Monday, June 12, 2023

The Origin Of These Artifacts Is Complicated....,

The best breakdown of possibilities is still, after all these years, from Cosmic Trigger by Wilson, Robert Anton:

“There is, at this point, no single theory that will account for all of the Damned Things we are going to bring forth and parade for your inspection.

To give you some perspective in advance, let us list a few of the ideas that have passed through this investigator’s mind in the course of his journey into and out of Chapel Perilous.

Either . . .

(a) the evidence assembled here can be explained by Bell’s Theorem, a breakthrough in physics suggesting a basic indivisibility of all things. Bell also allows for three sub-models we shall be discussing: (1) the observer-created universe; (2) parallel universes; (3) information-without-energy;


(b) some human beings of highly evolved psychic powers (“the Illuminati”) are playing head-games with other human beings, sometimes passing themselves off as (c) or (d) below;


(c) we really are being contacted, experimented upon or otherwise manipulated by Higher Intelligences from Outer Space, probably from Sirius (or the Illuminati are creating a simulation of such extraterrestrials);


(d) we have always shared this planet with another intelligent species, which can either remain invisible or manifest to us in any form it chooses. UFO researcher “John Keel calls these hypothetical entities “ultra-terrestrials.” Earlier ages called them fairies, angels, demons, the weird people, etc.


(e) we are all evolving into the use of new neurological circuits, which will make us superhuman in comparison to our present average state. The activation of these new circuits creates a great deal of temporary weirdness until we learn to use them properly. This is the theory of such scientifically oriented yogis as Sri Aurobindo and Gopi Krishna, and of Dr. Timothy Leary.


(f) a combination or permutation of the above is going on simultaneously. Some of our data fit one of the above theories better than another; some fit equally well into two or three theories; some don’t fit any theory yet.

The multi-theory approach (or, as it is called in physics, the multi-model approach) is the only way to deal adequately with all the facts.

Any single-theory approach is premature and causes a truncation of our intelligence; it forces us to ignore or belittle parts of the data that might be crucial.”


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