I mean some of these thugs, that’s all they can do. But she doesn’t have to!”
O’Reilly added that he would tell Beyoncé, “Look, these girls love you – they idolize you – you have all the money you need. Do some uplifting stuff. You’ll sell as many records.”
Letterman defended Beyoncé, pointing out to O’Reilly that older generations have been outraged at the music of younger generations for decades, referring to a scandalous performance by the Rolling Stones a half-century earlier in the very theater where the two talk show hosts were chatting.
The same kind of questions were raised about popular music of my day that are being raised about the music today,” Letterman said. “Beyoncé is not the first one.” The Late Show host went further, adding, “In her way [Beyoncé] does as much uplifting activity as anybody in popular culture today, [but] you just found something to whine about because you’re getting to be an old guy like me.”


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