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The Thule Society And Nazi Connection To Non-Human Intelligence

greyfalcon  |  This eventually became the �inner circle� of the Thule Society, and reportedly attracted members from other occult movements in Europe, as well as from Tibet, Japan, India, Kashmir, Turkey and Ceylon.

Its most inspirational book was The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a story about an underground Utopian civilization where the inhabitants flew around in silent wingless vehicles, powered by a force called �vril� - hence the name of the society.

Haushofer knew a great deal about life on Atlantis, almost as though through personal memory. He taught Hitler that the Aryan race was genetically developed by the �gods� of Atlantis in preparation for the coming disaster, to be a new �master race� afterwards. He claimed that the Aryans were given higher consciousness and the faculty of logical thought, instead of just super-memory as with the preceding sub-races on Atlantis.

He convinced Hitler that the �pure� Germans were descended from this civilization from �Ultima Thule,� sometimes called Hyperborea, and were meant to be the nucleus of the new master race. Haushofer believed that this race of Aryan supermen survived the Atlantean upheavals and still existed somewhere underground in Tibet or the Gobi Desert, and he convinced Hitler to try and make contact with them.

From 1926 through 1942, Haushofer organized annual German expeditions to Tibet. He apparently succeeded in making contact with an underground civilization in Tibet known in occult literature as �Agartha,� sometime in the early 30s.

It is known that Haushofer met some monks from this underground city, and enlisted them in the Nazi cause. Some literature on this subject describes the monks as �adepts of the dark side.� They came to Berlin and set up a community.

They were later joined by members of the Japanese Green Dragon Society, at the invitation of Haushofer.

In the secret meetings of the Vril Society, attended by Haushofer, Hitler, and the key members of the Thule Society, a very talented medium by the name of Maria Orsic began to get psychic transmissions in an unknown language, which they were eventually able to decipher.

As they continued, it was determined that the messages were coming from two planets in the Aldeberan system comprising the Sumeran empire.

Aldeberan is a huge star in the Taurus constellation thousands of time larger than our own sun, about 65 light years from earth.

The information channeled by Orsic claimed that the Sumeran empire consisted of an Aryan or master race, and a subservient slave race, and that the Aryans colonized our solar system 500 million years ago when the Aldeberan system became uninhabitable. When they eventually reached earth, they founded the Sumerian civilization.

According to Peter Moon in The Black Sun:

As they continued to study the transmissions, the Vril Society discovered that the ancient Sumerian language� was identical to that of the Aldeberans and that it was also similar to the German language.

Whether or not they materialized in the flesh in the inner sanctum of the Vril Society, or met with the Nazi leaders in the underground city through the mediation of the Tibetan monks, there is no doubt that Haushofer and Hitler, at least, met with the �Ubermensch� or �superman.�

In a conversation with Hermann Rauschning, the governor of Danzig, about the possibility of creating a new, advanced species of human through breeding, Hitler said, as reported by Rauschning:

�The new man is living amongst us now! He is here!� exclaimed Hitler, triumphantly. �Isn't that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.�

Samuel Mathers, the founder of the Golden Dawn, had a similar encounter.

In a manifesto to the members in 1896, he wrote:

As to the secret chiefs with whom I am in touch and from whom I have received the wisdom of the Second Order... They used to meet me physically at a time and place fixed in advance. For my part, I believe they are human beings living on this earth, but possessed of terrible and superhuman powers....

I felt I was in contact with a force so terrible that I can only compare it to the shock one would receive from being near a flash of lightning during a great thunderstorm...

Could the �secret chiefs� or �supermen� have been extraterrestrials, perhaps currently living on earth or elsewhere?

In light of subsequent developments, such a conclusion seems not unreasonable. Possibly, because of this contact with Hitler, the Nazis were to acquire scientific knowledge and weapon technologies far beyond anything previously seen on earth.

The weapons became known as the Wunderwaffen or �wonder weapons.� This all seems especially remarkable when it is understood just how much the Nazi inner circle detested science and �book knowledge� and embraced psychic information and ceremonial magic instead.

According to Peter Moon, as early as 1919, the combined Thule and Vril Societies began work on a time machine which was completed in 1924 and taken to a hiding place in southern Germany.

This early development, it is said, re-surfaced after the war and was continued thirty years later as �The Montauk Project,� in an underground base at Montauk Point, Long Island where ex-Nazi scientists were assisted by extraterrestrials.

And it was the Vril Society that reportedly developed the first anti-gravity craft, the RFZ-1, as early as 1937.

The society raised its own funds for this development by soliciting donations in German newspapers!

This first model �crashed and burned,� but the RFZ2, 60-feet in length, flew quite well and was used as a reconnaissance craft, and so it came to the attention of SS Chief Himmler. By this time, Hitler was in power and he turned the anti-gravity development project over to the SS, to develop directly with the Vril Society. He himself was more interested in conventional weaponry.

By 1939, the SS had developed the RFZ-5, which was renamed to become the famous Haunebu I - a two-man craft, about 35 feet in diameter powered by a tachyon type electrogravitation motor called the Kohler Converter.

The motor, it was claimed, converted the earth's gravitational energy into electromagnetic power. The Nazis continually improved on the Haunebu model, culminating in the Haunebu-III late in the war.

A huge craft; 200 feet in diameter, the Haunebu-III, it was said, could reach a speed of 24,000 mph at an altitude of 15,000 feet and could carry 32 passengers.

But strangely, the Germans were never able to adapt these incredible flying machines to conventional warfare. It is suggested that they couldn't train the pilots, and that the craft were not maneuver-able enough to engage fighter planes in dogfights, and that they couldn't be used as bombers, although they could easily reach the U.S. without refueling.

The Nazis chose to focus instead on von Braun's robotic-rocketry, believing that they could so frighten the civilian population of London with their V-2 flying bombs that they could precipitate a mass movement to surrender. As history makes dear, they severely underestimated the legendary British "stiff upper lip." The Nazis also pioneered jet powered propulsion.

The first jet fighter plane in the world, the fearsome Messerschmitt ME-262, could easily have turned the tide of the war if it had lasted several months longer.

German scientists were also working on development of nuclear weapons long before America got into the act. Nuclear fission was discovered in 1938 by Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin. The Germans were producing heavy water in Vemork, Norway in 1943 in preparation for using it to refine plutonium.

But Hitler and Albert Speer scuttled the program after chief civilian nuclear scientist Werner Heisenberg failed to sell the project as a feasible way to win the war.

Allied soldiers discovered a uranium-based nuclear reactor underground in Haigerloch, Germany, Heisenberg's hometown, and several thousand pounds of uranium buried nearby.

The consensus is that Germany would have developed the bomb before the US. if it hadn't been for Hitter's poor judgment in scientific matters, and the sabotage and heavy allied bombardments of technological sites, although some think that Heisenberg, a former prot�g� of Nobel Prize winning Danish physics Niels Bohr, deliberately diverted his research away from weaponry.


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