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wikipedia |  Leon Mercer Jordan (May 6, 1905, Kansas City, Missouri - July 15, 1970, Kansas City, Missouri) was an American police officer, politician and civil rights leader who was assassinated on July 15, 1970.[1][2] He was "one of the most influential African Americans in Kansas City's history"[3] and, at the time of his death, the "state’s most powerful black politician".[1]

Jordan attended Lincoln High School in Kansas City, served in the U.S. Army,[3] and graduated from Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio in 1932.[4] He married fellow Wilberforce student Orchid Irene Ramsey[5][6] on August 10, 1932.[4] After graduation, he worked as a school teacher.[2]

Jordan joined the Kansas City Police Department in 1938, became a detective, and in 1952, became the first African-American police lieutenant in that department's history. He took a leave of absence in 1947, and spent eight years training the police forces of Liberia.[6] A pilot, he flew his own plane around the country.[3] In 1948, he helped coordinate the rescue of the French High Commissioner of West Africa and 16 other French officials after their plane made a forced landing. He was awarded the Chevalier of the Star of Africa by Liberian President William Tubman in 1948.[4]

In 1951, Jordan became a life member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.[4] He returned to Kansas City in February, 1952, and was promoted to police lieutenant. However, he discovered that he had little power, so he resigned and went back to Liberia for three years.[3] He returned to Kansas City for good in the mid-1950s, and purchased the Green Duck Tavern.[3]

In 1958, Jordan became a Democratic Party committeeman for the 14th Ward of Kansas City.[3] In 1962, Jordan co-founded Freedom, Inc.[7] along with Bruce R. Watkins.[4] The organization advocated political awareness among African-Americans in Kansas City, organized a massive voter registration drive, and developed African-American political candidates. In 1963, Jordan and Watkins helped pass an accommodations ordinance, desegregating all public facilities in the city.[6]

In 1964, Freedom, Inc. put forward eight candidates for office, and seven of them won.[8] Among them was Jordan, who was elected to the first of three terms in the Missouri House of Representatives. He was campaigning for a fourth term at the time he was murdered. Shortly before his death, he described himself as a "radical", adding "I'm not a conformist but there are bounds of reason."[2]

At about 1:00 a.m. on July 15, 1970, he was killed just outside his Green Duck Tavern by three shotgun blasts. Eyewitnesses reported that the three killers were African-American. The shotgun had been stolen, and was abandoned immediately. When it was recovered, it was traced to a burglary five years earlier in Independence, Missouri.[9]

Three men were arrested for the murder, at least one of whom affiliated with a criminal group called the "Black Mafia". One was acquitted, and charges were dropped against the other two.[10]

In 2010, reporters with the Kansas City Star began investigating the assassination while preparing for coverage of the 40th anniversary of Jordan's death. This led to discovery of the missing murder weapon and some old fingerprint cards, and that motivated the Kansas City Police Department to re-open the official investigation of the department's oldest cold case. Civil rights leader Alvin Sykes pressed the department for a complete investigation.[11] In trying to determine who was responsible for the assassination, the newspaper reported that Jordan and his Freedom, Inc. political movement had been opposed to the "North End" faction in Kansas City politics, a group under the influence of La Cosa Nostra, and which had previously controlled black voting blocs. In 1965, Jordan had punched Frank Mazzuca, a fellow state legislator who was alleged to have supported mob interests in Jefferson City, Missouri, and death threats against Jordan were reported in the aftermath.[9]

The newspaper reported that police informants associated with the Black Mafia had described the killing as a favor to North End mob interests, and that it was organized by "Shotgun Joe" Centimano, owner of a local liquor store. The informants said that Centimano had supplied the murder weapon and recruited the killers. The newspaper reported that one informant said the assassination had elements of both a "contract killing" and a "revenge killing", and that another said it was "all about politics".[10] News coverage said that a 900-page police report finished in 2011 had concluded that mob boss Nick Civella had given his "blessing" to Jordan's assassination.[12] No one was indicted because all of the main players were dead by then.



makheru bradley said...

Generally the Mafia kills other gangsters (Dutch Schultz, Albert Anastasia) for various reasons. They put a contract on a Black pol b/c he controlled the Black vote? It's gotta be deeper than that, and a punch from 5 yrs earlier. Did Jordan's pols have that much power, enough to affect Mafia profits in KC? Were they stopping the flow of heroin into the Black community?

CNu said...

Alvin Sykes might now some of the particulars, he kickstarted the cold case that ID'd the murder weapon and everything else.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Makheru Bradley - aka "Toward Afrikan Liberation and Empowerment by Expanding our Consciousness"

It should be no surprise, after reading your blog, that you are more drawn to "A Hit Against A Black Man By Your Enemies in 1970", than you can bring yourself to expand out of your "American-bound Afro-Centric Pose" and look at THE HITS AGAINST BLACK AFRICANS EN MASS that seem to fall outside of your American-centric struggle motion.

OUT OF LIBYA MAY 3, 2015 - Italy Rescues Hundreds Of Migrants, Fishes 10 Dead African Bodies Out Of The Mediterranean Sea


makheru bradley said...

One thing for certain Bro. Feed, you are the undisputed champion of tangential arguments. "American-bound Afro-Centric Pose" “American-centric struggle motion” Your “Feed-isms” are a blast. If you want to discuss Libya come on over.

"The Demonic Forces Unleashed in Libya by President Obama and NATO"

Constructive_Feedback said...

Makheru Bradley:


The remaining 95% that secured my opinion of you came from YOUR RESPONSE ABOVE.

When YOU had the opportunity to AFFIRM YOUR COMMITMENT TO "Toward Afrikan Liberation and Empowerment by Expanding our Consciousness" you instead chose to FOCUS ON ME and how I am DISTURBING YOUR BEATEN PATH.

YOU DON'T GET IT DO YOU? A few weeks ago CNu claimed that you and I share the same "Black Nationalist" sentiments but for our inability to "SEE EACH OTHER". I DISAGREE.

YOU want to tap into the resource that the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN have refined for you in the form of the "Colonized Americanized Negro"..............

1) Focusing on Freddie Gray (The Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt") AND NOT the 77 MURDERS in Baltimore YTD

2) Applying Baltimore into the larger Black Progressive Fundamentalist "Moment Into A Movement Scheme" - while AS I POINTED OUT ABOVE - the SAME US GOVERNMENT that you want the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to REGULATE YOUR DOMESTIC OPPRESSOR - this same entity has you LULLED INTO PASSIVITY as it SELLS BOMBS that KILL East Africans who went to YEMEN or who departed Libya because they fear staying put in chaos after the AMERICAN COUP than they fear their lungs filled with SALT WATER FROM THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA.

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makheru bradley said...

Bro. Feed, my only interest here was to obtain more information about what happened to Leon Jordan. Rather than contributing to that conversation you’ve decided to go pole dancing on one of your fantasy island tangents. I’m not playing that game, however if you want a serious debate on specific issues, you know where to find me.