Monday, September 22, 2014

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What is FPV?

FPV is short for First Person View. Using specially designed FPV cameras and head sets, it’s possible to virtually put yourself in the cockpit of almost any RC model. Instead of just watching, you can go along for the ride!

what you need to experience FPV



An FPV platform can be any RC vehicle you fly or drive. All you need is enough room to mount an FPV camera system.


You will need an RC transmitter to fly or drive the platform that carries your FPV camera.


The camera captures the first person view from the platform and sends the images via video transmitter to your headset.


The headset lets you see what the camera on the platform sees. It’s like sitting in the cockpit or behind the wheel.

Spektrum Innovation Makes FPV Simple

Used to be, if you wanted to experience FPV RC, you had to piece together a system yourself. Once you did, you then had to figure out how to make everything work together. Spektrum FPV systems eliminate all the guesswork by giving you everything you need in one box. Camera, head set, batteries, charger – it’s all there, all compatible and can be ready to go in minutes.

Every component in a Spektrum FPV system is available separately too. If you want to add FPV capabilities to another model, all you have to do is buy the same camera that came with your system. Spektrum FPV cameras also come pre-installed on select Bind-N-Fly® aircraft and will work with the head set from any Spektrum system.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the FPV scene or a seasoned pro. Spektrum technology will allow you to have more fun with fewer hassles than ever before. Fist tap Arnach.


Vic78 said...

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BigDonOne said...

Classic textbook I-Q-7-5 culture. Actually she could face a serious fine for that, especially since her video has now gone viral. In her profession, she clearly was familiar with the rules, and the FCC doesn't mess around with violations, $10,000 fines are not unusual for minor infractions, ranging up to, e.g., $550K for Janet Jackson's Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction....

rohan said...

"she was clearly familiar with the rules"

Big Dawn has a nasty little schoolgirl inside of "him" preoccupied with others following the rules the way she always has.

Naive Tom said...

I've always been puzzled why so many men were mad about that. It made my whole night.

CNu said...

Big Dawn omg..., damn near blog murder - rohan taking no prisoners....,

Naive Tom said...

Well I don't have your high standards I guess, but she was in her 30s then and it worked for me.

Miley Cyrus looks my age. Either she's digging into some substance she shouldn't, or she's way down at the short-lifespan end of BD's Bell Curve.

BigDonOne said...

Chuck Berry has always been the Real McCoy....

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