Thursday, June 15, 2023

David Grusch: The Classified Congressional Briefings

twitter  |  Matt Ford: "Most people are unaware that David Grusch testified in a SCIF, in a classified setting, with both intelligence committees. What we are about to tell you is not public knowledge. Multiple sources confirmed that David Grusch's Congressional testimony occurred in December 2022, at the Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information level.

"On the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, while no congressmen attended the briefing, over twenty congressional staffers, committee lawyers, Grusch and the Inspector General representative, were present. With their classified laptops, these staffers took notes while David Grusch testified for four hours.  

"Now, things were different at the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and his is important. Grusch testified for over eight hours. Who was in the room for Grusch's eight-hour testimony in December? Grusch, the Inspector General representative, a court reporter, and two committee lawyers. That's it. Five people. Where were the Senate staffers? They were not permitted to attend. Think about it: On the House side, you had over twenty people in a SCIF. And on the Senate side? Five.

"The two committee attorneys locked the room down so Senate staffers could not attend. That is some seriously, shady gatekeeping going on. What the hell? I mean, seriously. Now, maybe only having committee attorneys present is a method of protecting the senators and their staff? I'm sure it gives them some form of plausible deniability. But, with a case of this magnitude, a case with information classified at the Top Secret SCI level, a case where the whistleblower has been the recipient of administrative terrorism and witness intimidation by the Pentagon and Intelligence Community, a case where the Inspector General has classified the case as urgent and credible...and the Senate decides to send two lawyers and that's it? That's ridiculous!

"The case, and the allegations, have everything to do with democratic oversight and potential programs operating above Congress. Folks, remember: They work for us, we don't work for them. And without democratic oversight, there is no democracy."


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