Tuesday, June 13, 2023

David Grush Interview: The Big Stuff Summary


  • The personnel interviewed by Grusch shared extreme detail about the programs they are working on and Grusch found it credible.

  • Grusch investigated this topic for 4 years before believing it is credible and 100% factual then submitted a report to DOD Oversight Director which in 2023 determined it as “Credible and urgent”. This has been forwarded to Congress.

  • Grusch has known Kirkpatrick for eight years and has discussed the subject with him. Grusch is unsure why Kirkpatrick has not contacted Grusch on this matter or why key evidence has not been presented.

  • 1933 craft recovered in Italy by Mussolini's forces was intercepted by the US in "1944 OR 1945" - Grusch was unsure, so this lines up with a historical anachronism. We can assume 1945, aligned with history. Grusch showcased a hand-written memo in Italian that also contained small drawings at the bottom as proof.

  • The Vatican informed the US of what the Italian government had in its possession. The Vatican helped suppress this find. This means, The Vatican does indeed know NHI (NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE) exist and is actively covering this up.

  • NHI may be alien, may be interdimensional or both.

  • Football-field-sized craft have been sighted. Multiple operational craft have been recovered. It's unclear if the football-field-sized craft is the alleged 30-ft diameter craft that apparently contained a "football field sized interior" that was recently disclosed. Alternatively, it may be this craft is the Indonesian UAP that allegedly was smuggling drugs and weapons that was reported this week. We don't yet know the context of where it was seen. It may have been seen in a US facility or not.

  • "Quite a number" of crafts have been recovered by the US. At least 12 according to Grusch. Other sources claim many more than this.

  • NHI occupant bodies have been recovered.

  • It's somewhat implied that the US government may have an existing formal relationship/agreement with some NHI factions. "Agreements that risk putting our future in jeopardy". It remains unclear if Grusch was making the implication or if Coulthart was jumping to that conclusion and trying to get Grusch to fill in the blanks.

  • Not all factions are peaceful - but the extent of why/how is not elaborated on.

  • Kirkpatrick is lying by means of omission to Congress. AARO needs to be held to account.

  • The US government have killed people to keep this information suppressed.

  • Nukes are an ongoing concern to NHI.

  • Private enterprise are working with this technology. Aerospace and defence projects.

  • The events of Roswell 1947 happened. Subsequent addendums by the US government were part of a disinformation campaign that continues to today.

  • An ongoing broad UFO disinformation campaign is being perpetrated by the US government. As part of this campaign, Grusch claims some "true" or factual intel has been presented or pushed, along with false claims or disinformation in an effort to muddy the narrative.

  • Grusch has seen/verified the evidence to back these claims. Has seen "photos and documents". His job was essentially to research and corroborate witness testimony, which led him here.

  • Grusch stated there were techniques to bring down these UAPs. This implies that there are crafts that the US has brought down forcefully by some means.

  • There are also craft that were left or given to us for whatever reason. There were also partially damaged craft (including the 1933 craft recovered in Italy).

  • Grusch mentioned people working with these recovered UAPs have gotten sick. He did not elaborate how specifically or what work was being done that might have caused this.

  • Grusch highlighted the possibility that private industry could make a breakthrough and sell it back to the government. Give this has been funded by tax payer money, it is unethical and needs oversight. This also implies this technology is/could already be in the hands of private enterprise and there may be advancements sufficient to on-sell the technology.

  • Grusch alluded to China's willingness to throw bodies at reverse engineering and finding success. This might also provide a speculative rationale for why we're speeding up disclosure: the need to compete with a foreign power for tech superiority.

  • In 1971, the USA and USSR signed a treaty explicitly stating that both nuclear powers would confirm if UFOs or similar breached nuclear facility airspace and/or caused malfunctions that might trigger arming/disarming of nuclear weapons. This was cited as proof of ongoing UFO/UAP interference and knowledge by both superpowers of the situation and reality.

  • Grusch alleges that Russia and China are in a Cold War over this technology.

  • The DOD determine what specific points David Grusch is cleared to talk about and what breaches national security or classified intel. Who or how they make that distinction (or why) is unclear.

  • The videos released by the pentagon in 2020 were “just the tip of the iceberg” and he claims that additional video (or other) evidence exists that are far more extraordinary. This also speaks to the fact that he has seen these pieces of video with his own eyes.

  • Coulhart mentioned Grusch is starting his own science foundation. Was not mentioned if this would be a continuation of his current knowledge or expanding into different aspects of the scientific community.

  • AARO does not have the adequate security clearance (it has Title 10, needs Title 50) in order to actually investigate some of the operations that the crash retrieval program falls under - This has been also reported by Coulthart independently.

  • Grusch says he will "Make myself available to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, who was a recipient of my complaints - I'm happy to further brief elected officials on the specific ecosystem of secrecy down to the fine details."


  • Call and/or write your representative! Demand Congressional investigation into Kirkpatrick and AARO's handling of witness data, and a transparent and thorough analysis of Grusch's evidence and testimonies. Here's the link to the .gov website for finding yours and how to contact them.

You can write your Congressperson in 9 minutes using this link here. This link was provided by Lieutenant Ryan Graves. https://www.safeaerospace.org/activism/contact-your-member


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