Thursday, May 21, 2015

what has america come to when its third-world hoochies cain't even sell tail to feed their kids?

dailymail |  The waitresses who were working at a Texas restaurant when a massive gunfight broke out over the weekend are revealing the terror they felt as bullets began to fly.

The women, all employees at Twin Peaks sports bar in Waco, have taken to social media to share stories of hiding in freezers, running in fear and their belief that this tragedy could have possibly been prevented in the first place.

And now, after enduring this horrific scene, they all find themselves unemployed.

'What we went through Sunday was scary as s**t,' wrote Alicia Ortiz on her Facebook page. 

'I wouldn’t want to have gone through it with anyone else. Being in that freezer with y’all made me see how much of a family we really are.'

She also bemoaned the fact that the restaurant has been closed down in the wake of the incident, and what that means for the staff.

'So the whole restaurant needs to be shut down because of bad management? Peoples jobs need to be lost because of bad management?' she wrote

'We are getting the short end of the stick. And people are blaming all of Twin Peaks like we knew what was going to happen.'

Another employee, Sara Violet Parker, seemed to echo Ortiz's comment, writing on her Facebook; 'Twin Peaks is not to blame, my heart is so heavy for all of my friends who were scared for their lives. Now we are worried none of us have jobs, with bills to pay and some have children to provide for.'


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