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Everyone In This Documentary Has Been Suicided Or Died Under Strange Circumstances

projectcamelotportal  |  5.21.21 BREAKING NEWS:   According to a key source:  Mark Mccandlish offered to give testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee and contacted Marco Rubio on this just prior to his death… His potential testimony along with his obsession with building the ARV probably got him killed.  Just as it got Gordon Novel killed.  And James Allen the director of the film Zero Point (all about Mark McCandlish).  This is no distraction or disclosure dog and pony show… This is also about THE TRUMP CARD that Trump is holdinghis ties to Nikola Tesla and this tech.  And this is all about bringing Zero Point energy into the public and the battle to keep it quiet.



According to a source the Redding City Coroner said there are 5 different agencies looking into the death of Mark McCandlish.   Judging from the past history of intel agencies and “suicided” victims it is highly likely that at least one of those agencies is right now working hard to come up with a feasible set of lies.  The objective would be to convince the general public that Mark was killed by some “lone gunman” or chose to commit suicide “suicided” as opposed to what really happened which all signs point to a typical Cabal-styled hit job.

Mark McCandlish was a highly refined, passionate engineer and designer whose illustrations were intuitive and detailed while at the same time technically accurate.  A person who spoke to him the night hefore he died indicated he was tired but upbeat and focused on moving forward with his projects.  Having served in the American military he felt it was his duty to testify should the opportunity arise, before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  His contact with Marco Rubio is said to have been ongoing. He wanted the truth about UFOs and zero point energy (some call it energy form the vacuum)  to come out and that the people have a right to know.

Update.  5.22.21

According to another source Fred Bell also was also killed and had knowledge of this tech (and of time travel which is intimately connected to how UFOs fly).  As does Sean David Morton who they just took back into prison.  Sean was writing a series of books based on whistleblower testimony and papers given to him by his lawyer….With advanced cancer Sean appears to be targeted in the same way.  Sean was about to release information all about time travel in his 4th book when he was arrested a few years ago.  

The list goes on with people and inventors who have died or been threatened surrounding the story about Zero Point Energy or energy from the vacuum or “free energy”.  Another example is former Mars astronaut, Brian O’Leary was killed by a fast-acting cancer in part for interviewing and writing a book about this energy called the Energy Solution Revolution https://www.amazon.com/Energy-Solution-Revolution-Socio-Political-Suppression/dp/0979917646

and the list goes on.

It is worth noting Mark was killed 33 years from when Brad Sorenson first saw the ARV in a hangar (either at Norton Air Force Base or if the story posted here is true, at the Lockheed Martin Skunkworks facility). The 33 year connection is another indicator of the stamp of the Illuminati on Mark’s death in addition to the method of death which is another trademark “shotgun to the head”.

Excerpt from book:  SPACE WARP PROPULSION-PART 2 Alien Reproduction Vehicle SANTOSH DANDIN (a real name?)


 It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that Marco Rubio and the sudden push to release highly sanitized versions of the UFO/UAP story is coming from somewhere deep in the intelligence community and deep state.  If you are willing to suspend disbelief momentarily and consider Trump’s close relationship to his uncle who was instrumental in getting Nikola Tesla’s tech into the hands of the deep state this sudden push becomes clear.  What the Cabal seem to be doing is racing against time to “one-up” Trump and take control of the narrative to spin it where they want, before he releases this tech into the public.  Once he wins back the Presidency by way of proving vote fraud and outside interference… “A digital Pearl Harbor” as Juan O. Savin is fond of saying Trump would be in a perfect position to literally change the world.  When Trump (who is still Commander-in-Chief and has the nuclear codes, is reinstated, in theory the tribunals would start against the human traffickers-adrenochrome junkies of the deep state.  At some point Trump would during his last 4 years then bring his “trump card” forward which is ZERO POINT energy… Zero Point is considered the keys to the kingdom encompassing UNLIMITED and free access to energy that makes all things possible including travel through wormholes, aka Portal technology aka time travel.  Greening the deserts, unlimited access to food, water at no cost and the end of the fossil fuel stranglehold on our economies….

Not to mention weapons technology that is of course already in the hands of the Secret Space Program … but that access would be worldwide and in the hands of our enemies as well.  Some would say it already is….This is of course the double-edged sword that surrounds the release of this technology and why in part, the military industrial complex has fought so long to keep it all secret.  But the secrecy has forced human society to split with the majority of humans living lives of desperation and growing limitation while the secret government/secret space program has access to unlimited wealth and prosperity and what some of my witnesses have said are as many as 10,000 years in advance of the average person.
So this recent push for a type of disclosure is another effort to OWN THE NARRATIVE and arguably could involve A FAKE ALIEN INVASION staged by the military so that they can get out from under the karmic burden of 70 years of secrecy while people lived lives dependent on scarcity and need, trading humans for alien tech and much more…. 


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