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Marilyn Monroe And The Flying Saucer Warning To JFK

greyfalcon  |  "In 1947, Banister reported the discovery of a 'flying disk' in Twin Falls, Idaho, according to a 11 July 1947 "Associated Press" report.  The saucer measured roughly 30.5’ across, and "appeared to have been turned out by a machine," possibly as a prototype [according to Banister].

Suspects in the John Kennedy assassination had a pronounced knack for stumbling onto the "unexplained" flying disks.

It is a commentary on the UFO/mind control/intelligence connection that the counterterrorist unit of the FBI already tied to Shaw and Crisman, Division Five—"the Nazi division"—also employed Guy Banister, and has been largely responsible for the development of a form of remote brain manipulation known as Ultrasonic Intra-Cerebral Control.

So once again, the plot thickens. Now the subject of mind control surfaces.  There seems to be no obvious correlation amongst these amazing stories and their surprising facts. But can we connect the dots?  Or is this just another fantasy offered up by hyper-active minds fond of conspiracy theories?  On the other hand, could these astounding connections be better explained as evidence of "disinformation" spun by master intelligence officers with a checkered past?

Roswell and the Reich

Connecting the timing of Banister’s story to the Roswell incident—the seminal UFO incident raging in the press commenced a mere three days earlier—it seems extraordinary to contemplate that the only connection between these incidents is purely an "alien UFO encounter".  As alternative science and history researcher, Joseph P. Farrell, points out convincingly in his book "Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection", when the facts are painstakingly evaluated, the evidence for a "spacecraft" manned by extraterrestrials is choosing the least likely explanation. This may be the story officials want us to believe.  However, it remains unwedded to almost all of the best-known facts.

Even Nick Redfern, a noted UFologist and author, recommends Farrell’s carefully written work by citing the "publishers blurb" in his blog on 10 February 2010.

In "Roswell and the Reich," Farrell presents a very different scenario of what crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947, and why the U.S. military has continued its cover-up to this day. By means of a meticulous review of the best-known Roswell research from both UFO-ET advocates and skeptics alike, as well as some not-so-well known Roswell research, Farrell presents a fascinating case sure to disturb both ET believer and skeptic alike, namely, that what crashed may have been representative of an independent postwar Nazi power, an extraterritorial Reich monitoring its old enemy, America, and its continuing developments of the very technologies it confiscated from Germany at the end of the war.

Farrell’s book is not bed-time reading, and this one is particularly difficult because it reads like a detailed legal brief, examining the testimony meticulously, invalidating witnesses, and ruling out evidence with the precision of a scalpel.  Nevertheless, after one has plodded through it, the conclusion is compelling.  There are no reasons to postulate an extraterrestrial event at all.  There were no bodies—and even if there were, there are no logical arguments to suppose them extraterrestrial.  While there were undeniable sightings and even extraordinary artifacts (various metals with no similitude to anything experimental in western laboratories, let alone in use), there was no solid rationale to suppose anything other than a terrestrial explanation. Furthermore, the probability of infiltration by military intelligence personnel into the Roswell research community was undeniable.  The most significant and credible authors all had intelligence backgrounds!  Was this a case of the foxes being left to guard the hen house?  If so, perhaps they knew where the bodies were buried—except the alien bodies so it seems.

There are consequently two datasets that any theory of the Roswell Incident must seek to rationalize:  (1) the debris, the description of which is consistent across time and various witnesses as has been seen in the previous pages, and (2) the bodies, the description of which is not consistent over time nor over several witnesses in spite of claims to the contrary, and moreover whose witnesses have in turn either been impeached, or shown to be based upon second-hand-and-dead man’s testimony in many instances, or whom other data has revealed were unlikely to have been in the area in order actually to see such bodies.

In summary, any theory that seeks to explain Roswell must answer two incontrovertible facts:  There were extraordinary, unknown metals with mysterious properties discovered on 8 July 1947 at Roswell that absolutely originate from a source outside of America. Secondly, the evidence Farrell recounts argues that no bodies were found at the crash site.  If intelligent beings were flying these crafts, they were guiding them remotely.  [Not exactly outlandish given that all of the V1 and V2 rockets that hit London suburbs were un-piloted aircraft].

Farrell progresses toward concluding the matter with this statement:

"By July of 1947, there were abundant clues that were beginning to be pieced together by American intelligence that Nazism had survived not only in isolated enclaves, but that it was an organized international force.  And by the mid-1950s, it was abundantly clear to the U.S. Air Force that those Nazis had continued to research independently their most extraordinary projects and sciences, and that they were making penetrations into the most sensitive areas of the American military-industrial-intelligence complex".

Likewise, from the first reactions of Roswell in 1947 to the Robertson Panel in 1953, not only Farrell but Constantine assures us that the experts had an agenda to keep these military secrets "under wraps".  It was their concerted opinion to educate the public in what the experts wanted it to believe—for the sake of national interests.  Keeping the public calm was best achieved by distributing the disinformation of outer space visitations—a position beginning in 1960 the government would reverse.  Meanwhile, better to keep the whole possibility of Nazis buried and control the masses however it could.  At the time, inventing an alien religion for the kooks was not a bad option.

Therefore, The Robertson Panel concluded:

"This education could be accomplished by mass media, [especially] television, motion pictures and popular articles".  The panel advised that mental health professionals familiar with mob psychology should design the "education" program. It also recommended that UFO organizations should be surveilled "because of their potentially great influence on mass thinking if widespread sightings should occur.  The apparent irresponsibility and the possible use of such groups for subversive purposes should be kept in mind".

As a result of these recommendations UFO enthusiasts would be watched carefully.  Who knew how much trouble they might stir up?  After all, the Panel concluded that the so-called Foo-fighters experienced by Allied pilots toward the end of World War II were probably nothing more than an exotic form of technology developed by the Nazis and/or Japanese with no real risk to national security.  No less an authority than the famous combat pilot Jimmy Doolittle [known for the 1942 Tokyo raid] cited this conclusion in his report requested by the Panel.

So it was agreed then: It is best to keep the public in the dark while we play catch up with the Nazis—whoever they are and wherever they might be.

So is it that thousands of Nazis and their technologies escaped Europe and made their way to the Americas.  The argument that rogue German scientists found it advantageous to demonstrate their extraordinary new flying machines to frighten their American adversaries surely seems far-fetched.  But the depth of analysis provided by numerous researchers hints strongly otherwise.

However, while the source of flying saucers in the U.S. may be debated—whether they were truly German in origin, came from beyond the stars, or didn’t exist at all—there is no doubt that dozens of the worst war criminals came to the United States as the special guests of the American government.  As a result, America would never be the same again.


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