Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Will The Intelligence Act Amnesty Include Murders Committed To Keep UAP/NHI Secret?

We don't actually know what they've been hiding, what knowledge they actually possess - we only think we do, largely based on misinformation these exact same entities have been responsible for propagating and disseminating these past decades.

Hence the terms of the Authorization Act - it's not envisaged as a get-out-of-jail card for people guilty of crimes against humanity: it's a chance to get out from under what's legally coming in exchange for lighter sentencing.

Nobody complicit in any actual criminal activity is getting away with anything here - their own terms of being under the blanket of National Security in the first place prohibits not only illegal activity but compliance with illegal activities - their own clearance authorization is enough to prosecute breaches.

The Authorization act is simply to encourage further whistle blowing - there are a lot of small fish involved in organizations like these, especially on the technical side, who could do with the assurance that they're not going to be crucified for getting out from under who and where ever they currently are.

Currently the only information we know about UFO's is what these SAP's have been telling people is true - and the point is, they lie, rather often - about pretty much everything.

If we want to get anywhere near the "truth" we will have to tolerate leaner sentencing for proven intelligence assets - it's not like the bosses are going to come forward.

They know where the bodies are buried and more importantly, they know who else knows because they made sure to implicate them.

That's how control works. Nobody's going to want to expose that, but the gig as it currently stands is up - one way or the other.

Don't worry - the bosses will always get away with whatever they've done, that's what the establishment seeks to protect - the little people are the ones that get it in the face: the Authorization Act isn't changing anything, not in the grand scheme of things - but it does encourage human assets to come foreward and that's what those authorizing the act need this minute.

Currently nobody knows what's going on, and that's down to these SAP's earning their pay checks.

The real question is, who actually is signing them.

Currently nobody knows.


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