Monday, May 11, 2015

the men with guns work for the cephalopod molluscs...,

globalresearch |  "Once again a country “liberated” by the West is sinking deeper and deeper into chaos.” Global Research. 

This could be anyone of the countries in conflict, where Washington and its Western and Middle Eastern stooges sow war – eternal chaos, misery, death – and submission.

This is precisely the point: The Washington / NATO strategy is not to ‘win’ a war or conflict, but to create ongoing – endless chaos. That’s the way (i) to control people, nations and their resources; (ii) to assures the west a continuous need for military – troops and equipment – remember more than 50% of the US GDP depends on the military industrial complex, related industries and services; and (iii) finally, a country in disarray or chaos, is broke and needs money – money with hardship conditions, ‘austerity’ money from the notorious IMF, World Bank and other associated nefarious ‘development institutions’ and money lenders; money that equals enslavement, especially with corrupt leaders that do not care for their people.

That’s the name of the game – in Yemen, in Ukraine, in Syria, in Iraq, in Sudan, in Central Africa, in Libya…. you name it. Who fights against whom is unimportantISIS / ISIL / IS / DAISH / DAESH / Al-Qaeda and whatever other names for the mercenary killer organizations you want to add to the list – are just tags to confuse. You might as well add Blackwater, Xe, Academi and all its other successive names chosen to escape easy recognition. They are prostitutes for the Zionist-Anglo-Saxon Empire, prostitutes of the lowest level. Then come elite prostitutes, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and other Gulf States, plus the UK and France, of course.

President Hollande has just signed a multi-billion euro contract with Qatar for the sale of 24 Rafale fighter jets. He is now heading to Riyadh for talks with the Saudi King Salman, and to sell more Rafale planes – it’s good business and helps killing off the fabricated enemies; and also to attend a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit on 5 May. Topics of discussions at the meeting are the ‘crises’ of the region including in Yemen, planted by the west on behalf of Washington (and its Zionist masters) and blamed on the ‘rebels’ who are seeking merely a more just government.

The west has invented a vocabulary so sick, it’s like a virus ingrained in our brains – or what’s left of it – that we don’t even know anymore what the words really mean. We repeat them and believe them. After all, the MSM drills them into our intestines day-in and day-out. People who fight for their freedom, for survival against oppressive regimes, are ‘terrorists’, ‘rebels’. – The refugees from Africa, from the Washington inflicted conflict-stricken countries, the refugees of whom more than 4,000 have already perished this year trying to cross the Mediterranean for a ‘better life’ – they have been conveniently renamed ‘immigrants’. Often the term ‘illegal’ is added. Thus, the west’s conscience is whitewashed from guilt. Immigrants are beggars. Illegal immigrants belong jailed. They have nothing to do with unrest and chaos planted by the west in the ‘immigrants’ home countries. – Shame on you, Brussels!


BigDonOne said...

--"what it will take to move our country to a very different place, one where outcomes that are truly sustainable, equitable, and democratic..."

Some form of Eugenics would be a good start....

Dale Asberry said...

Do you mean crusty, unproductive, old raisins? Are you volunteering?

CNu said...

Eugenically pointless as no woman senses his power or pursues his essence...,

Constructive_Feedback said...

Dear CNu:

Simple question.

Square your position in which you clear the way for Iranian Oil into the global market, while freeing the USA from the tethers placed upon it by the "rogue state of Israel" - with the clear message that GREEN ENERGY is the solution and that THE PRESENT SYSTEM OF ORDER is "the problem".

OR did I hear the video wrong?

Or is it that "The White Man's Ice Colder" "Iranian oil doesn't produce global warming? "

BigDonOne said...

BD was thinking of something voluntary, non-abusive, non-oppressive for otherwise-normal folks where, say, up to age 25, folks could sell their fertility for a stipend which would fluctuate sort of like the stock market continuously adjusted to keep a complex of sterilization clinics running at full capacity. Would start out at something like $200 which would get all the druggies who couldn't thnk beyond their next fix, and ramp up to several thousands which would gather and 'process' all the genetically-challenged efFTOh-lacking cognitive failures, LGT's, who would easily cave at some point. And perhaps make it mandatory for impecunious Ringless_Reproducers who had previously gouged the taxpayer.

This is a difficult problem, important to think out-of-the-box.....

Dale Asberry said...

...and stinky old rat-turds since, as CNu points out, "no woman senses his power or pursues his essence...."

CNu said...

No, you just failed to synthesize the post correctly. See my Title Dear Humanity, You Have a Men with Guns Problem - that's a clue to the fact that I disagree with the perennial "activists". Their article is entitled Dear Humanity, We Have a Systems Problem - see what I did there?

Then there's also the labels I applied, Childhood's End, Not Gonna Happen - to suggest to you that the optimist progressive "systems evolution" activism is NOT GONNA HAPPEN because it is being actively blocked, undermined and impeded by heavily-armed violent absolute capitalists who don't want anything other than the de-evolutionary trajectory.

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote] it is being actively blocked, undermined and impeded by heavily-armed
violent absolute capitalists who don't want anything other than the
de-evolutionary trajectory.

And this my difficulty in understanding you at times.

Notice that your "BECAUSE" element in the above passage focuses on THE CAPITALISTS.

Thus I return back to your advocacy for "Iranian Oil" and wonder:

A) DOES CNu support Hydrocarbon fuels BECAUSE he believe that this is the most pragmatic way to go until some other "explosive" material with the same power per unit of volume as gasoline/etc finds its way to the market through scientific discovery


B) BECAUSE the capitalistic forces that control the markets WOULD NOT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.

BigDonOne said...

BD would definitely make it mandatory for those75z who believe the indiscriminate irresponsible distribution of their essence is the primary goal in life......

CNu said...

Absolute Capitalists (a term taken from Hypertiger btw) refers to the folk who determine long term political and economic policy. Violent absolute capitalists is a loose approximation of conservatives.

Violent absolute capitalists want to impede normalized and market driven import/export relations with Iran. Violent absolute capitalists definitely want to impede the large-scale reorganization of human activities and consumption.

Violent absolute capitalists want a cull, WW-III - and all-a-that - whereas their structural opposites the gradual absolute capitalists want to postphone the grea filter for as long as humaely possible.

Constructive_Feedback said...

* Long Term Political Policy - check
* Long Term Economic Policy - check


1) Long Term CULTURAL / SOCIAL Norms And Enforcements?
2) Media Emphasis Or Passover?


a) (Not sure what news you watch) but A VPN Service that shows you the REAL Al Jezeera (International and not 'America' ) or even CCTV and CCTV Africa Channel will show you that there is a tremendous African Refugee Problem. With so many of their homelands in chaos and the nations where they migrated to (Yemen, Libya) becoming violent war zones - WHO is projecting forward to note that in 100 years time - THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL these "People Of Color" will have institutional structures and a social fabric upon which they can build off of?

b) Since "National Replacement Rates" are such an issue in so many circles - DO YOU THINK that, despite the fact that Sweden is open to taking in a certain portion of Syrians who are escaping the violence back at home and are transiting through Europe in order to reach friends and family in Sweden - a nation that is so frequently referenced as "What American Should One Day Hope To Become" in the area of social justice - that WHEN THE RACIAL TIPPING POINT is threatened that these present day Swedish Liberals will sense their national identity and racial self-awareness threatened and begin tap down on this immigration flow, while seeking to retain their public front of open armed progressivism?

CNu said...

Here, allow me to fix all-a-that speculative mishmash you've got going on above. The absolute capitalist seeks a profit, period. When any of the human livestock generating this profit via its production and consumption - ceases to be profitable - then that livestock needs to be liquidated post haste.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Dear Sir:

There are MANY types of CURRENCY through which PROFITS are amassed:

* Sovereign Currency - the most popular one

* The VOTE
* Social Justice Currency - EBT, Single Payer Health Care
* Sovereign Corporate Good Will (What Is Good For GM Is Good For America), Using National Military And Foreign Policy Assets To Protect Private Capital Interests.
(Brother CNu - I hope that you appreciate my attempts to voice "MATTER and DARK MATTER". When I was in a room full of Negroes in Tuxes, celebrating Maya Angelou's 80th something birthday ONLY I caught the HALF LOAF OF BREAD comment that she made when she said "A corporate donation made to charity IN ORDER TO GET A TAX WRIGHT OFF is not CHARITY" - this as the headline sponsors for her birthday celebration in Atlanta Symphony all were Coca Cola, Delta Air Lines and Home Depot.)


* One's HOPE , Channeled Appropriately - CONTROL THE CHANNEL And You Have An Individual Who Assigns His PURPOSE To Your Agenda, And If You Try And Cut Him Off - HE WILL BE OFFENDED That You Refused His Free Labor That MADE HIM WHOLE

CNu said...

lol, let me know which one is accepted at the genetic and gerontological counseling physicians' offices where you purchase as many tweeks as you can to improve your offspring's competitive fitness - as well as - buy a few more high-quality years for yourself...,

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