Saturday, June 10, 2023

Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Will Seem Like Magic

Let's talk for a moment. I spent the past month breaking my brain trying to clearly wrap my mind around the non-technical expression of spinors and twistor space. The inimitable Sir Roger Penrose has spent the last five decades doing his level best to communicate and educate capable others with regard to his geometric/complex algebraic grand unified theory or theory of everything. 

If I've found it this difficult to merely conceptualize what Penrose has conceived and attempted to inform others concerning - how much more staggering would it be for me to attempt to acquire all the maths involved with formally or technically expressing these concepts?

Now - what has been introduced into the public domain with great energy this past several weeks - is a set of highly credible disclosures concerning a decades long "arms race" to attempt to make sense of technical vehicles implemented according to superhuman reality mechanics. Not just fantastic and mind-bending individual cognitions - but instead - functioning work product that far further along than Penrose's beautiful and aesthetically pleasing intuitions.

youtube  |  top comment by J. Allen there (you can see it below the above video):

"As a current Aero-Engineer for the US Air Force (26years and still going) I can help you decode at least some of this. First, I know that Grusch has only limited ability to talk about this subject. He did get clearance to speak to a certain extent but he MUST withhold quite a bit in order to avoid very serious law violations. So, expect him to be holding back some things he could say and this also necessitates rephrasing on-the-fly language he would normally use.

Second, this retrieval program is REAL and is the most highly classified program in the US. The program is called ZODIAC and this may or may not come out in the public hearings soon. Take this in when viewing this man's speech. He is 'trying' to talk to us about the most highly classified project in the world. People have historically died, lost careers, lost family due to this secret. So to say this is stressful to talk about would be an understatement.

Third, when he shook his head talking about the 'spacecraft' and 'alien' is because we don't really think this is what they are but this term is in common use publicly and is as close as we can describe the phenomena to the general public and be understood. These are much more than spacecraft. They are trans-medium-interdimensional craft to the best of our knowledge. And on the 'alien' aspect this is just the easiest term we have because we don't really know for sure but this term is pretty close. At present we consider most of these 'beings' to be advanced-biological-AI (manufactured beings).

Lastly I can tell you from my own experience while on duty these are REAL. I can tell you this because I was present on two occasions where these 'craft' were above our base watching us. I wasn't read in to this program I can only tell you I was there on two occasions (happenstance) and they are as real as the nose on your face."


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