Tuesday, May 05, 2015

clintons can't tell you what they're peddling, but the ex hon.bro.preznit just got the good negroe franchise...,

NYTimes |  In the aftermath of racially charged unrest in places like Baltimore, Ferguson, Mo., and New York, Mr. Obama came to the Bronx on Monday for the announcement of a new nonprofit organization that is being spun off from his White House initiative called My Brother’s Keeper. Staked by more than $80 million in commitments from corporations and other donors, the new group, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, will in effect provide the nucleus for Mr. Obama’s post-presidency, which will begin in January 2017.

“This will remain a mission for me and for Michelle not just for the rest of my presidency but for the rest of my life,” Mr. Obama said. “And the reason is simple,” he added. Referring to some of the youths he had just met, he said: “We see ourselves in these young men. I grew up without a dad. I grew up lost sometimes and adrift, not having a sense of a clear path. The only difference between me and a lot of other young men in this neighborhood and all across the country is that I grew up in an environment that was a little more forgiving.”

Organizers said the new alliance already had financial pledges from companies like American Express, Deloitte, Discovery Communications and News Corporation. The money will be used to help companies address obstacles facing young black and Hispanic men, provide grants to programs for disadvantaged youths, and help communities aid their populations.

Joe Echevarria, a former chief executive of Deloitte, the accounting and consulting firm, will lead the alliance, and among those on its leadership team or advisory group are executives at PepsiCo, News Corporation, Sprint, BET and Prudential Group Insurance; former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell; Senator Cory Booker, Democrat of New Jersey; former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.; the music star John Legend; the retired athletes Alonzo Mourning, Jerome Bettis and Shaquille O’Neal; and the mayors of Indianapolis, Sacramento and Philadelphia.
The alliance, while nominally independent of the White House, may face some of the same questions confronting former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as she begins another presidential campaign. Some of those donating to the alliance may have interests in government action, and skeptics may wonder whether they are trying to curry favor with the president by contributing.
“The Obama administration will have no role in deciding how donations are screened and what criteria they’ll set at the alliance for donor policies, because it’s an entirely separate entity,” Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, told reporters on Air Force One en route to New York. But he added, “I’m confident that the members of the board are well aware of the president’s commitment to transparency.”


Vic78 said...

Police need to smarten up about what's happening right now. This ain't 1985. If city government is to sorry to cut benefits, the citizens have been willing to put their foot down. I'm not feeling anything for cops right now. I look at their union chiefs and say they deserve their blowback.

CNu said...

Everything that's come to light about these local overseer colonial occupation posts, the rank and cowardly ways of the occupying outsider overseers (live in the burb, put boots to necks in the hood) - and at the end of the day - give less than a rat's ass damn about the constituents they're supposed to be protecting and serving - is true in triplicate about these urban public school districts! And you can't get enough light and cleanser, and show and prove video insights into just how awful these hell holes are to bring the brand to its reality correction.

One of the reasons I would much rather vote for known Koch-puppet imbecile and ignoramus Scott Walker - is that he has no qualms and ample experience with breaking the back of the teacher's union. The NEA and the AFT need repeated rough rides in the paddy wagon.

Constructive_Feedback said...

My Dear Friend CNu:

Is "breaking the backs of the municipal unions" (because they are costing the local treasury too much) the REAL ISSUE?

In my view this is a cautionary tale for the VOTER / Investors In Social Justice, calling on them to develop more comprehensive models before they agree to do a joint venture.

If your goal is to obtain "The Keys To The Kingdom And City Hall" then this model that I speak off must deal with six essential attributes LEST YOU BE USED and become a perpetual consumer:

1) Define all of the accouterments that you desire from your local government
2) Force the Investment Adviser to develop an accurate cost model including inflation (not the classic inflation but the incremental increases in SELLING the congregation MORE GOODIES during the next election)
3) Define which attributes can NEVER be accomplished through government and then FIGHT VIOLENTLY later comes along and claims that 'Government Is The Answer' if you WIN the politics
4) Make sure that the rank & file has an independent surveyor to tell them where they stand
5) Define the terms by which your INVESTMENT ADVISER/ Politician / Preacher WILL BE FIRED and kept off of the stage because he failed you and injured you in the process
6) Have the courage of making a dispassionate assessment of the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE PEOPLE. Despite the fact that they have PRIDE in the people in the local establishment power who they live vicariously through - BECAUSE they spend so much time fighting external political entities (the county or the state) THROUGH these local officials - just admit that the town should be DE-INCORPORATED and have these services provided by the county or the state - JUST AS IT WAS THE CASE BEFORE the city got its charter.

Since the people of today can't get themselves together and form a stable tax base - WHY NOT STOP PRETENDING.

CNu said...

Feed? Feed? Is that you? You aight? You just now posted a concrete suggestion. You need me to call somebody for you, get you some water?

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