Friday, May 22, 2015

that tier 2 organized criminal trash is gubmint issued...,

Time |  “Motorcycle clubs are function of military service, period,” declares William Dulaney, who is both national president of Hell on Wheels Motorcycle Club and a professor of organizational communication at Air University, located on Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. “Chain of command is very strictly adhered to. Its’ about identity for a group of people who, outside this social structure, don’t have much identity. You’re talking about a core identity to a bunch of warriors.”

And yet, even as Harley sales soared and weekend warriors, known derisively by outlaw clubs as RUBs, or rich urban bikers, crowded highways, the clubs that started it all lost a lot of their juice. “Back in the ’80s, or like 1995, dude, gangland, no doubt about it,” Dulaney says. “But those days are gone. ” Federal RICO prosecutions and other law enforcement efforts have dramatically reduced the criminal threat level from outlaw groups, as perhaps has aging. Dulaney now numbers himself among the older generation, and understands the violence in Waco as a problem of kids these days.

“They don’t have years and years if not decades in the subculture, understanding that there is hierarchy,” he says. Young bucks may enjoy the swagger of wearing a leather vest, but they fail to respect the full import of the patches, or “colors,” sewn on the back, he says. The diamond-shaped patch reading “1%” denotes the wearer as a member of the outlaw elite. And the place name — “Texas” — sewn at the base of the vest in the embroidered crescent bikers call the bottom rocker, announces more than a claim on turf.

“The way to understand the bottom rocker, with 1 percenters, is it’s territory, yeah, but it’s responsibility,” Dulaney says. “Because they have responsibility to enforce peaceful coexistence in that area. Because if they don’t, law enforcement will come in and be all over you.”


Dale Asberry said...

If this is the modus operandi of these groups, I'm not understanding your intolerance of them say, in comparison to the filthy Kochtopus...

rohan said...

Dude, have you seen this shit?!?!?! Popo straight terrified to go toe-to-toe with these busters, also why there won't be any rule of law applied to these outlaws.Members of the Bandidos biker gang who are in the military "are supplying the gang with grenades and C4 explosives," according to a bulletin issued Thursday by the Texas Department of Public Safety and reviewed by CNN.

The bulletin warns of plots targeting high-ranking law enforcement officials and their families with car bombs. The bulletin is based on unsubstantiated information from an informant who claimed to have obtained it from Bandidos and Black Widows motorcycle gang members.

Among them: More than 300 weapons left behind. And some bikers may have stashed away even more, police said.

"These were vicious criminals that knew that they were in trouble, and they were trying to dispose of evidence," Swanton said.

CNu said...

Yeah man..., buncha cats who didn't come back in a body bag, disabled, homeless, drug-addicted, career, or "be all that you can be" heavily violentized, correctly trained (thus the shooting straight) and who have organized and declared themselves outside the law.
THAT'S a phuggin problem.
Not only does it produce an egregious distortion of the rule of law, with cops essentially afraid to go after them en masse, it also permanently and profoundly distorts the culture in general. I'm literally holding down 3.5 FTE's today, including covering the helpdesk, so I can't find the post I put up a couple of years ago from either Orlov of SHTF talking about the difference between men with guns and men without after TSHTF.

All bets are off at that juncture and those with the guns rule. Well, evidently, TSHTF is not a necessary precondition for this sociological condition if you don't institutionally clean up the toxic humans produced in-and-by your war socialist mills.

CNu said...
Occasionally it's good eye-opening to undertake such a cognitive load that failure is inevitable. lol, it's definitely expert isht on a closed track, I don't recommend trying it at home.