Friday, May 08, 2015

kochtopus or vampire squid - cephalopod molluscs fitna feast on pan-troglodytic deuterostems no matter what...,


makheru bradley said...

[For the black men who lived through torture orchestrated by Chicago police commander Jon Burge, and for the lawyer and journalist who pursued him, the city’s establishment of a reparations fund has transformed an impossible dream into a model for a country currently reckoning with racialized police brutality. “This is something that sets a precedent that has never been done in the history of America,” said Darrell Cannon. “Reparations given to black men tortured by some white detectives. It’s historic.” Cannon survived an act of badge-protected savagery. In 1983, officers who suspected him of murder and who answered to Burge took an electric cattle prod to Cannon’s testicles. They opened his mouth and pushed in the barrel of a shotgun, pulling the trigger three times on a weapon Cannon did not know was empty. Like torture inflicted by security forces throughout history, what happened to Cannon was not a random act of sadism. It had a specific result: getting Cannon to confess to a murder he did not commit. Only after 24 years of incarceration, including a stint on death row, did Illinois release him. “If you stay the course,” Cannon, now 64 years old, told the Guardian hours after the Chicago city council voted on Wednesday to establish a $5.5m reparations fund for Burge’s victims, “you can affect the change.” The funds will be used to pay up to $100,000 per individual for living survivors with valid claims to have been tortured in police custody during Burge’s command.]

Constructive_Feedback said...

The Black people in Burundi delivered a message to Makheru Bradley. I will provide translation services.

In The Kirundi Language: G.T.F.O.O.M.F.W.T.B.S.N.

To English:
The Youth Faction Of The Ruling Party In Burundi Followed Their Fellow Countrymen Who Went To Rwanda To Escape The Violence In Burundi In Order To Terrorize Them In Their New Location In The Refugee Camp....and YOU as a so called Pan Africanist are focusing on what happened in Chicago several decades ago as the government is paying out $5.5 million?

I never knew that the colonization that you people have suffered was so complete.

CNu said...

lol, I'own even know if it would be possible to make up a Constructive Feedback.

1. So, he's on record as having been enlightened concerning the mythical nature of a so-called "black community", yet, despite his claim of having realized its non-existence, he continues to label his primary ouevre withintheblackcommunity.

2. Reaching into the stratosphere of mythopoetic hyperbole, Bro.Feed supersedes the modest repudiated notions of a domestic race/language community - to strike a global pan-africanist diasporan pose that would have made the organizers of the Bandung conference blush

3. Feed stay mad and hostile toward any black american with the temerity to demand full civil rights and fair and uniform application of standards under the law.

4. Feed loves to wallow in frat boy sexism and misogyny, yet is quick to strike an evangelical social conservative pose.

5. Feed is an ardent supporter of ethnosupremacist and apartheid Israel.

6. Feed is a technical professional, versed in logical and data-driven methods, yet he makes superstitious bone-in-the-nose noises like a young earth creationist.

7. Feed clearly feeds on the dopamine buzz associated with rhetorical jousting.

Have you ever in your life witnessed such a peculiar tatterdemalion?

Constructive_Feedback said...

New List:

A) FEED Monitors The "INNER SPACE" That People Say "WE As A People Need To UNIFY"
B) FEED Is Not Easily Pacified, Demanding That They Define Who "THEY" and "WE" are
C) FEED always hears these same people talking about forming a GLOBAL BLACK NATIONALISTIC power union
D) FEED WATCHES how much these same people care about 'Drowning African", 'Burned Africans' or 'Blown Up Africans' with the theory of "YOU CAN'T UNITE with someone you DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT", except to TRICK the more LOCAL NEGROES into following you
E) FEED sees that they ONLY want NATIONAL POWER IN AMERICA and as they walk past "Local Domestic Carcases" and keep their congregation from hearing about "International Carcasses" their quest to make the Negro in America into "Progressive Share Croppers" is expertly executed.

F) FEED RESPECTS GAME more than you think.
F1) Any force that can compel those who said they were "Unbought and Unbossed" to be lead around for "Pennies On The Dollar" that they once fronted as their NET VALUE due to their HISTORY OF VICTIMIZATION has done more to document what FEED had expected all along than FEED could ever get them to admit on their own

G) FEED knows that SOMEONE IS WATCHING ALL OF THIS B.S. and the next time this force comes back and the Negro tries to FRONT - he will now have 4K video and 7.1 HD audio of the Negro doing everything that he once promised that HE WOULD NEVER DO. No old grainy black and white video from the past will ever trick him again

H) FEED says "MAN IS 100% EQUAL" but we should not look at his MATERIAL POSSESSION that have been aggregated or centrally distributed EQUALLY as evidence of this EQUALITY.
H1) Instead have a EQUAL propensity to run "3 Card Monte" schemes against the unsuspecting and thus they ALL MUST BE EQUALLY REGULATED.

G) FEED sees that some people don't mind GETTING USED. They like the feeling of being given a PURPOSE in a PERPETUAL FIGHT. This produces the ethereal feelings that other people who are better positioned in a system that generates FINANCIAL WEALTH feels after their 7 figure check clears the bank and they receive an SMS message on their brand new Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge in one pocket and their Apple iPhone 6 Plus that they have in their other pocket, noting that one carrier's SMS is 2 seconds faster than the other wireless carrier's network.

CNu said...

A) Proof? Listening to the voices in your own head locked in endless debate with ATL on-air personalities doesn't really count as a unifying, common, and reliable Inner Space.

B) Well, once you sincerely dispense with the mythical "black community" there's only Americans. Ball's been in your court Feed.

C) I haven't heard any such blather, not since Schuyler and he was being sarcastic.

D) lol, after a century of Hollyweird and Federal propaganda about Africa, it's barely conceivable that there be any Americans who give a rat's ass about any Africans. The only exceptions being those Americans who have forged close personal relations with individual Africans. (the same metric applies to any non-local, non-American, foreign national from anywhere - with the peculiar exception of bone-in-the-nose superstitious cheerleaders for Israel)

E) Talking about the commonly pimping from the pulpit 2nd/3rd line inheritor negroe politicos..,

F, F1.) The 2nd/3rd line inheritors don't have an iota of real power which is precisely and exclusively why they're tolerated. They're buffers, gatekeepers, lackies, taking up space but doing nothing of consequence. Witness Elijah Cummings, caught with his pants down, happily and warmly in bed with his attractive young wife, suddenly jarred into impotent action wandering the streets of his neighborhood with a bull horn making noise and being ignored by his very own constituents.

G) See F/F1 above and the concrete example of Elijah Cummings. Same would be true of the KC rep and CBC chair Emmanuel Cleaver who functions as little more than a life support system for impressively large tufts of earhole hair. The metaphor of the multiple cell-phones reminds me of little beeper bagboys from back in the day, taking orders and making low-level drug deliveries via pager.

makheru bradley said...

“focusing on what happened in Chicago several decades ago” Obviously you missed Homan Square while you were flying over the Kivus to free Victoria Ingabire. Actually, the history of Burundi since the Berlin Conference has been severely impacted by global white supremacy.

“I never knew that the colonization that you people have suffered was so complete.” “You people!” Wow, way to demonstrate the impact of colonization Feed. Mental slavery is invisible violence. It appears that you have been violated brah man.

“You can’t understand what is going on in Mississippi if you don’t understand what is going on in the Congo. And you can’t really be interested in what’s going on in Mississippi if you’re not also interested in what’s going on in the Congo. They’re both the same. The same interests are at stake. The same sides are drawn up, the same schemes are at work in the Congo that are at work in Mississippi. The same stake–no difference whatsoever.” Malcolm X (December 20, 1964)

Pan-Afrikanism is based on holistic thinking Bro. Feed. You are mentally incarcerated by fragmentation.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Baba Makheru Bradley (I picked up that labeling during my surveillance activities)

You mention "The Berlin Conference", giving homage to the time when a GROUP FULL OF WHITE MEN carved up the land around the Earth.

Let me ask you: Assuming that you have been following the rhetoric and the actions surrounding the "Asia Infrastructure Development Bank" a $50 billion institution seeded by China and affirmed by various African nations ---------------WHEN YOU HEAR people pointing to "The World Bank" and 'IMF" as part of the "Bretton Woods Agreement" - basically "Berlin Conference Focusing On World Finance" and that the "Asia Infrastructure Development Bank" AND the present drive by the Africa Union to get a permanent seat in the "United Nations Security Council" DOES THE FACT THAT while the US GOVERNMENT, as manifest through "The Obama Administration" IS OPPOSED to what would dispassionately be called "A REALIGNMENT OF POWER by the NATIONS OF COLOR".................................CAN YOU EXPLAIN why "The Pan-Africanist" [like YOU] nor the "Black Progressive Media" (MSNBC, HuffPo, TV One, The Root) and the Negro Intellectuals (Dr Henry Louis Gates, Pro Ogletree , et al) HAS NOT YET cleaved to their LONG TERM BLACK NATIONALISTIC INTERESTS, but instead are running the operation to keep the "Americanized So-Called Negro" focused on POLICE ON BLACK BRUTALITY as their more important incremental progressive change?

ARE YOU SURE that you are setting up the victory that you appear to be selling?

makheru bradley said...

Bro. Feed, the police “are running the operation to keep the 'Americanized So-Called Negro' focused on POLICE ON BLACK BRUTALITY.”

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