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Reality Mechanics: Meditation? ESP? Or Something Far More Profound? (REDUX 8/9/22)

9:04 that's the only explanation I can get is that that if they if people are here 9:10 from another civilization then they if they've understood the the 9:15 higher the higher the finer points of quantum of quantum physics and how to 9:20 couple that from particles into beings that can do what quantum what particles 

The best way to understand their approach is by considering something else ordered yet non-repeating: "quasicrystals." A typical crystal has a regular, repeating structure, like the hexagons in a honeycomb. A quasicrystal still has order, but its patterns never repeat. (Penrose tiling is one example of this.) Even more mind-boggling is that quasicrystals are crystals from higher dimensions projected, or squished down, into lower dimensions. Those higher dimensions can even be beyond physical space's three dimensions: A 2D Penrose tiling, for instance, is a projected slice of a 5-D lattice.

9:25 can do now when I was at wright-patterson we had the flying saucers it went up I think they covered the distance from 9:32 Columbus to Detroit in something like equivalent of about 20,000 miles an hour 9:39 I don't think anyone in the canoe in the ordinary aerospace business would have 9:46 had any knowledge of what they were even talking about if you mentioned quantum 9:51 physics or or wormholes are the type of things we know now because if you went 9:59 to CERN and talked to the particle physicists they would tell you certainly some of this was possible because they 10:06 see it all the time where they think they see mass they really see they 10:12 really see energy frozen in it in a time quantum and what they're seeing is not 10:18 is this is really a frozen bundle of energy and it moves back and forth 10:25 almost without any restriction 

I thought there were enough credible stories that I may not be able to 10:32 explain them but they weren't phenomenon that were people's imagination whatever 10:41 they saw was real but I couldn't explain how it how it was real what made it real but I think what they I think they saw 10:48 what they saw near st. Louis there was a fairly large triangular object seen and 10:54 it covered the distance down to south st. Louis in some in some of its 11:00 sightings it was moving relatively benign Lee but then it it literally jumped about 20 miles in a sec couple of 11:07 seconds and I've received a lot of phone calls from the local newspapers and TV 11:13 stations is how can that be and 

I said I don't know how it can be except if you 11:18 explain it through something like a quantum physics explanation of time and 11:24 space relationships it gave you time and space travel but other than that I don't 11:30 there's no way I know that I can put the biggest rocket engine I could think of 11:36 on it it still couldn't get there at that speed and the noise and the sounds 11:42 you would make doing something like that would wake everybody up for 10 miles and 11:47 it made no sound at all it's see it starts out at hover and it literally almost disappears and pops 11:53 over here so it's not like it's not like a cartoon where it goes whoosh it's 12:00 almost like it disappears and comes up over here at least that the descriptions 12:06 that some of the police officers gave to it a lot of combat pilots routinely go 12:13 up to 7 and 8 GS but that's a very specific direction that's from your head 12:19 downward along the axis of your spine if you were to take that what's called 12:24 eyeballs in which is when you accelerate the forces this way you literally would 12:32 have your eyeballs and compressed out of their sockets and you have brain damage so that the G's the do that might be in 12:40 the level of order of so no that's not physically possible for any even even insects to take that level 12:48 of acceleration even over a short period of time you might get in an automobile 12:53 accident you might get a hundred two hundred and fifty G's and that's when the car is completely crushed so that's 13:00 what happened would happen to a human being if that were a conventional force accelerator so it's not a conventional 13:06 force accelerator because if there's people in human beings in them or something being in them that isn't 13:13 crushed then it has to be a different way of doing it the hard part is to find 13:19 a way to physically do that 

you know there are people who have been experimenting with zero-point energy or 13:25 try to tap zero-point energy for years every once in a while someone will do it 13:30 accidentally they'll call it cold fusion but I don't think it's cold fusion I just think it's a zero-point energy tap 13:36 except for three people that I know no 13:41 one has been able to control it when it happens it happens for a short period of time 13:47 and it's almost always destructive it's like drilling a hole into the base of Grand Coulee Dam and all of a sudden 13:54 this jet of water comes out that literally has enough pressure to cut you in half without a valve on it you can't 14:02 shut it off does one guy that that that 14:07 a friend of mine actually visited in Ann Arbor Michigan that was I consider a mathematical genius that actually 14:14 figured out a way to control it he was so paranoid he divorced his wife 14:20 left his wife and children and went in hiding because he was terrified that someone 14:26 would would kill him for the knowledge that he had the ability to tap this whenever he chose to and control it we 14:33 don't know worried we haven't seen him in five years I don't worry is you know right now today you've got an energy 

14:39 problem with the price of oil what do you think would happen if you introduced 14:45 an ability to attempt zero-point energy represents about 40 to 50 megawatts of 14:53 power per cubic inch of space that's a lot of power 15:00 that's 4600 million watts of power and 15:07 if you could tap it at will then no one 15:12 would have to sell gasoline or oil anymore you would just tap into it it would be it would be like taking and 15:20 going out to the Great Lakes and taking out one drop and using it it would you'd 15:25 hardly miss it and since it permeates the whole universe and it continually 15:31 fluctuates as it as as that as the matter and antimatter interact it's not 15:40 like it's a steady lake it's um you see it's a pool the size of the universe so 15:45 you'd never for what we've used before you never even miss it the only thing this one guy claimed that happened is if 15:52 you bottle it and move it to another location and release it he sounded 16:00 exactly like mr. Spock he said you create a tear in the in the time time 16:07 domain of the of local space and actually caused a problem which he 16:13 claims he did and he will never do it again which is bottle and move it the other part is that you're knock it 16:19 doesn't work on conventional jet engines one has to create an actual zero point 16:25 energy engine to do that this one guy in Ann Arbor Mich Michigan had one running in his basement 16:30 not connected to any power source whatsoever sitting in the middle of a table and it had been running for a year 


16:37 yeah the ones I've seen not that they're theirs there they might 16:42 be able to make up an engine that would drive an automobile or they might make a 16:48 motor that would drive a pump for a well in Africa somewhere or a generator to 16:53 power the village but none of them would have to have even those the inkling of 16:59 how you would build a 300 the size of a football field and make it move at the 17:04 speeds that that apparently moved I shouldn't speak zactly that the wrong 17:09 word would appear to be changing and location of in very rapid times because 17:16 conventionally we think of this as speeding through space but what if it really acts like a like some of the high 17:25 energy particles at CERN they really transfer into energy and reappear over 17:30 here and there was no mass that went anywhere because all mass is is solid 17:38 energy and if you find a way to move back and forth with that the 17:44 conventional wisdom is that a complex organic structure like us cannot 17:50 transfer back and forth from energy to solid but that's because we've never 17:56 seen it done what you represent is a solid energy now what you you see you 18:04 think you're solid right in fact the distance between the atoms in your body 18:09 are almost exactly relatively proportional the same distance as the 18:16 planets around the Sun so in fact if you were to take if you could if you could 18:23 look at your individual atoms you would be 98% space the if we if you if we if 18:32 you were the equivalent a neutron star which is only only the the nucleus and 18:37 the electrons compressed your you would fit on the point of a pen so when you 18:43 really get down to what you're made out of it the total electronic the total 18:51 state of you is on the point of a pen james s mcdonnell actually had an 18:56 institute to study paranormal psychology he's it that's why his airplanes were 19:02 named banshee and phantom he was he was an Irishman who was very interscope and 19:09 very much interested in in the in the in the spiritual world on the para and the 19:15 paranormal and he had part of his research department 19:20 working with a foundation he had to study the paranormal and the great Randy 19:26 the magician infiltrated his organization and actually for about a 19:32 six months did sleight of hand experiments to get him tied to this that 19:38 there was something really there and that he discredit him the head of the research department would not even talk 19:47 about anything related to this fact the guy in Ann Arbor that had the zero-point 19:52 energy machine actually came to McDonnell Douglas he and a couple of his partners came in they were going to talk 19:58 about this funny hydrogen motor that they had and I got invited to the 20:03 meeting and about halfway through it I just said guys you've got a zero-point 20:08 energy machine why don't you and admit it and the head of the research department who is who he thinks quote 20:14 was discredited would put off when they did Randy did this he had the guards 20:20 come in and escort them off the planet off the plant because he was just so terrified of this he thought it was 20:29 pseudoscience and I said it's not pseudoscience it's just beyond what we know right now but anyway Randy would 20:37 always say I can't measure it and what I would say is I'm going to give him a ruler and I'm going to say now I want 20:43 you to measure the diameter of an atom or I want you to measure I want you to 20:50 measure how was the distance between quarks and the answer is well that device can't isn't useful for doing that 20:58 so when he talks about radio instruments and electrodes and probes and says well 21:04 I can't measure anything anything Paris I call it Paris psychological he may not 21:10 know what is parapsychology how do you measure it the only people that I know 21:16 that have come close are the Russians and their parapsychology Institute's most of which are all now defunct but 21:24 they had some very interesting twins that they were doing experiments with that they could find ways 21:33 they were they were measuring something was occurring between the two of the two of them in their brain so they could 21:40 actually know what the other one was thinking and it's utterly amazing as to the spectrum of electromagnetics that 21:48 are going on inside the brain the Russians have done a lot with what's 21:55 called scalar waves and different spectrum electromagnetics with within 22:02 the brain and they're convinced that you could explain parapsychology if you 22:08 could ever find out what it is that you have to measure to prove that it's occurring but they are only they just 22:14 got to the edge of perhaps measuring something but they really quite weren't 22:20 sure what to do or how to do it it's all based on physics but maybe you haven't 22:25 got maybe it is scalar waves if it's scalar waves then you're in a whole nother avenue of physics which are very 22:33 controversial Tesla was very very much into those the difficulty with Tesla is 22:40 that when he passed away J Edgar Hoover came in and confiscated almost everything that when his made this one 22:48 has made discovered him him dead she didn't discover him dead she discovered five FBI agents in his room pilfering 22:56 everything and he was laying on the bed dead his nephew sued the US government 23:02 and won back theoretically all of his 23:08 equipment experiments and records there were theoretically 50 boxes he got 45 of 23:14 those in Belgrade the other five were missing and a whole bunch of stuff is missing one of the guys did an 23:21 experiment that he did in New Jersey which was build a half grounded antenna 23:27 a very unusual different configuration everyone said it wouldn't work but in 23:33 1934 he met one of Tesla's assistants who you work with him in New Jersey and 23:39 he says oh well you're hooking up wrong here you hook it up like this so in a rainstorm in Massachusetts they hooked a 23:47 little ten watt receiver transmitter up and the other guy went fifty miles away on the 23:53 other side of a mountain in a rainstorm they held a conversation over that 23:58 antenna system without any noise static or anything else on it we also found a 24:06 record of a submarine that was in the Mediterranean in 1917 1918 number L and 24:16 Tesla in New Jersey put one of these antennas in the ocean right off the coast and on the shore and he's holding 24:24 a conversation with the captain of the submarine and one of the guys actually 24:30 dug out of the Navy records the log of the submarine and it essentially says 24:35 some idiot who's claiming his in New Jersey talking to me must be absolutely 24:41 crazy because I know I'm a hundred feet underwater and no one can be talking to 24:46 me from New Jersey and he had the matching language in his records in his 24:52 logbook Tesla's logbook so what was that you know people say oh if it was an 24:59 accident it was a coincidence that was an inversion of the what layer over here you know there are a lot of things we 25:06 can't explain that are going that people have actually done back when I was a young young engineer at McDonald in the 25:13 60s we routinely designed for the Air Force and the Navy airplanes of fluid 25:19 like four and a half and six the the Vietnam War interfered with most of that 25:25 but we had running engines that would fly Mach 6 easily 25:31 we actually had tested engines that would fly them with the Mach 12 airplanes in fact in 1966 a fellow by 25:38 the name of Bill Escher he's still alive working for Si Si and si I see in 25:44 Huntsville he had on a test stand an engine that was not we can't fly at Mach 25:52 8 in a wind tunnel but we can duplicate the pressure and temperature that the 25:57 engine would see if it were attached to an inlet which is what he did and he actually ran an engine that got 26:03 within 5% of predicted performance of a airstream that duplicated Mach 8 26:09 conditions at about a hundred and twenty thousand feet and it ran for about 26:14 twenty minutes that was all the air supply had 1966 and we were convinced we 26:22 could build them then what's fascinating is I got to see the x-33 a couple weeks 26:28 ago and they had this new breakthrough of this new shingle technology that allowed the the inside of the airplane 26:35 to be room temperature cold with these shingles that reflect the heat they look 26:40 exactly they're another little bit thinner because they have a little bit better materials but we built exactly 26:47 the same structure and 65 and tested it to Mach 12 conditions almost the same 26:55 standoffs a little bit more elegant than what we had because they have a little more elegant materials these days but we 27:03 were convinced we could do it then people laugh at you and say well no you couldn't or no it's impossible we're not 27:09 going to do that because it's risky but no it wasn't risky and yes it could be done all it takes is a dreamer so can 27:17 you imagine the Wright brothers if they one was a lawyer and when wasn't a common why are you going to build a 27:25 stupid airplane for it only carries one person who's going to buy it what kind of profit margin we're going to get god 27:30 we got 40% on bicycles why are we doing this for think of the liability everybody can sue us it's a bad idea 27:36 yeah let's not do it as long as we have that opinion we're stuck what you have 27:44 to say is my gosh it's something that no one's ever done before let's try it if I 27:49 were to look at since my first introduction to UFOs is a young lieutenant today I would say have to 27:59 look at first of all I believe there's a large number of covert projects that go 28:05 on the United States and none of us were ever aware of and if you see some of those things 28:10 they probably bend your mind in the don't fit your conception of what what 28:20 an airplane or whatever it is and so it seems to you to be a UFO so I think 28:26 maybe a large fraction of those are covert projects that we're doing or 28:34 someone's doing that are earthbound and human beings and and and and if you 28:40 really knew that what was behind them you would say yes I I can see how that works but then I think it's like large 28:47 project Bluebook there's this hardcore ten fifteen percent or twenty percent 28:52 that don't fit any explanation other than the fact that the the individuals 29:02 the beings that are in demand came here I came here by way of a process that 29:09 we're not familiar with that is time space travel and I firmly believe that 29:15 some of those are like that the history of the world has been that the wrong 29:20 individual getting that information can use it for a lot of destructive things 29:28 not everyone would use it for the betterment almost any anything you can 29:33 think of can be turned around to be used as a weapon and when you get into these kind of energy energy time transitions 29:43 order it whatever you I can that's I can't think of the best word it's it's 29:51 it's what Tom Bearden says that they could be used to just wipe out whole segments of the population and then the 29:58 earth as well as they could be mate to liberate us from all dependence on 30:03 fossil fuels well first of all the blood the anti-ballistic missile defense system is probably a pipe dream in the 30:13 sense that if what is designed for is 30:19 that you know where it's coming from and when we had Russia there was a 50/50 30:24 chance that you knew about where it would be coming from with 30:30 the rogue nations we have today it's absolutely ludicrous it's the guy who 30:35 walks in with the briefcase with remember that in the 50s they built a 30:42 nuclear warhead that fit inside a sparrow aim-7 sparrow which has an 8 30:48 inch diameter body now it was 1/4 kiloton weapon that will fit inside any 30:53 briefcase you can think of now the guy may die carrying it but he's going to die anyway so what difference does it make 30:59 I'm far more feared of that then if if 31:04 people can if beings can travel in time space than anything we would put in 31:11 orbit as a weapon would be like like going against jenga's con with a 31:18 firecracker you know if it doesn't make sense you know when we talk about 31:23 zero-point energy what that means is that when everything comes down to rest there's still energy 31:31 left it's like sea level in in in the ocean and there is a constant flow of 31:41 energy between matter and antimatter is it annihilates itself and recreates 31:46 itself it occurs in stars all of these big star factories you see now with Hubble is a 31:53 continual exchange of energy and although the average is 0 that 0 may be 31:59 a pretty high level above nothing at all and what soccer off and some of the 32:07 physicists said is that it's this level that creates the background for the 32:13 universe to exist because a group of Russians that use that tube to repeat an 32:19 experiment that Tesla ran in Colorado Springs when he ran it he actually 32:24 created he tapped so much energy that the electric energy flowed back through 32:30 the wire and actually destroyed the parse the the power station at Colorado Springs and when the Russians repeated 32:37 it at Moscow Aviation Institute - they blew up the one megawatt power station at ma I this was 1980 when I got 32:46 involved in space again with Sandy McDonald and we started the what eventually became national aerospace 32:52 plane I met a group of Russians over in England who had a conference and one of 33:00 them hadn't been involved in transmitting energy from antenna on the 33:05 ground to a satellite in orbit back down to Moscow with only about 10-15 percent 33:11 losses and he said the reason we can do this is this is a scalar way projector 33:17 and here's what it uses and he opens up his loose-leaf binder and says now you can't take any pictures of this or make 33:23 any sketches just look at it in low and behold there's the tube I saw in 33:28 civilian Yugoslavia and this was the antenna that what caspar weinberger was 33:35 saying was the anti-ballistic missile thing and he told me even then he says you know if you ever go in the building 33:41 all you're going to see is an empty concrete building with a couple of cables because it's not an anti-ballistic missile radar it's a 33:49 scalar wave transmitter and finally when the DoD got in there they found an empty 33:54 concrete building with a couple of wires in it and he said ah they pulled everything out and Victor 34:02 says it never was in there so they actually he claims he pi he transmitted 34:07 up to 10 megawatts of power from this station to satellite to Moscow and got 34:14 about it eight and a half to nine megawatts of power back received in Moscow so they were on the verge of 34:22 understanding how you do some of these unconventional things but all of that is 34:30 now gone I don't know where he is he lost his job his Institute disappeared 34:36 so a lot of that work just collapsed in the Soviet Union that's the same tube 34:41 the Tesla says he could transmit energy to Mars the surface of Mars and support 34:47 a human colony or to the surface of the Moon so once you make it once you break 34:52 that breakthrough that you actually do that then just think of the hole that then fuel doesn't become a problem 34:58 anymore in our but you just use one of these tubes to generate the power directly to the right antenna and you 35:05 you can you can fly to the moon you can fly in our but you can do anything you want I think it's like a lot of things 35:15 the people that if there are a group of people in the world that that have 35:20 access to it I don't think they know how to let go of it because they're afraid 35:27 who's going to get their hands on it even though there'd be tremendous 35:33 benefit to mankind and to Enver been getting us energy sources that we 35:39 wouldn't have the problems we have with today they're also worried about that 35:46 somebody could take that same energy source and do the equivalent of what they did with the coal of instead of 35:53 blowing a hole inside just obliterating the whole ship it's like trying to 35:59 describe a casper of the go the Friendly Ghost you might see a cartoon of him but 36:07 you don't know how big he is you don't know where his funding comes from you don't know how many there are because of 36:13 the compartmentalization and the oath of people have to take I mean I know people 36:21 today that worked on one of the things that I worked on that if you ask them did you recognize this name they would 36:29 even if I can show it to you on the internet there's some things that have come up recently on the internet where 36:34 some of the stuff that I was associated with their names are now on the internet they would say no that's I have no idea 36:40 what you're talking about in their in their 70s now but they still absolutely 36:46 would never admit that they even know what you're talking about so you don't know you have no idea but it's probably 36:55 it's probably larger than you think 37:01 and again that there's a reason for it and that is you don't want people who 37:08 would be hostile to you to know what it is you could do to them if they really 37:13 caused a major catastrophe because if they knew that you wouldn't prevent them 37:19 from doing it they would just do it another way damn that's that's the hard thing to do 37:25 this today I mean who would ever think in Japan that a group of Japanese citizens who are normally the most 37:32 controlled individuals you've ever seen would release sarin gas in their in 37:38 their underground metropolitan train system I just blew my mind that they 37:45 would they did that possibilities of UFOs are much superior than we think 37:53 really probably it's it's hard to say that fly that the unidentified flying 38:00 objects fly what does it mean fly we fly 38:07 a plane flies because it has a sort of portance but probably


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