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More On Mussolini's 1933 Exotic Technical Vehicle Recovery

theblackvault  |  So, if the “Fascist UFO Files” are authentic, this rewrites the history of ‘official’ ufology, and the first country to officially deal with the UFO problem was no longer the United States, but Italy.

Alfredo Lissoni’s hypothesis is that the purported saucer recovered in 1933 had been hidden in one of the nearest and most discrete hangars in that region – namely the hangars of the aeronautical establishments of the SIAI Marchetti at Vergiate or Sesto Calende in the Varese region of Ticino. At that time they were under the control of Regia Aeronautica (Royal Italian Air Force) and General Italo Balbo, a very popular and world famous airman and, as indicated, a member of the RS/33 Cabinet. At the beginning of World War II, although he was against Italy’s alliance with Nazi Germany, he became the viceroy of Lybia, but his plane was shot down there by Italian batteries “by mistake”. Another member of the Cabinet, Mussolini’s son-in-law Count Galeazzo Ciano, was later executed by the Fascists due to his opposition to Il Duce.

The “Varese trail” had been suggested to Lissoni via several clues: namely that the messages about the recovery of the UFO came from the nearby Telegraphic Office of Milano; and at that time Black Shirts were suddenly dispatched to that region; and a Varese newspaper, “Cornice Praline”, of June 20, 1933, gave the first report, emphasizing that forms of life on Mars were in contact with the Earth – almost as it were a matter of fact. Also at the SIAI Marchetti at Sesto Calende, there was a director by the name of Moretti; and during the existence of the Italian Social Republic, it was a man named Moretti who, having gone over to the Resistance, set fire to the hangars at Vergiate (which were perhaps guarding some aerospace secret). And finally, when the war was over, the US Air Force and members of the Nazi Secret Service were simultaneously infiltrated into Sesto Calende, to investigate rumours of the presence of terrestrial flying saucers kept at Vergiate. Also, from time immemorial the entire region, was at the centre of intense ufological activity – to such a degree that it gained the nickname of being “The Ticino Triangle”.

In April of 1945, the 1st Armoured Division captured the SIAI Marchetti Aviation Facility where the 1933 Magenta UFO (or it debris) was probably kept and it was brought to the United States. Indeed the “RS/33 Cabinet” had continued to work right up to the time of the Italian Social Republic, the period in which a part of the documentation on UFOs, in several sealed boxes, had been sent to Berlin, while a part – “a not irrelevant part” – remained in Italy.

And this latest consignment of material, included copies of new documents, which possibly demonstrated the existence of agreements between Hitler and Mussolini regarding the study of a new (alien?) technology, agreements that had been made in 1938.These documents were: a Stefani Agency message from Florence containing an interview with Hitler when he was visiting Italy; a banknote of the nominal value of a million Lire (maybe “black funds” of the RS/33 Cabinet); minutes regarding the oath of secrecy given by the professors who collaborated with the Fascist Government; an invitation (registered) to Benito and Rachele Mussolini to Villa Torlonia (said to be for a “riuione riservatissima dedicada al Gabinetto RS/33” (that is “an extremely private meeting dedicated to the RS/33 Cabinet”).

Besides, there is also a strange and cryptic reference from a speech by Mussolini on March 23rd, 1941, when the Duce stated:

“It’s more likely that the United States will be invaded by unknown but war-like inhabitants from the planet Mars, who will come down from the starry space on unimaginable flying fortresses, than by the soldiers of the Axis”. What was the Duce trying to say quoting ‘Martian’ invaders? Beyond H. G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”, as Timothy Good underlines, “this was almost certainly the first official reference to alien spaceships – and one that turned out to be prescient. A year later, an extraordinary incident led some American military leaders to wonder if they were indeed being invaded by beings from elsewhere”. This happened in 1942 with the so-called “Battle of Los Angeles”. In 2013 we learnt that U.S. classified documents obtained by French ufologist Jean Gabriel Greslé stated that two UFOs were shot down and recovered during that incident, and the June 1947 Einstein-Oppenheimer undelivered letter about “Relationships With Inhabitants of Celestial (sic) Bodies” addressed to the President of the United States implies that the U.S. Authorities were well aware of alien UFO crashes before the “Roswell incident”: that is, the Los Angeles case (1942) and the Magenta 1933 case (1945).



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