Saturday, May 23, 2015

no love for the modus operandi of violent predatory parasites...,

Dale sent me a link to some interesting pictures on Thursday, pictures that I think may have had something to do with my little epiphany about the nature of the thugs and the peculiar parasitic outlaw subculture quietly tolerated in our midst. The characters mugging in this picture are not in fact samurai, as much as the characters dressing up in leathers and riding around on Harley Davidson motorcycles are not in fact warriors. These are peasants dressed-up and posed in found armor - you can see it in their faces as well as in the unsheathed steel slung across the 2nd from the left's shoulder.

My introduction to Edo culture was as romanticized and artificial as it could be, coming from a teenage encounter with the book Shogun compounded and instantiated by the presence of a genuine Japanese martial arts studio on the outskirts of my neighborhood that preserved, highlighted, and sought to faithfully transmit a cultural and religious ethos embodied - at least in part - in the warrior's arts. Better to watch the period series Zatoichi and be reminded how bleak, predatory, brutal and crimey every installment was inclined to be, and to remember that there was a reason that the samurai put aside their old and lethal religion and imposed the Meiji restoration upon Japan.


BigDonOne said...

You could easily send those two-bit sword-bearing rag-heads fleeing with your basic no-nonsense screaming chainsaw.
Be interesting to see the reaction if you strolled down the street in your basic Baltimore etc. 'hood, with a small chainsaw dangling off an appropriate harness. It's probably even legal. Fire it up briefly every now and then for effect. Even the Michael-Brown types would not dare mess with you......

In Netanyahu's America, IDF Veterans Get American Veterans' Preferences...,

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