Monday, June 05, 2023

Does It Make Sense To Talk About "Scale Free Cognition" In The Context Of Light Cones?

arvix  | Broadly speaking, twistor theory is a framework for encoding physical information on space-time as geometric data on a complex projective space, known as a twistor space. The relationship between space-time and twistor space is non-local and has some surprising consequences, which we explore in these lectures. Starting with a review of the twistor correspondence for four-dimensional Minkowski space, we describe some of twistor theory’s historic successes (e.g., describing free fields and integrable systems) as well as some of its historic shortcomings. We then discuss how in recent years many of these
problems have been overcome, with a view to understanding how twistor theory is applied
to the study of perturbative QFT today.

These lectures were given in 2017 at the XIII Modave Summer School in mathematical physics.


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