Sunday, June 25, 2023

From Whence Came Humanity's Ancient Helpers?

I know someone that works for NOAA. The disclosure rumors are 100% true, and the species in question is aquatic. I don't expect anyone to believe me, and that's fine. I know a lot of bs gets posted here for shits and giggles. I'm just sharing a story from a few weeks ago, that I feel is relevant due to all the disclosure talk.

I have a college friend that landed a job working for NOAA in a pretty high capacity. I won't say more than that to protect their privacy. Around the holidays, me and said friend were catching up, and they shifted the topic to aliens. This friend is very level-headed, and we usually don't talk about stuff like that. It's mostly family talk, and work.

They asked if I believed in aliens, to which I replied that "I'd like to, but we simply don't have enough evidence." Their expression perked up, and they said "I'm going to tell you something, and I want you to take me absolutely serious."

Ok, where is this going I thought. They never seemed so intense in a conversation before, so I braced for some kind of huge personal reveal or something... But they started talking about the Russian submarine incident that happened not too long ago, where supposedly a fire broke out onboard a Nuclear-powered Russian sub, and killed everyone onboard.

They said that was a cover story that Putin came up with for what really happened. The sub was apparently investigating an underwater base that is controlled by non-human entities. They got too close, and the sub was destroyed by these beings. My friend went on to detail how most world governments are aware of their presence, yet keep it undisclosed because of the ramifications to society it may have. Also, because we can't do anything to stop, or forcefully reveal them.

They told me that NOAA has had thousands of "incidents of contact" with these underwater beings, and that it's fairly common knowledge amongst certain departments and roles in the organization. They said they have witnessed video, audio, and physical evidence of these beings residing under our oceans, but it is kept under tight wraps by senior officials, and whatever government sector controls NOAA.

The friend said that the recent disclosure buzz is legit, and had been carefully planned. They said they don't know exactly what details will be provided to the public, but that in general, it will be made known that there are other beings occupying our planet, and that they are not from another planet, but have been here, long before us.

They also said these beings actively keep us out of certain parts of the oceans. Apparently, their technology is advanced beyond anything we could come up with to withstand/negate the insurmountable pressures at extreme ocean depths. They are able to freely enter/exit the water in their craft, without displacing or disturbing it physically. They've been captured innumerable times on SONAR, traveling at speeds underwater that are impossible as far as human technology, or marine biology is concerned.

They also mentioned a place called Lake Vostok, and said a very large base was discovered there under the ice, and that Russians have control over the operation there.

My friend also detailed that they have been witnessed outside of any craft, swimming in the ocean freely, by submersible, divers, and cameras at the bottom of oil rig platforms. They are humanoid, and resemble what most people would call the typical "gray alien". Oversized head/large dark eyes, no visible ears, small mouths. It's not known how they breathe, and move underwater.

That's pretty much most of what I was told. They didn't give a date, they just said it will definitely be this year according to what they have been hearing. Apparently this is going to be a worldwide disclosure, not a US specific thing.


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