Sunday, May 24, 2015

outlaw motorcycle militias mayhem over a $10,000/month texas rocker patch fee dispute....,

WaPo |  Richie was the first to die, then Diesel, then Dog.

Whatever else they were in life, the men with the biker nicknames were Cossacks, loud and proud and riders in a Texas motorcycle gang. And that’s what got them killed, shot to death in a brawl with a rival gang in the parking lot of a Texas “breastaurant” that advertised hot waitresses and cold beer.

“I saw the first three of our guys fall, and we started running,” said their brother in arms, another Cossack, who said he was there May 17 when the shooting started at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. Nine bikers died, 18 were wounded and more than 170 landed in jail.
The Cossack, president of a North Texas chapter of the motorcycle gang, asked not to be identified because he is now in hiding and said he fears for his life. He is a rare eyewitness speaking publicly about the Waco massacre, one of the worst eruptions of biker-gang violence in U.S. history.

The bulletin warns that Bandidos who serve in the U.S. military may be “supplying the gang with grenades and C4 explosives” to target officials and their families with car bombs, the network reported.

A spokesman for the Waco police, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, said police had received an increasing number of threats in recent days. “We are taking the necessary precautions,” he said.

U.S. military ties to the Bandidos and other biker gangs were detailed in a U.S. Justice Department report published last year that concluded the gangs were using “active-duty military personnel and U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) contractors and employees to spread their tentacles across the United States.”

 The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives study, first reported by the Intercept, concludes that biker gangs have recruited scores of employees of federal, state and local governments, police and firefighters, National Guardsmen and reservists, some of them with government security clearances, to help them “maim and murder” in support of their “insatiable appetite for dominance.”


Constructive_Feedback said...

2 Urban gangs and their criminal organizations rarely get into gun battles with police

Brother CNU

Please convince me that this is not yet another permutatiom Of the Baltimore vs Waco Thug debate

I am struggling to see why the brought in Street Pirates vs the Police but did not choose, for example Biker Gangs vs Black People, as the author wondered why Charles Blow and The Root choose to depart from Baltimore to Texas via I95 and then hookinking left on I10

CNu said...


I'm tryna teach you cats man-truth lessons, and here you go with some of that limp-wristed pearl-clutching and vapor-catching slobbering about language too?!?!?!

Bad enough my pistol-packing associate DD pretends anecdotal confusion about what's up. I don't think he's confused about very much on an individual level, but I'm a little shocked that he hasn't extrapolated from the individual to the political. See Feed, politics is interpersonal relations involving authority. Contrary to the identity politricks belief system (logic, language, values) any time you introduce the element of authority you've introduced the fact of coercion and in the field of coercion, ALL HUMANS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL!!!

That right thurr is man-truth 101. If you don't know, you gone learn today.

While not as deluded as the identity politricked feministings debating logic, language, and values - you're still suffering from a testicularly debilitated blind-spot impeding your vision of the conspicuously obvious to the casual observer 800lb. gorilla.

Fruitbat poseurs who been hiding up under community college feminist skirts too long actually believe and write confused shit like thisIn a society like the United States, one that is structured around maintaining white (and male) privilege, a type of logic is created where some groups and individuals are deemed to be more valuable and privileged than others.

Language, as a way to describe the world around us, is pivotal in this process; it locates a given person relative to others, describes relationships, and both acknowledges and reinforces differences in power. Language also evolves. It is not fixed. And it reveals a great deal about changing norms about identity. As such, language is inherently political.some groups and individuals are deemed to be more valuable and privileged than others.

Bro. Feed - are you confused about the empirically provable fact that the most ruthless, implacable, and skilled men holding the biggest and most numerous guns under their sway ARE FIRST AMONG EQUALS GOVERNED inside, outside, and upside down this system of laws made to ensnare the beliefs and behavior of a profoundly deluded mass?

ken said...

I took a look at the FBI/Gov stats...
I didn't think this gang would be a big deal, on page 12 they listed all the crimes the motorcycle gangs are involved in. It seemed most the crimes listed on that page are non violent crimes that many articles cited here have demonstrated our US prisons are full of persons who are serving time for these non violent crimes and shouldn't be. On that list I only found 4 that are crimes of violence. And only homicide seemed get a higher rating of "severe".

And when you couple in this was a shootout between gangs, I think we simply install your ideas that its just gang members killing gang members, it really just turns into a non issue. Gang members performing non violent activities towards the public and getting violent with each other. We don't need clog the prisons with these non violent offenders. Just forget about it.

CNu said...

Correct. "We" don't need to clog the prisons with any confirmed gang members. Rather, we need to inject each and every one of them in their cells with .128 grains of hot lead and work our way out from there through the friends and family social networking program.

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