Wednesday, June 21, 2023

What Is Project Zodiac? (Disclosure Back In The Day vs. Disclosure Now)

There were three articles written in UFO Magazine in 1998 that concerned a fictional character named Sedge Masters. They are worth reading. (May/June 1998, September 1998, and December 1998.) The author of these pieces is a man named Greg Halifax."

"We have reason to believe the set of stories(3, I think) are only slightly fictionalized versions of a source's experiences writing up records for the archives at WPAFB. Specifically, ever hear of Zodiac, which is supposed to be the true name?"

I haven't read the articles in question but the context kind of it seemed to me that the MJ12 story is implied to be sort of a controlled release version of details of a group that was actually called Zodiac(12 signs of the zodiac?)

Here is a scan of one of the original UFO Magazine Sedge Masters "stories". Enjoy!!!


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