Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Last Week Stanford Professor Garry Nolan Was Ubiquitous With Disclosures

popularmechanics  |  A Stanford University professor, who claims to have worked with intelligence and defense groups, claims aliens have probably been on Earth for thousands of years.

Garry Nolan, Ph.D.—a professor in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine—worked with the groups to understand changes in the brains of people who have had encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). 

Nolan believes that aliens are probably using drones and AI to study humans.

A prominent university professor—who has conducted consulting work for the intelligence community and defense contractors—says he believes that aliens have not only visited Earth, but that they’ve also probably been here for thousands of years.

Garry Nolan, Ph.D., a respected professor in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine, made the striking claim this week at a global leadership and networking forum in New York City during a session titled: “The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and Crashed UFOs.” 

In comments made at SALT iConnection 2023—a conference that convenes investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers—Nolan stated that he believed extraterrestrial intelligence had not only visited planet Earth, but that “you can go a step further, it hasn’t just visited, it’s been here a long time, and it’s still here.” 

olan specifically mentioned the “WOW!” signal, an incredibly strong signal that Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio telescope detected in 1977; it lasted for about one minute, and appeared to originate from somewhere in the direction of Sagittarius. At the time, it was regarded as the first evidence of extraterrestrial life, but scientists have published work claiming the signal may have actually originated from a comet.

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The “Wow!” signal, spotted and annotated by astronomer Jerry Ehman, Ph.D. The strength of the signal ranges from 1, low, to Z, and high.
Ohio State University
Still, Nolan stated that people continue to experience the WOW! signal on a regular basis as a form of extraterrestrial communication; even the interviewer on stage noted it was a fantastic statement that the audience might find “tough to believe.” When pushed about the probability that aliens had already visited Earth, Nolan replied without hesitation: “100 percent.”
He cited increased government attention on the matter of UFOs, including the establishment of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office to investigate sightings of what the U.S. government now calls Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs. Nolan said that one of the goals of this group was to establish a whistleblowing office for individuals who have worked to reverse-engineer alien objects, allowing them to talk to Congress.



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