Wednesday, May 27, 2015

looking for the kill switch...,

nature |  Groups of humans have always slaughtered those who belong to other groups. The twentieth century was shot through with numerous examples, from the genocides of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey and of Jews in Nazi Europe to the massacres of ethnic rivals in civil wars in Rwanda and Bosnia during the 1990s. Today, the fundamentalist group ISIS is spooking the world with its willingness to butcher others who do not adhere to its extremist form of Islam.

Attempts to understand such events tend to focus on political reasons. But a conference in Paris last month dared to ask a different question: how, biologically speaking, do normally non-violent and psychologically stable people overcome the instinctive human aversion to killing when faced with circumstances of war or extremism? What drives them to participate in acts of genocide? This is arguably the biggest challenge for interdisciplinary dialogue across the fields that consider brain and behaviour.

All human behaviours originate in the brain, which computes cognitive and emotional information to decide what to do. So what, precisely, happens in that organ at the moment that a person’s natural abhorrence of harming others is computed out of the equation?

The organizers of last month’s conference at the Paris Institute of Advanced Studies — ‘The Brains that Pull the Triggers’ — deserve credit for even posing this question. It goes against another human instinct: to consider evil in moral rather than biological terms, as if identifying a biological signature in the brain might somehow be exploited as an excuse to absolve a person of his or her responsibility.

Neuroscientists have studied the abnormal condition of psychopathy in addition to components of normal cognition — such as the recognition of emotions in the faces of others — that may have a bearing on the problem. And psychologists and sociologists have looked at the behaviour of ordinary individuals who identify themselves with particular groups and align their behaviour with that group.


DD said...

a person’s natural abhorrence of harming others... I either missed some of the required reading or this guy is operating from a very false set of base assumptions.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu:

1) Are any of the Duggars children living in poverty?
2) Do any of the Duggars children have limited access to their mother and father?
3) Does this family structure (regardless of the exceptional quantity of children) that is promoted by the Family Research Council produce.............

A) More Or Less Statutory rape of minors?
B) More or Less people who appear on "You Are Not The Father" talk shows?

I thank you in advance for your insightful answer.

Dale Asberry said...

Why don't you look this up, provide us with your findings, and suggest your thesis supported by the findings...

Dale Asberry said...

Otherwise, it appears that you're simply setting up a trap for CNu...

mhicks said...

I need a Subrealism primer: what be wattles?

CNu said...

lol, wattles are those useless red gristle ornaments on chicken heads...,

CNu said...

lol, selfish genes have no truck with your cultural/social mores. woman-farming cads who scatter their seed far and wide make minimum biological investment and realize maximum genetic yield.

Don't be like Charles Murray wringing your hands, clutching your pearls, and lamenting the decline of good YT folkses purported traditional mores. Murray so caught off guard and taken aback by the decline and fall of working class and po YT folks, he's seen fit to leave us alone for a good three books.

Most comical of all, he's got no more to offer his kith and kin on the policy prescriptive front than you do. All he's got is that lame-assed and played-out "mentoring" with the upper classes interacting more fully and completely with the serfs to expose and inculcate them to their upper class mores.

Priceless comedy gold....,

Constructive_Feedback said...

My good man CNu:

1) You relayed the works of "Alternet" whose target is "The White Right Wing Family Research Council"
2) It is a standard Post-Racial Progressive Fundamentalist tactic to "Drown The Right Wing Baby And Throw Out The Bathwater" as they ATTACK THE MESSENGER of a particular lifestyle.
3) When #2 doesn't work they will pick up a counter argument ("WHO SAYS You Need A Father Around? How The Racist White Right Wing Attacks On Black Relationships Is Actually A Form Of Racial Normalization Of Heteronormative Colonization And Oppression"

4) OF COURSE we know that Alternet would NEVER note a scandalous story among a "Protected Progressive Congregation" and use it to infer that THE PLATFORM IS FRAUDULENT

5) Large families are ONLY exceptional today. There are plenty of people who were born in the first half of the 20th century with 10, 12, 14 siblings.

So when you (apparently) are bothered by ME making the case that THE DUGARS nor FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL "OWN" the notion of The Family Structure That HAS THE HIGHEST PROBABILITY OF PRODUCING A "WELL BALANCED" OFFSPRING - Alternet's attack upon THEIR WHITE RIGHT WING ENEMIES should not be construed as a valid condemnation of this tradition NOR that "Alternet Gives A Damn About BUILDING UP THE NEGRO". (And no there is no proof that the F.R.C. has any interest either, but there is no impermeable bladder between mainstream leftist thought and Black leftist thought in America so the FRC is an enemy in this unified chamber,)

Constructive_Feedback said...

Again another Leftist trope.


CNu - this is the damage of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" from the perspective of the CONSUMERS who drink in these "Intellectual STD's", receiving affirmation about their enemies but taking in a lullaby so that they never think to CHECK THEIR OWN PORTFOLIO for evidence of return on investments.

mhicks said...


CNu said...

lol, Feed, stop squirming. You haven't bothered me at all. I just asked you to put forth a specific, concrete policy prescription that would make your Family Structure wet dream come true.

Still waiting.....,

CNu said...

How silly is it to accuse a man of "progressive fundamentalist leftism" who just put forth an eliminationist policy prescription that would have 90% of all crime in America rocked back on its heels for the next 5 generations...,

BigDonOne said...

"Neuroscientists have studied the abnormal condition of psychopathy..."

There is likely an inverse relationship with Eye--Que--
"...Fug u lookin' at Muhfugger...??...(BANG)..."

Dale Asberry said...

Lol, from the likes of you? You see yourself as an intellectual heavyweight but the real heavyweights recognize the buzz-buzz-buzzing of the intellectual gnat that you truly are.

The previous comment was solely to let you know that I was on to your intellectual dishonesty.

So, I'll say it again... all those questions you had above have answers that the goog-all could provide you at your fingertips. You tell us what those answers are and form a cogent argument for what they mean. (Not exactly holding my breath...)

CNu said...

lol, at least Bro.Feed performs his struggle-motions in public. It can always be MUCH MUCH worse. BD out'chere excited but scared. This is the second week running where I've posted stuff from the IQ-160 HBD set (well, HBDChick admits to 120-130 range but she aight) - which material is purportedly in BD's PRR wheelhouse.

Problem is, that, these two sources have read Kahneman and are too smart to try and drag their system 1 baggage through the door. This has BD in a quandry because it's revealing a break in the ranks of HBD thinkers and thought. So instead of posting his latest and greatest insights from the worlds of dogbreeding or fishbreeding, I have to see BD's version of HBD garbage back channel.

I'm much more in favor of the public performance of retrograde struggle motions. At least such performances have a possibility of being instructive to/for somebody.

I think Don is scared of going toe-to-toe in public because if you push him too close, he'll come popping up out of his wheelchair like Dr. Strangelove

Dale Asberry said...

You mean the 'fwap, fwap' struggling motions? Yeah, I hear ya. That's why I encouraged him to actually follow up with his thoughts...

Constructive_Feedback said...

Are you speaking about Murray OR the Think Progress author of the article that you posted?

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote]the real heavyweights recognize the buzz-buzz-buzzing of the intellectual gnat that you truly are.[/quote]

Oh "Bright One" - could you list the 3 steps that I must do to have my "Intellectualism" affirmed ASIDE FROM:

1) Agreeing with you
2) Stop Disagreeing with you
3) Stay Silent

Constructive_Feedback said...

So again you attempt to pair me with BD when there is little in common - particularly our end game.

The only thing that you appear to be motivated by is one who dares to point out the Dysfunction that is still present after decades of getting people's buy in.

I argue that this must be REGULATED from within and stopped.

Constructive_Feedback said...

You say "POLICY", which infers GOVERNMENT and PROGRAMS.

I am arguing that people who want to prosper as a collective had better define an increasingly large set of their consciousness OUTSIDE OF AMERICAN POLITICS or else they should not be surprised when the same SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT that they used to protest against as imperialist and racist CONTINUES DOING SO - but their nefarious relationships cause them to remain silent.

(The people of Yemen say: "If ONLY we were Palestinians and those were Israeli pilots flying these American made planes - then 'Subrealism' Would Cover Our Plight)

CNu said...

I was referring to my own policy prescription of declaring Tier 2 and higher confirmed gang members as enemy combatants and dealing with them accordingly, including denying geneva convention considerations to the ones already in custody.

CNu said...

lol, I gave you full benefit of the doubt and a favorable pairing. Dale the one call you out on your rhetorical stylings

CNu said...

You say "POLICY", which infers GOVERNMENT and PROGRAMS.

lol, well I ain't expect you to organize a criminal enterprise and self-fund like Henry Belsidus.

I am arguing that people who want to prosper as a collective had better
define an increasingly large set of their consciousness OUTSIDE OF
AMERICAN POLITICS or else they should not be surprised when the same
SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT that they used to protest against as imperialist
and racist CONTINUES DOING SO - but their nefarious relationships cause
them to remain silent.

rotflmbao...,!!! If all you've got is that mentholated american negroes lose the moral high ground in the social justice struggle, then you've got nothing at all. Cuh-learly, you haven't been paying attention to the psychological and economic underpinnings of the game of musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Hell, that's the loooooong overdue wakeup call that progressive fundamentalists have pending with their neverending pleas to equitably share the commons, the common good, and invest in our future.

You're my dividend?!?!?!?! GTFOHWTS!!!

Dale Asberry said...

4) Take your questions from above, find the factual answers, form a hypothesis, and finally, defend it!

I can neither agree nor disagree to questions. I'm also not going to do the work of finding the answers for you.

If you can't perform 4, then please, by all means at your disposal, perform 3.

Constructive_Feedback said...

MY PERSONAL BELIEF - if you have read the definition of a "Street Pirate" :

A Would Be Pillar Of The Community, Who Was Allowed To Foment Into An Attacker Of His Own Community Due To The Benign Neglect Of The ADULTS Who Were Charged (BY GOD) To Take The Lead In The Stewardship Of The Human Resources Provided To Them For Their Own Uplift.

I REJECT the notion that with the "Street Pirates Largely Killing Themselves Off" (which is true that there is a small portion of any society members that are violent and killing each other).

The Street Pirate is an OUTPUT from a system of dysfunction and adults who lack the proper PURPOSE.

The fact remains that since the Street Pirates don't have good aim - THE CHILD AND THE WOMAN who is murdered by a stray bullet or the MALE who is thought to be a combatant but is a victim of mistaken identity IS THE CAUSALITY of the plan that you are suggesting.

This is why the next generation of LEADERSHIP that is allowed to stand on stage MUST DEFINE THE DIRECT INTERFACES WITH THE CHILDREN/PEOPLE and not the PROGRAMS and POLITICAL ACTION that they will take, leveraging the ABUNDANCE OF FUTURE HOPE through which they can string people along.

CNu said...

lol, and that's why street piracy that puts some food in bellies beats that "hope from the pulpit" isht - every single time. Better go listen to some Maybach music....,

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