Monday, September 29, 2014

what to do when the fbi comes knocking on your door to question you about israel...,

addictinginfo |  A peace activist from Austin, TX has put a video up on YouTube that shows her interactions with two FBI agents.

In the beginning of the video you can hear a digitized female voice read,
The Joint terrorism task force division of the FBI sent two agents out to my house to visit me. I’m a part-time peace activist, a full-time mom of five kids and a part-time registered nurse. These two agents knocked on my door, they verified their identities with me and they also verified my identity. At that point I shut down my door, went inside and grabbed my video camera, this is what followed when I opened my door.
The peace activist in the video describes her number one cause as being “Promoting the “One-State” Solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict, instead of the apartheid-like “Two-State” scenario.”

The FBI have targeted peace and environmental organizations for decades now. Will Potter gives an amazing TED talk about the topic and his fabulous book “Green is the New Red,” which was released this year. After 9/11 and the creation of the Patriot Act people who take part in protests and non violent civil disobedience are being labeled as terrorists in a new era reminiscent of the anti-communist red scare.


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